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    ITK, did you seriously just mockingly accuse AU fans of prematurely using the phrase “we’re back”? Exactly how many times under Dumbose, Fran, and Shula did we hear that phrase from the Bama nation only to be followed by another Iron Bowl loss and a subsequent losing season?

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    Let’s see if I can get this right.

    After the 2007 season 6-6 Bama played in which bowl game?

    It was the … Independence Bowl.

    After the 2008 season 7-5 LA Tech played in which bowl game?

    It was the … Independence Bowl.

    It’s laughable for somebody as arguably brain dead as Shane to put down the team that had followed the Tide to the Indy Bowl because Auburn had smacked ’em.

    It’s dumb to try to put down your arch rival by denigrating who they beat — but then who ever said Shane was smart?

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    LOL! Keep up the good work, ITK. Funny how so many aubie fans frequent this Bama board and get their feelings hurt. Obsession, thy name is Auburn.

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    And Julio, for the same reasons you mention, if anyone is an expert on premature comeback announcements, it’s me, making yours that much more enjoyable.

    And thanks Alex, JW, Bamafan, and Bamaandjrfan. More on the way this fall.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap, it is so obvious that your grasping bud. Get a grip. I have not heard anyone say that L Tech was a world beater. They arent . They are La Tech. We stomped them like we should stomp a team like La Tech. I said it before that Auburn does not lose to La Tech type teams like Bama does. That is a Bama trait. L Monroe for example.

    See, what is really funny is whan Bama pulls a “Bama” and gets there teeth kicked in by a team like La Monroe, all you here is ” That was a perty good little ole’ football team right thar !” . Or ” “That thar football team is a whole lot better than people thinkk they are”….

    There is the difference. An Auburn fan will not accept losing to La Tech. Or La Monroe. Its unacceptable. Heck, Lets not even talk about friggin UTAH !!!!!! ” That thar was the #2 team in the nation that we lost to right thar !” “Utah shoulda played for tha National Chamyeenship instead of Oklahoma !”….

    That is what you tards sound like.

    Any sortass cartoons about MSU? You devoted several columns to the grand victory over Florida Atlantic….They suck and still kept the first half close. Explain that one ? Oh, let me guess, it will sound much like the Tulane game last year…..”That thar Fl;orida Atlantic ball club is a purty good football team ” …..

    Yall are idiots.

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    Ballplay, I also don’t recall anyone from Auburn saying “we’re back”, or anything remotely similar. AU fans have said they’re very happy with the way that AU played against La Tech (and MSU now also), and they should be. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody’s predicting any championships right now.

    I can’t wait to hear the bammers flood the airwaves and talk about how that tough FIU team could hang with the NE Patriots for a half.

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    Auburn is not “back” because Auburn has never been there to start with. Maybe if you Auburn people ever got there you could take a joke a little better. You bunch of insecure whiners. Ya’ll will be missing Tuberville soon enough.

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    Good stuff, ITK!

    I’m already hearing from all my Barnie buddies about just how bad they’re going to destroy us this year. All I can do is smile and say, “Do you want us to go ahead and mail you the victory?”

    Ballplay, you said the game was close in the first half? That goes to show you didn’t watch it! Lighten up, man. It’s all just good rival razz. Nothing to grow hostile over.

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    We had three close games against foes we should have buried last year; Tulane is one example, but so was Ole Miss and Kentucky. But a championship team wins even when it isn’t playing well. And we did, racking up a perfect regular season in the process. Let’s see if Auburn can do the same.

    Auburn is playing well right now, but what was AU’s record this time last season? And how many D-1 wins do MSU and LaTech have combined? Zero.

    Thank you. Your preseason will be over soon, with 5-7 or 6-6 soon behind.

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    Auburn is playing better than expected and they have some really good coaches and athletes. There main concern should be depth which they are terribly lacking. An injury or two, like last year, will lead to another season like last year for them. Bama, thankfully, has finally gotten some depth in most positions. Why would Bama fans want Auburn or any other team, other than Tennessee, to do bad when it will benefit our National Championship hopes if we play better teams? Jumping Florida, Texas, or USC this year is going to be a trick.USC in particular has their ussual cupcake schedule and the Big 12 is down this year. We are not firing on all cylinders yet but I know we will be by the time we go to Oxford. Here’s to number 13 in 2009! ROLL TIDE!!!

