Honestly Thought Ball State Was the Worst I’d Seen

Until Tennessee. Mississippi State may be the only team worse than the Vols. Bring on October 24th.

And Auburn’s offense? Right out of an intramural playbook. Bring on black Friday.


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    I actually found myself feeling sorry for UT tonight. I had always thought the situation was delicate at Tennessee, but when you have players and coaches openly disrespectful of each other–you’ve got real trouble.

    If UT were smart, they would cut their losses. Kiffin continues to put the game in Crompton’s hands and with the UT receivers dropping so many passes, you really have to question Kiffin’s judgment.

    I’m a big believer in the importance of leadership in college football. Does anyone think Kiffin is a leader?

  2. 3

    Five things that made me sick watching that game:

    1.) Seeing gimmick plays work. They don’t against a good team. I honestly would be embarrassed if we had to resort to trickery on EVERY series. After a while it’s honestly like watching flag football. Heck Auburn, why not roll out the A-11 offense? I bet it’s coming.

    2.) Watching Tennessee’s receivers gaze at Crompton after they couldn’t hang on to a pass they had their hands on. Overthrown, underthrown or thrown behind you, if you can touch it you can catch it. Period. Crompton’s awful, but so are his receivers.

    3.) Seeing a lack of unity and a coaching staff with zero ability to lead. Cappy, you alluded to this, but Kiffin looks JUST like Shula, only Mike at least had class.

    4.) Seeing players who are disrepectful to each other. Team is TEAM. When you’re not a team, you lose (a.k.a., 2007 Bama and that punk WR…#22…see, already forgot his name…punks don’t deserve to have their names recalled).

    5. Seeing a storied program like Tennessee hand their program over to a bratty child. It’s only going to get worse. Hand it to Auburn, at least they incorporated an offense, though gay, to their players’ skill set. UT has had an entire spring, offseason, summer camp and now five weeks of the season to determine their players’ ability, or inability. UT’s kid coach has no idea what he is doing. Between he and Shula, head-to-head, Shula out coaches Kiffin. Now THAT’s sad.

  3. 5
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    This is a typical response from a homer. Is it that tough to just admit that Auburn is better this year ? Appearently so…..r

    Say what you want to , but Auburn rolled up over 460 yards of offense on the nations #8 defense…How can that be decifered as anything negative ? Oh yeah, Its a bama fan Im talking to.

    It just kills you turds that we didnt stay in a funk like you did for 10 years, doesnt it ? I not saying Chiz is the answer, he still has a lot to prove. But Ill say this, We look better every week, and I doubt we see a defense this good until we play you guys. Arky is winnable, Kentucky is winnable. And Yes LSU is winnable. I think we will be 7-0, possibly 6-1 going into the LSU game. Then what happens ? I said 9 wins were attainable this year, (best case ) I stand by that. The only games I dont feel like we have a good shot in are Bama , and LSU….ITK, if that happens , please dont slice your wrists. Its just a game.

  4. 6

    The disrespect between the coaches and the players on the Vol staff are the results of the coaching staff being their buddies and not their coaches….ever hear the saying…familiarity breeds contempt?

  5. 8

    Gotta give credit where credit is due, Auburn is 5-0 and they have looked good doing it. Last year when Bama was 12-0 and # 1 in the polls, everyone was asking “but who have they played?”, which wasn’t fair. Same for Auburn. They’ve played, and beaten, everyone so far on their schedule. And the way LSU, Ole Miss and UGA have looked, I’ll say it’s not impossible for them to win those games. As for Tenn, yes they are a disaster and Kiffin deserves all the abuse headed his way. He truly looks lost.

  6. 9

    Auburn is much improved, yes. But don’t forget, Ballsplay, the nation’s worst team racked up over 400 yds on you as well. What say ye when AU finally faces a great offense and defense? Like, ummm, Bama?

