Saban gets riled by talk of possible letdown for Alabama

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The Alabama Crimson Tide football team takes on the Florida International Panthers this week. Could that mean a letdown after facing a Top Ten opponent last week?
From the AP: “In no uncertain terms, you’re a typical fan,” Saban told a reporter Monday, his voice rising as he delivered a 3-minute answer. “That’s fine. But I respect the people that we’re playing. I respect our opponents. I want our players to respect our opponents. This guy No. 4 (FIU receiver T.Y. Hilton) is a better offensive player than anybody that we played against last week. You understand that? Whatever your perception is and what they ought to be, I don’t think it’s that. I don’t want our players to think that either.

“Fans can think that as much as you want. You create that perception, which just creates more problems for me because the players read the papers, too.”

Save that speech, coach. You might need a similar one again next week. The Crimson Tide (1-0) managed to overcome the hype for a Top 10 opening matchup — and some distractions during the week — with a 34-24 victory Saturday night over the Hokies. (read the entire AP report embedded in this post; java required to read it.)