Alabama football: Monday morning links

The Alabama Crimson Tide turns its attention to SEC foe Arkansas this week. Links this morning look back at this last weekend’s happening. A note about Monday, Alabama football coach Nick Saban addresses the media today, I’ll try to get a post up with anything newsworthy that comes out of that (like an injury report/status update on players.) On to the links:



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    don’t get me wrong, i think alabama’s one of he best teams in the nation at this point. i’ll give florida the #1 solely on reigning national champion status considering the unimpressive win at home over ut.

    texas? i think our defense pounds colt mccoy.

    so i think it’s florida, alabama and everybody else.

    but let’s see mcelroy against better competition consistently. i don’t know how good arkansas defense is (judging by if fact they choked up 52 points at home to uga, i’d say not too good) but they’re better than the last two glorified scrimmages we just played.

    one quarter and two televised practices aren’t enough evidence for me.

    rain, rain, rain. time for a little constant sorrow:

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