  7. 10

    ITK, your bitterness over AU’s success just makes the wins that much sweeter. You’re so jaded that you’re actually dismissing Malzahn’s offense? Funny, the only word I have repeatedly heard about Malzahn over the last couple of weeks is “genius”. But I guess we should dismiss the opinions of unbiased sportswriters from around the country and some guy named Monte Kiffin. Hell, why should we listen to a guy who’s a coaching legend in NFL circles when we have a bitter bammer like ITK to enlighten us with his objective opinion?

    You say AU’s “trickery” won’t work against a good defense? Funny, all I heard all week was how Tenn’s D was so great that it kept the mighty Tebow in check and how it might be the best D AU would face all season. After putting up 460 yds, I guess AU’s “trickery” DID work against a good D.

    P.S. Who says motion and reverses are “trickery”? It’s called keeping the D off balance and out of alignment. It’s also called being innovative. I guess you dismiss anything besides a run between the tackles or a post route as “trickery”.

  8. 11

    So Julio, if I go out this afternoon and kickbox an 8 year old in my neighborhood, does that make me a “genius” kickboxer?

  9. 12

    ITK, Tenn was ranked 8th in the country in total defense coming into the AU game (and this is after playing the #1 team in the country and a UCLA offense coordinated by Norm Chow.) You’re equating the Tenn D to kickboxing with an 8 yr old?? Yeah, that’s an objective opinion. (You might also want to ask Charles Scott if he thinks MSU’s D is like playing against an 8 yr old.)

    BTW, does Bama’s victory against UK yesterday count?? A lot of Bama’s pts came off of turnovers, and you dismissed the notion of such a victory after the Auburn-WV game. Are the rules different now? (Oh I know, Bama forced all those turnovers through sheer skill and dominance whereas all of WV’s were total undeserved gimmes. Right?)

  10. 13

    Ummm, WV’s QB blindly lobbing 2 passes into the line and McLain popping the ball loose and tipping another INT to Anders? Yeah, I’d say those are different. And I’m not objective?

    Look. AU is much improved, and it’s good for the state. But I, like I think you are, am an intelligent observer of the game I love and once played in high school and collegiately, and AU has not been tested yet. UT is simply awful. Played a good game against the Gators, but anyone can play a good game. UT’s wins are against W. Kentucky and Ohio. We have been tested. Maybe the best win anywhere this year, beating the eventual ACC champion. I like what AU is doing, just not ready to strike up the band for them yet.

  11. 14

    Trying to be sober about Aub – yes – they are winning and sometimes It really is about having dumb luck and taking advantage.
    There’s my flowers for Auburn. Be sure to shake the pee off of them.

  12. 15

    I’m actually enjoying the AU success. It makes the fall back to reality that much sweeter.

    Oh, and seeing Kiffin clueless is icing on top of the cake. The truth is that I never expected Kiffin to be this bad.

    However, you can see in the Auburn game how the seeds of ill discipline bear bitter fruit.

  13. 16
    E.G. White

    Barners I don’t think anybody’s bitter about Auburn winning. I think they are just repeating what the whole country saw on tv last night. Nobody doubts that the Barn is a pretty decent ball team. But I have to put it in perspective. I had thought the worst I gad ever seen 2 good SEC teams play was the Ole Miss – So. Car. game. But after last night the worst SEC team ever is Tennessee. Auburn had nothing to do with it. On O Compton threw the worst bunch of passes I’ve ever seen. Christ, Eric Berry could be a better QB than him! And the recievers couldn’t catch AIDS from a ghetto street whore! And still they put 400 yds on the Barn! But the D was an even bigger joke. I have never seen that many out of position defenders ever. Even Eric Berry looked like a fool. This is Sunday and they haven’t covered an Auburn reciever or made a tackle on the first attempt yet ! I’ve seen better tackling in Tiny Mite leagues. And damn they were slow. They could have chased Todd for a week and never caught him! Continued – – –

