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    Yes, we still think you hired an idiot. Tennessee has a gine football tradition, moral victories have never been part of Tennessee’s history, until now.

    By the way, we haven’t been silent, we’ve been laughing.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You know what a moral victory is , dont you ? A loss….

    You guys have a entire wing of moral vicoties aquired during the Shula years.

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    Yes we do, which is what makes us resident experts on the matter. Those days are behind us, thankfully, but when we speak on the subject, all should sit up and listen. We have Ph.D’s on the subject.

    On a side note, we also are well versed in convincing ourselves that the mediocre head coach we have (or more accurately, “had” at the time) will one day amount to something.

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    we are also experts at raking our own over the coals when they have the temerity to speak truth to the powers that be that run the football program and athletic dept. we all love and follow.

    we know something about that too.

    sometimes, think we wrote the book.

    (i watched a movie last evening about a frenchman named emile zola. i googled him and read his story. from that i know that kind of thing has gone on probably as long as man has walked this earth. i reality, alabama fans didn’t write that book but we likely have a couple of addendums!)

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    It is funny watching boy blunder get under the skin of Meyer. If
    dickhead Kiffin tries that shit with Saban, Mt. Cody would bitch
    slap the whole offensive line of the puke orange bunch of hillbillies!!

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    alex hamilton

    Hey Ballplay,

    You know what we don’t have at Alabama any longer? A Shula.

    And no, that wing for moral victories was torn down to make room for the Iron Bowl trophy. We had a feeling it would be in Tuscaloosa so much for the next decade that we should put it in a proper home.

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    alex hamilton

    And for the record, I like Mike Shula. Aside from his innane stupidity as an offensive coordinator which was routinely displayed, he is a good man. This is, after all, the same coach that kept Tampa Bay from realizing their potential under Tony Dungy. It is also the same coach that had LeRon McClain at fullback; the same LeRon McClain that was a pro bowl back last season in the NFL for his ability to run the ball. Shula is not a good coordinator, he is a good man and a great developer of Quarterbacks.

    Shula’s downfall was thinking that an unconditioned, undisciplined team could line up and whip SEC competition by running right at defenses. They could not. This, more than any other reason, is why he was let go. He could not adapt his scheme to the players he had.

    If Shula would have had the athletes and the conditioning coach that we have now, he would have won 10 to 12 games per year as well. It’s a game of who has the better players, that’s why when we lost our few good players under Shula to injury, the team lost games. That’s why when all we had was a left tackle with one arm, Croyle was sacked five times to begin the 2005 game. I think AU knows all too well what happens when a key player has a hurt shoulder… see Douchebag Todd.

    Face it, in 2004 if Croyle stays healthy, Alabama wins 10 to 12 games. In 2005, if Prothro isn’t injured and his career finished, we win the SEC and play in a BCS bowl. With a healthy Prothro in 2006, we win 10 games. The defenses on those teams were incredible and won several games on their own. When you loose your best players to injury, you look like a really stupid coach. That’s when moral victories come into play because fans appreciate effort, in spite of the known deficiencies.

    You know about deficiencies, right Ballplay? I mean, you can’t spell to save your life.

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    Hey guys- Michigan fan here, just came over b/c I followed a link from a U of M blog. I have to say, that’s a great cartoon, and you ‘Bama fans are shockingly/admirably self-aware in the comments about what was going on during the Shula years, and “writing the book” on having the type of situation that you describe. Good luck this year. And if you’re wondering, Tim Tebow is really freaking annoying to non-SEC/non-Florida fans, too. Give ’em hell.

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    Hey Alex, if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump it’s a$$ on the ground when it moved. You sure do place a lot of importance on one player in Prothro. If he was that great, do you really think he would have stuck around for that amazing 10 win seasin in 2006? Would Prothro have blocked Stanley McClover and the rest of AU’s D from sacking Brodie 11 times in 05??

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    “Mem-ries….like the corners of my mind; Misty water-colored memories…of the way we were…

    And WE live in the past? You just dialed up a game from five years ago to make a point?


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    What do maggots and the University of Alabama have in common?

    They can both live for twenty years off of a dead bear.

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    Apologies. I got carried away by my Orange enthusiasm.

    I have the utmost respect for the U of A and it will be an honor and a privilege to play them in October. It should be an excellent game.

    It’s no fun to pick on a team like Alabama unless you have some respect for their team, program and tradition.

    Best wishes. Stay healthy and play well.

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