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    obama's footstool

    this should come as no surprise to anyone.

    we all know condi’s been in the house for some time now, don’t we?

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    Just a stunt. Hanging out with those homies will not change her world view..
    Can’t shake the Images of her trying on shoes while Katrina went down …..

  3. 3

    i can’t shake the images of the 300 flooded schoolbuses.

    i can’t shake the images of the idiots in front of cameras vowing to “ride it out ’cause great grand paw rode out camille” as katrina bore down on them.

    i can’t shake the feeling that if the same scenario occurred again, we’d have the same result.

    no matter what the great federal government does.

    the only difference??

    if a democrat’s in charge, he can do no wrong.

    a republican??

    well, pluto, we know the answer, don’t we.

  4. 4

    Go the N.Y. Times magazine archive and read ” Faced by Katrina – Hospital makes deadly choices”.
    The Truth is going to come out one day and George – Condi – and all the rest will be judged …

  5. 5

    the truth?? from the ny times???

    is that the same publication that blamed the existence and intensity of the hurricanes on bush???

    really pluto, i thought you were smarter than that.

  6. 6

    Yes. There is still some good journalism on the site. I don’t like the slant on the Editorial Side. Guess I still hunger for good writing.
    Don’t box yourself in.

  7. 9

    Well guy – it’s obvious that I can’t give you an answer.
    Bet you liked the Reporting on Auburn Academics and Rev. Chet ?

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    Tuberville's Ghost

    Why doesn’t the state of LA or the city of New Orleans take some of the blame for the failures of Katrina?

    Because they can blame the Federal Government.

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    If you build a city 12 feet below sea level that is dry only because of levees in a bowl surrounded by a Lake, a river, and a gulf a hurricane will devestate said city.

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