  14. 17
    E.G. White

    I have to say that the Auburn O was humorous. Intramural is a good way to describe it. Do ya’ll actually have a play book? 3/4 of the pass plays were completely helter skelter! Every time that slow assed Tennessee D would flush Todd, he would start running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off, and so would the recievers. Then suddenly Todd would just fling it and there would magically be an Auburn reciever there without a defender within 10 yards of him. And when the defender arrived he would miss the tackle as if he had Polio! Damn, surely you don’t think you can pull that bush league shit against Bama, do you? You guys better put your jock straps on, cause the only team you have left worse than Tennessee is Furman! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  15. 18

    You bammers can’t have your cake and eat it too. Is Bama playing in the most difficult conference in the country or not???? If so, then so is Auburn. At what point does Auburn play a game in the conference that counts?? Going to Knoxville at night and racking up 460 yds doesn’t mean anything?? (yes, we all know UT’s off. sux, but Tebow and the rest of the non-bammer country all agree that the UT D is stout). Will Ark. count if AU wins that game?? If not, I guess Bama’s victory against them didn’t count either. Kentucky?? No?? Will LSU suck if AU goes to Baton Rouge and gets a victory?? Does UGA suck so bad that a win in Athens wouldn’t count either?? I guess we are all just wasting time between now and the Iron Bowl and the SEC champ, huh?

  16. 19

    AU is going to win over LSU?

    AU is going to win over Georgia?

    I love the new expectations on the Plains.

  17. 20

    BTW EG, you really are an idiot. You seriously believe that Todd was blindly “flinging” the ball and receivers were “magically” there? Yeah, that’s what it is. Todd is in the top 10 in the country in qb efficiency after 5 games out of sheer dumb luck.

    As to the defender “missing” the receiver once he caught the ball, here’s a little newsflash: That’s the whole point of the spread. You spread the field to put receivers in space and let them make a play.

  18. 22

    Yeah, that’s what I said Cappy. I said that AU was going to beat LSU and UGA. It’s not that I simply asked if the games would count if Auburn WERE to win those games.

  19. 24

    Pack a parachute, Julio. You’re sky high and punch drunk right now, but anyone who knows football knows going 5-0 against your schedule is like eating cotton candy for dinner. Tastes good, but not a lot of substance. Can’t wait for the c-r-r-r-a-a-a-a-a-s-s-s-s-h-hhhhhhhhh! Makes me giddy just thinking about it!

  20. 25

    If Chizik were smart, he would be working to downplay expectations because everyone knows the Auburn schedule was soft. In fact, it makes Boise State’s schedule seem tough.

  21. 26

    No. Cheeseit will not because he knows that he needs a “big splash” to justify his hiring. Never before has a major program hired a Coach “with that kind of record”. Cheeseit also wants to give a big middle finger to Iowa State too.
    Ah. That moment in the Sun is so fleeting before it burns up your ass.

  22. 27

    Cappy, thank you for informing me of what I think and expect. What would I ever do with your input? Here all this time I thought I was simply looking at Auburn’s success with cautious optimism and even doubting victories against UGA and LSU, only to find out from you that I actually expect AU to win those games. Quick Cappy, tell me what I’m thinking about right now!!

    Has Chizik said anything to raise expectations?? I think you have him confused with Kiffin. Chizik has stated that AU has huge needs for improvement nearly every time he has opened his mouth. Is he raising expectations simply by saying he’s proud of his players for going to Knoxville and getting a win?

    ITK, you keep downplaying the schedule to say that AU hasn’t accomplished anything. Are you saying you predicted AU’s performance and record to be at this point at the beginning of the season?

  23. 28

    What the hell do you Aubs want ? You can’t waterboard us. I think that most of us have agreed that your football team is o.k. – but mediocre. SPELL LSU. That will sober your jive asses up.
    If it makes you feel any better Aubie Fans- Big Baddass Bama Brother says “Well Done” so far and go fetch something bitch.

  24. 29

    When you start entertaining the notion of people respecting you after you beat UGA and LSU, yeah…someone needs to understand their new expectations.

    You need my input…that is why you come here. When nobody told you the truth about Tuberville, I was there.

    Now that you are believing the Auburn hype, I’m here to provide a balanced perspective.

