Capstone Saturdays: Tebow

Tebow Editorial Cartoon

Okay, I get it. Tim Tebow is..and for the last three years has been…the poster boy for college football.  But should we really get round the clock coverage on a QB/FB who gets his bell rung?  This is America, this is football, and nobody made him play.


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    alex hamilton

    Is it supposed to be funny that people would rather know what is going on with Tebow than hear what that blithering idiot Obama has to say?

    The Mayans got it wrong. The end of the world occured on 11/4/2008 when that joke was elected.

    Here’s hoping that Tebow realizes that he is the heir to the bully pulpit if he wants it, and hope that Tebow uses his fame to further good. After all, Tebow could be President because he would win the state of Florida by 20 election points,,,, 28 if he doesn’t run the ball 30 times.

    I want to beat Florida, and don’t care for their fans. But I think a lot of Tebow and hope he stays true to his faith. Tebow could really become a great leader of men in the mold of Washington; a man that is larger than life whom has a greater determination and competitive spirit than anyone else on earth.

    And, I would be willing to bet a year’s salary that Tebow’s pastor never said “God Damn America” like the Commander in Cheif’s former spiritual advisor enjoyed yelling in the Obama church.

    And for the record, that’s not a leprechaun next to the podium,,, it’s that douchebag Robert Gibbs.

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    Just stick to football…because when it comes to politics, it already sounds like you have plenty of stupid things to say.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Alex, I cant believe I am about to say this, but I agree with you.

  4. 4

    I didn’t and wouldn’t ever vote for Obama. The point was, the president (regardless of personality) is standing at the podium flanked by an alien and a leprechaun…two fictitious beings…and when news about Tebow breaks the press rushes off.

    No political statement intended, and no knock on Tebow’s character. Just one artist’s fatigue of anything Tim Tebow.

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