Hokie fans feeling more confident?

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Alabama’s August was filled with misery. The flu. The Julio Jones and Mark Ingram issue. And now the Brandon Deaderick shooting.

All these things are distractions, and we aren’t even counting the potential impact on the football field.

So, what does ESPN’s ACC blogger think about it?

Heather Dinich writes, “Things are adding up in favor of the Hokies. Alabama will be breaking in a new quarterback and a revamped offensive line. Those on-field questions, coupled with the looming uncertainty of the investigation into the fishing trip, and now the shooting should make Crimson Tide fans uneasy and Virginia Tech fans a little more confident.”

For Alabama fans, adversity seems to be everywhere. Some have to be wondering if the 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide is jinxed. And the team hasn’t even taken the field yet.

But that is the bright side of the preseason mess. The season hasn’t started. Players still have the opportunity to put the distractions aside and focus.

Monday before the shooting, Nick Saban was talking about the importance of the next three days to this year’s football team.

“The next three days are very important,” Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said. I’ve already talked about some intangible things, like enthusiasm and intensity. All of these things sort of indicate a sense of urgency and immediacy. The preparation, to me goes a long way to say how intelligently you will play, how many mental errors you will make because of the preparation and having it now, it doesn’t just come when the game comes. You need the repetitions and the focus and attention to detail to get the little things right, so you can perform well. Nobody really performs well if they don’t have those things. I think we found that out last year, I hope we found that out last year when we played in the Sugar Bowl.”

These three days are even more important now. And with one more big distraction, the character of this year’s team will be even more evident Saturday night in Atlanta.


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    EG White

    Let the freakin’ Hokey Pokeys feel confident and stupid! If the players are over the flu then that’s not an issue. Julio and Mark will play. Only the media and rivals are making something out of that. Bama didn’t self report a violation and therefore there was no violation. As for Brandon, it might be better if he can’t play and then the team can pull together and win one for the Deadrick. LMAO!

  2. 3

    1. The worst tragedy on a US school ground since Columbine is NO joking matter. BUSHSUX .. you should be ashamed of yourself. 32 families and the family of one killer see no humor in your comment.

    2. All of Tech’s issues in the past have been associated with off field incident’s. This is the first year since Vick was in Blacksburg that our team has steered away from those types of incidents. We also happen to be the deepest at every key position in a decade. Point made.. We have two star athletes behind the #2 guy behind Evans. Injuries happen.. issues happen. To win a national title.. you need no, or limited, of either.

  3. 4
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Hokies…I dont think that was the angle Bush was taking. I think he was saying that maybe you guys are reaching for every advantage you can.

    Quite frankly, you will need every advantage you can get. Remember 07 when you opened up with LSU ? Bama will spank you much like they did.


    P.S. Im an Auburn fan.

  4. 5


    The comment wasn’t intended as referring to school shootings. Sorry about your loss. Get ready for an @ss whipping though on the gridiron.

  5. 6

    Coach will have team ready just like Clemson game.I think tho this may be a little closer game only because Tech defense knows O LINE is young.But Bama running game will take over in second half. RTR RTR RTR,,,,

  6. 7
    M L

    Alabamians from every school are saddened about the Virginia Tech shootings.

    In my heart, I think you know that comment was a joke meant to lessen the team’s strength. But we do not take VT
    lightly, in fact, we are worried but hopeful.

  7. 8

    Bama fans will be surprised by the speed and strength of the Tech defense. Defensive coordinator Bud Foster isn’t known as “The king of Defense” for nothing. Bama fans may be equally surprised at how much better the offense will play against them now that the O-line is injury free and has some experience and depth, thereby giving Tyrod Taylor time to work his magic. And don’t forget “Beamer Ball.” Coach Beamer said this year’s special teams unit is possibly the best he’s ever seen. With the loss of Hokie running back Darren Evans, the 6 1/2 point spread favoring Bama is reasonable, however, this is anybody’s game and anything can happen. No bets for me thank you.

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