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    alex hamilton

    Yeah, I can hear ‘ole Navid Nousel now….

    “Do you hear that Alabama? That’s the sound of us winning the hearts and minds of the young people in this state with our impressive victory over Louisiana Tech. We are winning the enrollment battle and the recruiting battle. Go on and get another beer, I will wait with my Auburn Math text. I know you’re listening. And by my calculations, we should be in the BCS Championship with one more win over a vaunted WAC team.”

    Housel is such an idiot. How many hearts and minds are y’all winning NOW Housel? I know you’re reading, that’s alright. Go ahead and pour you another shot. I’ll keep talking. Yeah. Your program is pretty badass when you don’t have the NCAA to neuter the REAL team in this state.



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    That Housel speech was one of the all time great meltdowns I’ve ever heard. I can picture Pat Dye reading over the manuscript and saying Dave I’m drunk and even I know this is pure bullsh**.

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    Its ok.
    Auburn math will be reinvented after the MSU game.
    Something like a picture of a bulldog = a boot in the backside.

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    Ahh, the point of ITK’s comic was that in the “Auburn” Professor’s mind that obviously unlike things are equivalent.

    A cat is not equal to a Cat bulldozer.
    A balloon is easily popped by a porcupine, but in the poor egghead’s mind, they are equal.
    And finally, a win over La. Tech isn’t equivalent to a win over Va. Tech…despite what you hear at the water cooler or on talk radio.

    It was more a spoof of the rhetoric on talk radio and the Internet than anything else.

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    Glad my analysis was accurate. I always fear that someone will point out that any critique is destined to be a misinterpretation. Stupid post-modernism.

    While I’m on a roll, why don’t we probe the epistemological subtext.

    How do we KNOW a kitty cat isn’t equal to a Cat bulldozer?

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    Thanks Cappy! I get it the whole picture now. I got the other 2 but the I wasnt seeing LA, in the T I was thinking TX.

    🙂 but it was pretty kewl creatively 🙂

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    So, I suppose that you guys have a notion that we Auburn fans believe that we are equal to Alabama, even though in reality we arent ? What a load of crap.

    You people still think its ’78. Its not, If we are guilty of believing we are something we are not. Then you people are guilty of believing you are someone that you were 30 years ago, because of all of your recent succes, what do you have to show for it ? An SEC wst title ? WOWW!!!!!!

    By the way. Are you saying that Florida Atlantic is “equal” to or better than MSU ? They are not. We beat them much worse than you beat Florida Atlantic. MSU still has SEC calibre players on defense. Florida Atlantic does not. MSU still has a decent run game. Florida Atlantic does not.

    Any more smartmouth comments on Mahlzan ?

    What about 5-19 Chizik ?

    While I know that its still early in the year, and there are much tougher games yet to come, it looks promising so far. I think I sense some apprehension in the posts of some of your posts. Those 6 straight really screwed you people up, didnt it ?

    When we beat West Vigina, I will be a whole lot closer to saying that all is well on the plains.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman, brando, Where have yall been ? Good to see you.

    6-6 is not fonna happen. 8-4 or 9-3 (best case) are much more attainable now. Depending on how our defense plays against W Vigina.

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