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    as if the title of the column didn’t give it away:


    you don’t have to read to far into this column to have your southern college football sensibilities re-enforced that northeasterners writing for the wall street journal need to stick to opining on bernie madoff, the latest collapse in the big dig and if they do venture into the sports world, the yankees/red sox rivalry:

    “In other words, the preseason college football hype avalanche is getting absurd.”

    well, no shit sherlock.

    and ONLY if you choose to buy in to it.

    especially considering bcs teams are playing within a system that can be as easily manipulated as it was say, just two years ago.

    of course, if you’re a football fan in the south, you know this.

    if you’re just out of the mountains of new hampshire after checking your traps for badger, maybe you need this information.

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