Deaderick likely out; Jones & Ingram status unclear


Quick notes from today’s teleconference:

Defensive lineman Brandon Deaderick will probably miss Saturday’s Chick-Fil-A College kickoff game, Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said. The coach said Deaderick was fortunate not have been more seriously injured in the shooting that happened Monday evening about 10 p.m. Deaderick was shot after an unknown man attempted to rob the football player. Deaderick was released from the hospital Tuesday and visited practice that evening.

Another challenge facing the Crimson Tide football team heading into the game against the Virginia Tech Hokies is the flu. Saban said, his team is fighting the flu, but hopefully won’t have anyone hit by it for this game. Saban said he hoped to see Cory Reamer back at practice today. The Alabama football coach explained the flu process has been somewhat predictable as a 2-3 day recovery process.

The other major issue lingering for the Alabama Crimson Tide is the status of star receiver Julio Jones and starting running back Mark Ingram. The duo went on a fishing trip, and compliance officials have examined the trip to see if it constituted an impermissible benefit. If it were an impermissible benefit, the trip could impair the players’ amateur status.

As of Wednesday morning, Saban did not have any new information.

“We are hopeful to have some type of resolution to this situation in the short term,” the Alabama football coach said. He declined to speculate about the difficulties for his offense with the possible loss of Jones and Ingram.

Saban said the team was excited to exit fall camp and get into a real game. He said the players were tired of hitting each other. He said the Chick-Fil-A game is a challenge and an opportunity for Alabama.

“This game is only going to prepare us to be a better team, even if it doesn’t work out the way we want it to work out,” Saban said. He said it will help the team get ready for SEC play, especially the tough SEC road games.

One big benefit from the game is exposure.

“The national exposure from a game like this enhances overall exposure and helps recruiting everywhere,” Saban said. The exposure was a “great motivation to play in the game,” he added.

Some good news for Alabama fans is the improvement of the already outstanding Terrence Cody. Terrence Cody is in better shape this year with improved quickness and mobility. “Pleased with the progress he has made.”


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    Does anyone else find it incredible the downplaying of the Auburn tie-in to the Julio/Ingram story? You don’t hear that mentioned much, but the man’s family are Auburn alumni. Does anyone else smell fish bait here, or is it just me?

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    Well, if it is Auburn, so what… Julio and Ingram know they can not accept money from ANYONE… So not sure that is important… If they took more than $100 from Pat Dye, they can not play.. It is that simple..

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