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    Sure Auburn is playing better this year. After last season, it would be a motivating factor for this year. But, as a Bama fan, I realize that when your depth is lacking, you are at a disadvantage toward the end of the season. Thankfully, depth should not be an issue for Bama this season. But you Auburn guys are going to see what that feels like to start the season hot, only to be wore out before the Iron Bowl. I know you guys are ecstatic because it has been awhile since ya’ll have started out 2-0, but I don’t believe that Auburn can match Bama this year. Auburn is 3 years behind Bama with Saban. Will Chisnik have 3 chances at Bama? Hell, if Auburn doesn’t win this year, you guys will be wanting to fire him anyways.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Brandy. We started last year 2-0. Yeah, thats a long time.

    I dont think anyone is comparing our team talent wise to Alabama. Though at certain positions we are more talented with our starters , just not our back ups.

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    SHoulda stopped with the first one. Hey I ll be the first to laff at my own damn self but really, switch teams and half these rookie ass bammers dont laff.

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    ITK, how many D-1 wins do La Tech and MSU have combined? Geez man, it’s only the 2nd week of the season. Hell, Fla’s only got 1 win against a D-1 opponent right now.

    You truly see 5-7 for Auburn right now? AU is about a 6 pt favorite over W.Va. right now. AU will certainly be favored over Ball State. You think AU won’t be favored the following week against Tenn if they can get through the next 2 weeks without a loss? That would be five wins right there. You sure that ain’t that crimson hatred talking rather than your objectivity, ITK?

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    Julio, I hate Auburn with everything in me, but I can look at the season with objectivity. When Carnell, Brown and Campbell graced the AU backfield, I didn’t like it, but that was the most talented team I had seen in a long time. Didn’t like it, but had to swallow the truth, and at times was in awe of what they could do. I’ll come back to this in a minute.

    Being favored means odds makers wanting to move bets position teams in order to attract business, so let’s throw that factor out.

    Auburn will be exposed, maybe as early as this weekend. I looked great playing basketball against my nephew the other day, but the competition definitely helped my swagga.

    Now, coming back to my first point, McCaleb and company have looked good against who you had on the schedule so far, but like Bama in past years will limp into the Iron Bowl, even though you get the off week. But even if they were healthy, our front seven is the deepest, most dominant variety Auburn will face all year. Of WV, Tennessee, LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia, four will get you. Then Alabama will close out the season. That brings it to 7-5.

    I honestly think the Independence Bowl or Papa Johns.com bowl are real possibilities, but coming off a dismal 2008, that’s not such a bad thing.

    Again, being fair, at least Gus brought direction and good play calling, but more is needed before you climb back into the SEC West race.

    You’re an intelligent football fan, but what gets me are the Aubies intoxicated…no, slobberknockered…on the kool-aid right now, talking about making reservations in Atlanta after beating two dreadfully bad teams. MSU may not win a game until they play Middle Tennessee on October 17th, sporting 1-5 as they make the trip just east of Smyrna.

    I’m just saying, be happy with what you got, but let’s not put on the big boy britches until you’re sure you can keep ’em up.

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    ITK, I’m not going to completely throw the oddsmakers out because the lines they establish represent the opinions of fans who put their money where their mouth is. If nothing else, oddsmakers are helpful in aiding educated predictions. The oddsmakers certainly don’t ultimately care who wins or loses, but they do want to set a line right where they think half the betters come down on one side and half on the other, thereby making money on the juice from the losers. However, in the end the teams have got to play the game and the lines don’t (or at least shouldn’t) affect the outcome of the game.

    You changed the prediction from 5-7 or 6-6 to 7-5. Frankly, I would agree and say 7-5 is probably the benchmark for AU right now. It could get a little better. I feel good about W.Va being a night game at home. Barring injury, I feel good about Tenn right now only because I think Tenn sucks and will be completely demoralized after this weekend. Everyone is ready to annoint Arkansas right now, but they haven’t played a single game yet other than against a D-II school. We’ll know a lot more about them after they play UGA this weekend. AU could lose all of those games, but I will say that the only games I feel like AU doesn’t have a strong chance in right now are LSU, UGA, and Bama. But who knows, W Va could bring us crashing down this weekend. It’s just nice to see reason to be hopeful.