    I did that with Shula. I’m more than happy to do that with other similar coaches like Kiffin and Chizik.

  25. 30
    E.G. White

    Hey Julia, I’m not stupid! Flinging the ball to magically appearing recievers wasn’t meant to be taken literally. But unless Todd had an afterburner installed in his ass since the Iron Bowl, then he can’t get away from Bama’s pass rush like he did UcheaT’s, nor will you have wide open recievers on nearly every play, and Bama sure as hell won’t be missing 9 out of 10 open field tackles either. Now that is meant to be taken literally! Hell, it won’t shock me if the Barn rolls into the Iron Bowl undefeated where what will become known as the annual Red Headed Stepchild Beatdown continues. But far more likely is that you will lose to Bama, LSWho, the Mutts, the Webels and a Piggy team that looked good Sat. at undefeated Texas A&M. And barring another turnover party like against us and Florida, you could have trouble with the Kitty Katz. Don’t let 5-0 fool you. Last year you eased by UcheaT and lost only to WV as you nearly did this year. You were 4-1in the 5th week, so you could still have a worse year yet. RTR!

  26. 31
    E.G. White

    Opps, my bad. Let me correct the Barns ’08 record. You lost to LSWho in the first 5 weeks and were 4-1. You lost to WV a few weeks later. OK, you reversed that loss this year, but to a much worse WV without Pat White. And even though you are now 5-0 instead of 4-1, the bad news is that you still have to play LSU and the rest of the West plus Georgia and a tough Kentucky. Maybe you’ll survive 6 of those games and maybe you won’t. It would sure make the Beatdown a lot sweeter if you do! Hell, with the elevated expectations the Barner Mafia has already. If you cone to the Iron Bowl undefeated and get beatdown by Daddy, there will be a huge statistical spike in suicides wherever Barners reside! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  27. 32
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap…..Why would we NOT expect to win those games now ? We absolutely SHOULD have won those games last year , even in the state we were in. JAWJA was given away last year with Stafford and Marino.
    Why wouldnt we expect to win this year, with a greatly improved Auburn team and a greatly weakened Gerogia team ? Can you answer that ? Ole Miss is not as good as they were last year either IMO. And again we are better. Tell me why we wouldnt expect to win ? And to this who call it a gimmicky offense, get real. the whole concept behind this offense is misdirection. Ask Monte Kiffen if he thinks its a gimmick…..But hey, what does he know compared to you brainiacks.

  28. 33
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What kills you turds is this. It took ONE YEAR for Auburn to rebound. It took you idiots 8 or 10……It just kills you that we arent affected the way your world beater team is affected…Now who is the Daddy ?

  29. 34
    E.G. White

    No it didn’t take you just a year to rebound. You never should have been down to begin with. While we were struggling to come back from 15 years of sanctions of which the Barn was partly responsible. As for Daddy Kiffen, his D really looked sharp against Ohio didn’t it? LMAO! Get real. He’s a great pro coach, but that shit don’t work against the spread, the pistol, the wildcat or even the west coast. However, the Sabanator has your number dude! RTR!

  30. 35
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ask Florida…..You know , the number 1 team in the country , what the Vols D looked like Egg……….

    And those 15 years of sanctions….Well , those would be YOUR fault..But , you will never admit that , will you.

    And yes, you jacklegs were screaming that we were done for now that the Tide was “Back”…But that isnt so , is it ?

    We are making our prescence known in the recruiting war as well in this state. Which is part of the reason we were down last year. Tubbs got lazy. Period. What was the linebackers name that just de-commited from your world beater team ? Oh yeah, you didnt want him anyhow. When Dyer, or Seastrunk commits, and one , if not both , will. How do you spin that one ?

    Does “having your number” equate to one win out of 7 ? Yeh buddy, you sure got our number.

    You see, the difference between Au and UA is this. We do not, nor have ever made excuses. And that is all you have ever done since Bahr croaked.

