Alabama’s Hightower will need surgery

Statement from Alabama head coach Nick Saban on sophomore linebacker Dont’a Hightower:
“Dont’a Hightower’s MRI confirmed that he has ligament damage in his knee that will require surgery. Dont’a is a fine young man, has been an outstanding player for us, and we are confident he will make a full recovery.”

Nick Saban’s statement released today confirms the fear from Saturday’s game. Hightower has been an impressive part of the Alabama defense.

According to the Bama Beat, Alabama has already begun discussion of a medical redshirt. The Bama Beat reports, “The extent of Hightower’s injury was feared moments after he took a helmet on his knee near the two-minute mark of Saturday’s victory over Arkansas. A source said UA began discussing procedures for trying to obtain a redshirt year for Hightower immediately after Saturday’s game.”

Hightower had 16 tackles and one sack in 2009.


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    That low-life from Arkanpuss needs to turn in his jersey. If you can’t put on a helmet, strap on your chin strap, and go man to man, you need to ride the pine or join the band. It’s not fair that caliber athletes suffer because of sub-caliber cowards can’t man to man a superior athlete. It makes me sick. Whether it be Alabama, or any school, this needs to stop. Diving at a knee should be penalized by suspension. The guy on the Arky team is a punk. He’ll never see a day in the pro’s, and he just took a season away from one of the best the SEC has seen. Piss on Petrino for not acting on that coward act.

  2. 4
    Coach Pat Dye

    Dont let that Sumbitch push you around get down there and dive on those knees.
    We need that boy over here on the plains.

  3. 5

    The ref crew did a pretty miserable job of calling that game. The chop-block didn’t get called, a face-mask on Javy, and generally holding by the arky line all day long. We had some too, so maybe that part was consistant but the refs overall did a poor job. Hope the SEC office is watching and doing their job of ranking and reporting.

  4. 6
    Coach Pat Dye

    I remember when I played.
    I used to wait until the ref wasnt lookin’ and I would kick someone in the balls.
    It went real good for a while there. Then one day when we was playing North Carolina AT&T I turned around and nuetered the line judge.

  5. 7
    Coach Pat Dye

    Ya’ll need to stop laughin’
    My senior year I split more uprights than the damned ol’ placekicker did!
    I am the forefather of the protective cup.
    But the game has changed. These days I cant catch any of the players to give them the old size 12 to the groin so they let me do it to Jay Jacobs. Funny as hell! You can talk to him about some blah blah bullshit and when he least expects it. POW!!! RIGHT TO THE NADS!!!! He hits the floor sobbing and pissing his pants everytime!
    He has so much hair spray in his hair I am scared its gonna shatter one of these days.

  6. 8
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    That crap isnt funny. Auburn people hate it for Hightower. So please shut up.

  7. 9
    Coach Pat Dye

    Auburn is a joke.
    Your right it aint funny. Except for the part about Jay Jacobs….. And the Line Judge. Hell…. who am I trying to kid. Its freakin hilarious.
    Dont mess with my auburn Family! I will foul out your reproductive organs!

  8. 10
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    No……None of it was funny. You are a legend in your own feeble , pea sized brain.

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