Tommy Tuberville to Virginia?

A horrendous defeat to a FCS school has University of Virginia fans in rebellion. Patience has been exhausted. Al Groh is doomed. And some fans want Tommy Tuberville.

Is it possible?

Earlier this year, one of the blog’s regular Auburn visitors suggested the possibility. Julio opined back in February, “Cappy, I think Tubs will probably have a good choice of jobs next year if he doesn’t get too comfortable being a commentator. I’d say keep an eye on Virginia. If Al Groh doesn’t have a strong season next year, I think the consensus is that he will likely be gone. Tubs would be a perfect fit for that job, and I bet UVA would jump at the chance to get him.”

And the Cavalier loss to William & Mary just might be enough to jettison Al Groh.

But what about Tuberville? Auburn clearly downgraded when it picked a guy with a pathetic record to coach on the Plains. Tuberville was a very solid coach, and owned an impressive record. And it becomes even more impressive when you realize he did it in the SEC. Who owns Urban Meyer? Tuberville deserved more time; it was unrealistic expectations that forced the end of the Tuberville regime at Auburn.

Several jobs could open this season, and the former Auburn coach has said he wants to coach again. One interesting note, Tuberville watched the Alabama Crimson Tide defeat the Virginia Tech Hokies Saturday in Atlanta. He is staying close to the game. If there is one thing Tuberville knows better than duck hunting, it is how to network. He is staying busy and staying visible.

But where would Tuberville fit? Virginia? Louisville? Miami?

Virginia could be it. Expectations are far more rational than Auburn. (Auburn fans are already blogging that Alabama looked bad in its game, and Auburn dominated the best team in college football—La Tech!) If Tuberville wanted a better environment, Virginia has tolerated a coach that has lost seven of his last eight to rival Virginia Tech. That comes with its disadvantages too. Would Virginia be willing to invest in a coach of Tuberville’s quality, and the necessary infrastructure if it has such low expectations?

If Virginia is serious about improving its program, it should make a run at Tuberville, and do it now. There will be a rush for Tuberville’s services at the conclusion of 2009. Making a move early would demonstrate a change in attitude.