  31. 36

    “Auburn is much improved, yes. But don’t forget, Ballsplay, the nation’s worst team racked up over 400 yds on you as well. What say ye when AU finally faces a great offense and defense? Like, ummm, Bama?”

    How come Bama fans aren’t calling you out for the embarrassment that you are? Seriously. How bad are you trying to make your paranoid fanbase look? Maybe that’s the problem. This type of asinine crap is welcome in Bubba Nation, and the college football world knows it. You would get along well with the West Virginia fans.

    Anyway, they got almost half of those yards in the 4th quarter when the score was 23-6. You Bubbas are really running out of ways to spin Auburn’s wins.

    And hey Egg White, all of Ohio’s points weren’t scored off UT’s defense. If you’re going to spin it, do it right. By that anti-Auburn analogy, Florida isn’t even a top 10 team.

    Also, how in the freaking world can any sane Bubba fan claim Auburn fans can’t get Bubba off their minds after all the butthurt comments after every single Auburn win? Amazing how playing poorly against Kentucky can be switched to legitimization of Auburn’s win at Tennessee. You people remain unfreakingbelievable.

  32. 37

    “If Chizik were smart, he would be working to downplay expectations because everyone knows the Auburn schedule was soft. In fact, it makes Boise State’s schedule seem tough.”

    HAHAHA. So Tennessee is UC Davis or Fresno State? I love this stuff. Keep it coming, Bubba Nation. The whole Auburn football team is really hurting because they haven’t won every game by 40 points to earn some trailer guy’s respect. If you want to talk about an easy schedule, look who ol’ Bubba plays this year. No Georgia. No Florida. The tougher of the 2 schedules is easily Auburn. Now next year you may have a beef. Why? Because our schedule next year looks like yours this year. Very easy. But at least we play Georgia.

  33. 39
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap, what do you expect ? Look at the title of the thread. I am all for smack talk baby. Bring it on. I never backed down one little bit after the T-total thrashing we recieved in the Iron Bowl, and that score didnt even reflect the actual reaming we took.

    The bottom line is that Missy St. isnt as bad as you say. Just ask Les Miles. Tennessee sux on offense. But truthfully, they arent unlike bamas 05 squad. West Virginia iis a good football team as well.

    Yall just need to chill, Auburn shouldnt be a threat to you this year. Its just funny that things arent going the way ALL of you predicted.

  34. 40
    E.G. White

    Actually dumbass starting last week we both play practically the same schedule. We play UTC who is slightly better than Furman and you play Georgia who won barely against So. Carolina. Even. But before last week our game with #5 and soon to be #4 VT is far far and away the marquee ooc game of the year in the SEC. In fact if Texas loses VT will be in Pasadena. RTR!

  35. 41
    E.G. White

    Spin it how you want Buttplay. Sanders was always a Barner. We never actively recruited him. He came to us because of peer pressure, and now he’s gone back to his first love. Good riddance. And you can forget Seastrunk. If you want to spin shit that’s fine, but don’t be so stupid. The Barn NEVER makes excuses??? That has to be the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. Check the all-time won lost records. You’ll find out who daddy is Guey! RTR!

  36. 42

    Timmay…first off, you have the best screen name I’ve seen in a while. A little Southpark action there, I’m sure.

    Now to business. You’re a dumbass. Delusional is an Abarn fan comparing themselves to anything close to Alabama. There is no comparison. We will throttle you when it’s your turn to be bludgeoned on national TV.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get my mind on the next team that wants to unseat the #3 team in the nation, not to mention look for hotels in Pasadena.

  37. 43

    Julio, Abarn’s record to this point really is moot.

    What is most telling is the drunken collective orgasm the Abarn nation is having over five wins over unbelievably ordinary, average teams. Had we met our win total for ’08 after just five games, I’d be thrilled too.

    Honestly, I’m too giddy over the fact that Alabama is a legitmate contender to play for all the marbles this season, and I’m looking for a place to stay in Pasadena. Every pundit out there will say Bama is the best in ’09 so far, and that Florida and Texas are where they are because of reputation and preseason ranking. But for 365 days now, Alabama has been in the top six. That’s impressive, given the abyss we’ve wandered out of.

