Alabama lands 21st commitment of 2010 class

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team’s 2010 recruiting class added another commitment Monday with an announcement from Tennessee.

How is that wall going Lance Thompson?

According to Bama Online ($), “The Crimson Tide’s 21st commitment of the class of 2010 is the continuation of a family tradition as tight end Harrison Jones decided to roll with the Tide Monday afternoon and follow his father and older brother to the Capstone.” Rivals lists Jones as a three-star recruit.

According to Scout ($) Jones said, “Coach Saban was very encouraging and told me that I was making a great decision. He said it is an exciting time to join the program, and I will have some great years at Alabama. I will work very hard to make him glad he has given me this incredible opportunity.” Scout lists Jones as a three-star prospect.

ESPN’s recruiting experts list Jones as a four-star prospect with a grade of 80. According to ESPN, “Jones is a good tight end and has a bit of a yard dog feel to his game. He is very active in the passing attack and is a productive target. He has good hands. Will tend to catch the ball into his body a little more than you would like to see, but he makes enough tough grabs that you feel confident about his hands.” As always, there is more to read at ESPN. ($) also reported on the newest Alabama commitment. Tiderinsider also publishes comments from Jones including this: “I am very excited that I will be able to play on the team with my brother Barrett. He has been very supportive through this process and told me many times that he would love for me to join him at Bama but he wanted me to find the best place for me. The night before I committed, I called him and talked to him about it again. He was happy that I finally came to the ‘right’ decision. I am looking forward to being part of such a great football program and being on a team that has a chance to play for a National Championship one day.”


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    With an offer sheet that included Oklahoma, Florida State, N. Carolina, Ark, and Stanford, looks like Coach Saban has picked up another good recruit. Welcome to Titletown Harrison!

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    Indiana Vol


    The last SEC title for the Crimson Turd was 10 years ago and the last National Title was 16 years ago!

    rammer-jammer; yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL, ALABAMMER!

  3. 3

    Better get ready Indy Vile, NC # 13 and SEC Championship # 22 is coming up. And by the way, Bama has won an SEC title more recently than the Viles(tenn last SEC was in 1998, Bama’s in 1999).

    By the way, does 29-9 ring a bell?

  4. 5

    Unfortunately for Vol fans, some of us BAMA fans can be arrogant. It is a sign of the degeneration of the lack of class taught by the late great Bear. Just forgive our snobs we aren’t all alike. But Tenn outranks us on trash talking.

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