Report: UA has talked to NCAA about Jones, Ingram

Tuscaloosa News: “The University of Alabama has not self-reported any NCAA violations related to a spring fishing excursion taken by football players Julio Jones and Mark Ingram, but at least one member of the UA compliance staff has flown to Indianapolis to discuss the situation with NCAA enforcement representatives, The Tuscaloosa News has learned.”

Other important stories covering the Alabama Crimson Tide stars Julio Jones and Mark Ingram include a column from Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News and a story from the Mobile Press-Register.

According to the Press-Register report, “The school has not self-reported violations in the matter, but the process is not complete.” The Press-Register report provides many additional details about the fishing trip at issue in this case.


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    I read the story and I agree that the guy had good intentions. However- this is the kind of petty shit that can hang this program. Everybody is going to have to be Christ-Like in their dealings with boosters and in this unfortunate case – well meaning outsiders. This bullshit will get us hanged if we are not careful.

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    Hunter Ford

    The rules are ridiculous if they don’t allow for players to have friends and go fishing, or otherwise have a life. That’s what friends do. They help each other out. This guy needed the extra help so he could do something he loved.

    The NCAA really should lighten up…about ten tons.

  3. 5
    Big John Blick

    This whole mess is perpatrated by two people auburn, lsu, and florida. They know the tide is rising and all they can do is take players on fishing trips and try to say it was us. Urban Mayer knows this is Bama’s year and his lock on the SEC is over, lsu just wishes they had Saban back, and auburn is a joke. We own them in the IB. THe record speaks for itself. But even with all this, we’re still going to dominant the SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 6

    Hunter – what bothered me about the Scarbo story was the missing pieces in the story. How did they meet and the guy kept emphasizing how naive he was about Football. I will state again that things like this – no matter how well intentioned – is going to put us in the Outhouse.

  5. 8
    Auburn Man

    Hang everyone involved. If they are not affiliated with Auburn then they have no rights to do this sort of thing!

    This should only go to prove that Bammers are nothing more than thugs. they were probably planning on stealing his wallet while he pulled that snapper in!!!!!
    I am superior. I have the Auburn Creed!!!!!

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