    It thrills me to no end to look at our schedule this year, and any year down the road, knowing that we’ll have the talent, cohesiveness and coaching staff to win every game we play. Whoever the opponent, they’ll have to play the game of their lives to beat us. In my lifetime, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to approach a game day with that fact in check.

    I simply can’t believe how good Alabama is. And that hopes of beating us, home or away, are simply that. Hopes.

    Auburn is simply dog poo on the bottom of my sneaker. Alabama, finally, will be back as we win the SEC this season and head West to take what is rightly ours.

  38. 44
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You people kill me. You practically are saying that Bama is the only team that could beat VT ?!?!?! How stupid can you be ? Pretty friggin stupid….They are not world beaters. Not to metion they still have quote a few games left to play. GT could beat em. Fl St. could. Clemson could. NC State could. Nebraska should have. To hear you talk eggy VT could have beat the Pittsburg Steelers.

    No one on the AU side is drumming up our succes. The bammers are just dumbing it down with the predictable rhetoric.

  39. 45

    FSU could beat VaTech?

    Okay, Ballsplay, you’re banned from this site. You’re too stupid to be here.

  40. 46
    E.G. White

    BP, now you’re just talking to hear yourself. First, up until the Miami game VT was havig a problem with their OC being too conservative. Under fire from all sides he has now opened it up a lot. With their D they will be hard to beat. GT could barely beat Miss. St. As for Fla. St. they can’t even beat their meat. Here you are saying the #5 team probably won’t go undefeated and at the same time 3/4 of the Barner Mafia thinks you’re going to Pasadena. Now if that’s not delusional then what the hell is? Hell, by my masochistic tendancies I find myself somewhat thrilled that the Barn is having some success. These bitch sessions are what Southern football is all about. You know thrilled like if my balls were in the mouth of a Pitt Bull! RTR!

  41. 48
    alex hamilton

    Ballplay you ignorant slut.

    Did you say that LSU is winnable?

    Give me a damn break. That is classic Auburn delusion. I would be willing to bet that very few Auburn fans are drug abusers, because all you people need is a couple of first downs against the Sisters of the Poor and you’re all high as a kite waving your gay ass 10 foot AU flag all over the field. I swear. Optimism springs eternal in the minds of idiots like you that wear orange and blue.

    Well, you actually wear three colors if we count the piss stain on your pants after your bullshit offense fakes a reverse to Burns only to throw a five yard pass for a first down.

    Here’s the deal. Auburn will not win another game this season aside from Furman.

    You have little to no pass rush, and Arkansas’ Ryan Mallet will pick you apart. Arkansas wins 42-38.

    Next, you will lose a heartbreaker to Kentucky, 28-24. Why? Because Kentucky has a much better offense than Tennessee and just as good of a defense. Kentucky has more NFL talent on its defense than UT; the same UT that held AU to four field goals.

    LSU is far superior on both sides of the ball, and beats AU 44-17.

    Georgia wins big, see Arkansas explanation supra. AJ Green will dominate your thin secondary.

    Alabama will go to Jordan-Hare-Dyed field and obliterate you “f..king people”. This year, McElroy burns you you for touchdowns twice a half: 56-21.

    Enjoy the pizza bowl,,,,, there’s nothing better than a Papa John’s with extra (coach) CHEESE!!!!!!!

  42. 49
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Egg…..We will never see eye to eye. Thats alright. In fact , its supposed to be that way. And, I kind of like the ribbing. VT is a great team, I admit that. ACC champ ? Lets just wait and see about that. And egg. Show me ONE article , or post, that supports your claim of 3/4 of Auburn fans that even believe we win the west……You cant. Maybe more like 1/1000……And that one is Charles from Reeltown.

