The talkative Curtis Anderson has become less talkative, according to Gentry Estes’ blog. According to his updated post on Jerrell Harris, “Anderson declined comment on Harris’ situation when reached this afternoon. ‘Talk to my attorney. No comment. This conversation is over,’ Anderson said before hanging up the phone.”

Previously, Anderson was talkative about Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. He was quoted in the Birmingham News. But what has changed?

Bama Online has confirmed Jerrell Harris eligibility is at question over a laptop. According to the Rivals report, “At heart of the matter is a laptop computer Harris received from Athens resident Curtis Anderson, the same person who went on the fishing trip with Jones and Ingram which was determined to be an impermissible benefit that the players had to repay.”


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    What do you know. Aubbies doing everything that they can to bring Bama down. Just remember, booger-eaters, that’s the only way you’ll
    stop Bama, cause you sure won’t do it on the field. Keep your little green fingers away from our program.

  2. 2

    Let’s hold on here. It is VITAL that this kind of wannabe Rouge Booster behavior be “nipped in the bud”. It is this kind of stupid shit that can and will get us hanged.
    There is a distinct possibility that “Poor ole Curtis” could be a Trojan Horse sent to the Bama Nation to cause a downfall.

  3. 3

    A non-booster or someone not affiliated in any way with our program cannot and will not get us hanged.

    If that was Auburn’s ploy–and I do believe there are those whose hobby is to do things like this–they’re too stupid to understand that we have an escape hatch on stuff like this. Repayment.

    Their next move will be to get someone to infiltrate, donate to Bama, then do what Lieutenant Dan up in Athens did so they can be construed as a legitimate donor. I can’t imagine being that desperate to stay competitive with my rival, but that is literally how pathetic their program and followers are.

    And Saban knows. And do not think for one billionth of a second he won’t take these kind of things personally come Black Friday. He will personally see to it that we beat the ever loving shit out of Auburn from here on, making his distain for our little sisters across the state dwarf the hatred Bear used to have.

    Auburn, it’s on, and you’re about to get kicked in the nuts until at least 2017. Bend over.

  4. 4
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK, for someone who claims to be so intellegent, you sure are stupid my friend.

    Its not a conspiricy. Auburn didnt hire Blackwater to take you down. No moles, no covert agents, no grand ploy…Those are all things that you people are capable of , not us. Thats why you think this crap up. You wish you came up with it first.

    You all act as though your program has never , ever done anything wrong. How is that possible. Your program invented cheating. If it wasnt for Bears boys coming to Auburn , we probably wouldve never even known what cheating was. Again, you people invented the crap. Youve got the patent on it.

    How blind can you get ? How many times have you idiots been put on probation in the last 17 years ? A whole lot…Thats how much..How many times have you wusses manned up and admitted that you are the only ones to blame ? Zero, none….You are all idiots. Man up and face the music.

    Its just a cowards way out to blame someone else. All these stupid players had to do was not accept something that, without a doubt, they knew they shouldnt accept. Its that simple…I would just like to know how many other gifts this crew has accepted. That first #1 class is bringing in the sheaves for sure.

    Again , losers…..Look into the mirror and you will see who there is to blame.

    Newsflash it isnt Auburn, It wasnt Tennessee, and its not the NCAA looking back at you….Its YOU !!!!!!!!!

  5. 6
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    dooshbag….I didnt accuse you of cheating this time. I accused your players of accepting certain things that are against the rules. Why ? Because they did.

    If you want to look up the pedigree of cheating coaches that were Bahr protoges then you may be in for a pretty lng and detailed study. It is fact not fiction. Bahr was the biggest rule bender in the business. And taught his understudies every trick in the book.

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