Jerrell Harris not expected to play & other news

A tweet from the Bama Beat tonight warned Alabama fans, “Nothing official, but I wouldn’t look for Harris to play tomorrow.”

This seems to confirm the chatter that said Harris did not make the trip. Of course, nothing is official, and the chatter about Harris could be wrong. But it does seem like the most probable course at this time.
A couple of links for the early evening readers:
editor’s note: I still haven’t gotten this fixed yet, two or three new links went to the morning post. Anyway, if you are interested check the am links post because I can’t add them to this post now. In case you are wondering what the links were, Third Saturday in Blogtober had one of the best headlines I’ve seen: This Is The Dawning of the Age of Denarius.)

And for those who love college football, there are few men as legendary as Joe Paterno. Here is an AP story on the Penn State coach. I’m hoping he is around for the Penn State and Alabama series coming up, but you never know. Fans should appreciate him at work while we can. Here’s the AP story (embedded below, if you can’t see it, you need java.)

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    Penn St. did just fine last year while JoePa was up in the booth with the broken hip. I think they had one lost to Iowa or something like that? So how is he being on the sidelines going to give them a “boost?” The guy sounds like a squealing rat when he yells — the players on that team no doubt have a better relationship with the assistant coaches/coordinators than they do the “artifact”. BTW — I’m glad we got them on our 2010 schedule — just so we can show the nation what the SEC is all about. RTR!!

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