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    I’m with you Julio. And I wish we could get to the point where Alabama and Auburn are 11-0 going into the Iron Bowl to decide the West. But frankly, after 10 years of wallowing in the mud mostly because of our own self-inflicted wounds and Auburn people relentlessly rubbing salt in those same wounds while turning a blind eye to at least 50% of the reason they had a “streak” to begin with, I can’t stand to see Auburn win a half, much less a game. Maybe I’ll change one day, but I hope not. It’s too fun to relish in their failure. I know you feel the same about Bama, and frankly I’d want it no other way. It makes fall fun.

    However, that side of me is compartmentalized, and there is more to me that Alabama football. I can shut it off when it’s time to. And Auburn does look better. But Tennessee may be worse, which is equally as fun. You really could be 6-1 or 7-0 going to Baton Rouge.

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    Well, I hate Auburn and I hope that they lose every game. I hope the expectations go through the roof for them, only to get dismantled even worse in the Iron Bowl, like 42-0 on their own field. And Malzahn still runs a gimmicky high school offense. They will be exposed after the weak part of the schedule is over. Hell, they don’t even play anybody until the end of October.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Good to see the hatred and malice starting to spew. I love it as well. Nothing would make ole Ballplay happier than Bama getting the death penalty after going 0-12. Yes, Im a pitiful excuse for a human. But hey, thats how I roll.

    Much like you ITK , I can seperate when necessary. But , only when absolutely necessary. Its just too much fun to engage in our rivalry.

    Any of you boys care to partake of a friendly wager on this weeks AU / WV game ? Maybe a one week name bet ? I will take the first party that accepts. And yes , Its would have to be added on to my already lengthy name. Ill be glad when the Iron Bowl rolls around, if for no other reason than to get my name back.

    Put your name where your mouth is turds. If not, then Shut up.

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    As usual brandii enlightens us with his circular logic and preemptive excuses. So if AU wins the first 7 or 8 games of the season, it’s now only because the entire first two-thirds of AU’s schedule is “weak”. (Funny, I thought I remembered brandii saying that Auburn itself was “weak”, so shouldn’t those games be very competitive?)

    We’ll see how gimmicky Malzhan’s offense is. All he has done is lead the SEC in scoring offense at Ark, then lead the nation in total offense two years in a row at Tulsa. But hey, it’s only been three years. In another 10 or 15 years, his schemes are going to be exposed for the “gimmicks” that they truly are.

    P.S. Before you respond with the oh-so predictable regurgitation of Tulsa playing in a non-BCS conference, you might want to remember that your off. coordinator was at Fresno State and never came close to leading the nation in total offense. But hey, those WAC teams are really known for playing stout defense, aren’t they?

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    I don’t think anyone can give Malzahn credit for Arkansas. Even Tommy Tuberville has said Houston Nutt deserves credit for those Arkansas offenses.

    And who am I to dispute an expert like Tuberville?

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    errr, I think any logical person can give Malzahn credit for Arkansas for the year that he was there. (BTW, he was only there for one year, so I’m not sure what you mean by “those offenses”.) Ark’s offensive production (and subsequent win-loss record) suffered after his departure despite the fact that Ark got both Felix Jones and McFadden back with an additional year of experience under their belt. The only thing that was missing from Ark in 07 from 06 was Malzahn. Geez Cappy, do you hate Auburn so much that you won’t even acknowledge something that obvious?

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    Hatred of Auburn? I’m just going to trust an experienced coach like Tommy Tuberville on this matter.

    Tuberville was a legendary coach, and should know what he is talking about.

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    BTW, arkansas offensive numbers were WORSE in 2006 than 2007.

    2006 total points were fewer than 2007 despite playing in MORE games.

    Rushing yards were lower in 2006 than 2007. As were rushing touchdowns.

    Passing yards were lower in 2006 than 2007. As were passing touchdowns.

    Arkansas averaged 37.3 points per game in 2007, and scored only 28.9 points per game in 2006.

    Notice the trend?

    Want to know the MAJOR category that Arkansas was worse in for 2007? Yep. Defense. Opponents scored 18.3 points per game in 2006 and opponents scored 26.5 points per game in 2007.

    The lies about Malzahn’s “offensive” benefit to Arkansas are greatly exaggerated.

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