    Now alex. Your dam right I said LSU is winnable. We played them hard last year. They should have lost to Missy ST. but Dan Mullen screwed them out of a win. Georgia choked that one away too. You think that I am the one who is blinded and stupidly following a sorry team. The fact is , your hate for all things orange and blue is the thing blinding you. Look at the facts , and the wins. Look at last years talent that we have back, and last years record. Yes , LSU, Georgia, and Ole Miss are winnable. Im not predicting wins in any of those games, but if you dont think we take ate least one of the three, then your an idiot. I think we take 2 out of the three. But , I forgot , your an idiot anyhow.

    Where you picked on as a kid ?

  43. 50
    alex hamilton

    Nuh uh, you’re the idiot….

    That what you want douchebag? You want a back and forth like that?

    Yeah, I was picked on as a kid a time or two and I knocked them out. Bullies and Aubies are a lot alike; hit em in the face and they cower with their tail between thier orange and blue legs.

    Write it down. Aubarn won’t win any of those three games. You aren’t as good as any of those teams. You’re just like the typical Aub, all fired up about nothing.

    I can not wait until Black Friday. I am going to really enjoy the game. I can’t wait til we kick your sorry cowshit crusted asses all over that field. I may be so happy I sing Yea Alabama all the way through the pumpkin patch to my car. Got to love a university that grows pumpkins on campus. What a joke.

  44. 51
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I doubt you knocked anyone out….Your a big mouth behind a keyboard alex…Nothing more. Care to wager on that big mouth ? If Auburn doesnt win one of those three, then you get to pick my name for next year. If not I get yours. Put up or shut up. But you wont do that will you ? Why ? Because your just talking crap. As you can see, I stand behind my wagers. So , We get one between LSU , Ole Miss, or Georgia…..You get a new name. really , you got nothing to lose. Your name sux anyhow.

  45. 52
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    And dude, how does thinking we can beat any of those three translate into chest thumping. They arent all that good. Just above averagge SEC teams.

  46. 53
    E.G. White

    BP I’ve seen it here on CR, and on the Auburn Rivals site. I’ve seen it on the UcheaT, Ole Miss, Arky, LSU and Georgia Rivals sites when nobody was even talking about Auburn. I’ve seen it on the ESPN, SI and Sporting News sites. And I’ve seen it in the comments after many, many articles on AL.com. Maybe you should try trolling somewhere besides CR once in a while! RTR!

  47. 55

    I’m still waitin for Alex to respond to Ballplay’s challenge. Of course, that little punk will respond with something cute and whimsical in a vain attempt to mask the fact that he doesn’t have the stones to put his money where his mouth is.

  48. 56
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK…..You want some of that same action ? If Im so stupid for thinking the games are winnable, then you shouldnt hesitate.

    And dude, you know you love the Indian, you wouldnt ban me , now would you ?

    Egg…..You know that isnt the norm here. I dont know that much about the other sites. there is an occasional idiot or two on the Auburn sites that are out in left field , just like every other school.

  49. 57

    I agree Ballplay. I think Auburn could beat LSU. They are improved over last year, like that is saying something. But honestly, Auburns defense will cause them to lose a game. They are winning, but it is sloppy and downright ugly at times. If you think Tennessee was a good measuring stick, you are being unrealistic. But Auburn is 5-0 when nobody thought they would be. They should be ranked. If LSU is ranked as high as they are, Auburn should be in the top 20. With that being said, Bama is still so far ahead of Auburn, and it would be a major upset if Auburn hung with Bama for 4 quarters. I don’t think Auburn will make it to the Iron Bowl undefeated, but if they did wouldn’t it be way more painful to get there and then get spanked by Bama? At this point, I am hoping you guys do go undefeated, that way there will be no excuses and the loss will feel much worse than last year. Plus AU may even help our strength of schedule for a change.

  50. 58
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman , I havent been comparing Au to Ua , nor have I ever suggested we would win the Iron Bowl. I am a realistic fan. I also know that AU isnt in the same calibre player wise as UA. You have a legit shot at the NC this year, and an even better one next year. As far as strength of schedule goes, one year was all that we affected it. Youve been killing our SOC for about 10…..Dont talk too much crap. How short a memory you have.

