Flu strikes the Alabama Crimson Tide

Saban: 4 or 5 cases of flu; other health issues too; quarantine of the ill

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban reported the football team has experienced flu issues since school began. Saban said the football team had no problems with the 105-man roster, but once school began and the remaining players joined the squad and students returned to campus, things deteriorated.

Currently, there are four or five players with the flu, and four or five others with upper respiratory problems (non-fever illness). There is a protocol in place, Saban said. This includes quarantine of ill players, and also hygiene and nutrition work “so we don’t get this throughout our team,” the Alabama football coach said.

The quarantine involves putting players in a dorm room alone and taking care of the players “so they aren’t around other people.” So far, most of the ill have been sick about three days, Saban said.

“We are very hopeful this does not become an issue for college football or sports this fall,” Saban said.

The Alabama Crimson Tide faces the Virginia Tech Hokies to kickoff the season September 5 in Atlanta for the Chick-Fil-A College Football Kickoff game. Last year, Alabama defeated Clemson to open the season in Atlanta.