  51. 59
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Still waiting on alex and ITK to man up…..Oh yeah, your not men. Your GIRLY MEN !!!!!!! BWAAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  52. 60

    Ballsplay, what challenge are you talking about? I usually stop reading posts that are several days old.

    If Auburn wins one of the next four I’m supposed to change my name? Was that it?

    That’s ridiculous. Auburn will narrowly beat Kentucky.

  53. 61
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    If its ridiculous then lets get it on….Or are yooouuuuu YELLA !!!!?????

  54. 62
    E.G. White

    Hell, I think ITK2 could survive calling himself Auburn Is A Joke. I know I could! But, ain’t no way in hell a Barner could ever be In The Know! Bwwwaaaa Haaawww Haaawww!!! RTR!

  55. 63

    Balls, once again, please clarify the bet for me. I believe I already asked you to do so once, but you can’t stop flatulating from your mouth long enough to do so.

  56. 64
    E.G. White

    ITK you’re supposed to change names with him for the rest of the year. Now on to other things. I hope the team is finally going to take a somebody seriously besides the Barn and UcheaT. This is a dangerous game this weekend. While we still have a hard-on for LSWho, UcheaT and the Barn, this is Ole Pisses game of the year and it’s at their house! It’s the first time Nutty Buddy has closed practice, and now he has asked the Smurfs to have a Blueout. I wish everyone would quit honoring us with this special treatment shit. I guess next year there will be a Purpleout and an Orangeout. One thing is certain though; this year in Auburn there will be a SHUTOUT!!! Bwwwaaahhh Haaawww Haaawww!!! RTR!

  57. 65
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    alex was running his goober smoocher, so I made him and YOU a challenge. If your so dam confident that AU will not win a game against LSU, OLE MISS or ARKIY, lets do a name bet…..Just one win against the three mind you …But if we suck as bad as you keep saying, then you wont hesitate….Lets see if you got any balls…I personally dont think you do..

    And all you had to do was go up and look at the post you spastic.

  58. 66

    Balls, pick through 65 posts to try and find out what you said? Nah. I’ll pass. You’re not worth that.

    Spastic, if YOU’LL read the post, I didn’t say they wouldn’t win any of those games. I think E.G. did. But Balls, Auburn will NOT win all three, and I lean toward them losing two. But asking me to bet you that Auburn will achieve a 33% on it’s collective tests…while that was acceptable for you in school I’m sure, why don’t we up the ante and go 100%? How confident are you that Auburn will win all three?

  59. 67
    E.G. White

    No no no no! I never said Auburn wouldn’t win all 3. I said when pigs fly, when the cow jumps over the moon, when Jack climbs the beanstalk, when I find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, when hell freezes over, when Auburn wins 12 national championships – then they might win all 3 games! Damn, I hate to be misquoted! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  60. 68
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I feel very confident on two of the three. Not all three, but its not impossible.. We arent there yet..How confident are you that you beat LSU , Ole Miss, and Tennessee ? Probably pretty confident I imagine. My point is , if any of you bammers, you included ITK, think that AU is insignificant in regards to the SEC, then bet me on the above stipulations.

    I would change your name to In The Closet

    EGGY , I would just stick with EGGY….

    alex hamilton, you would be called AUBARNS BEE – OTCH

    THose have a nice ring dont they ?

  61. 69

    Auburn is surprisingly more significant this season than anyone outside of the average delusional Abarn fan thought. But in terms of significance, Abarn has yet to defeat a team that was going to compete for anything more than the game they were playing. So in those terms, I’m sorry, Abarn is still insignificant, yes. That can change against us or LSU, but sadly you know as well as I that it won’t.

  62. 70
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    No, I dont know that . LSU is way overrated. If you dont know that then you have not been watching the same games as I . Missy State should have won that game. The DID out perform them on the field. Gerogia should have won. I know that they did NOT win , but my point is that Missy St. was completely dismantled by AU. I also know you cant look at games like that , but it does give a pretyy god indicator of the opponent.

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