Inferiority complex: Colonial and Auburn

The failure of Colonial Bank was caused by management’s inferiority complex in regards to other Alabama banks. This shocking revelation was discussed today on Fox 6’s Good Day Alabama. According to a discussion with a Birmingham Business Journal reporter, Colonial “was considered an underdog compared to Regions Bank and Compass Bank and Amsouth Bank.” This underdog mentality encouraged management to expand. And expand. And expand. According to the BBJ’s Crystal Jarvis, this led to over-leverage, and the bank’s eventual collapse.

Compare many of the things said in this interview with Auburn. The same people leading Colonial led Auburn and its football program. The underdog mentality led the university to fire a proven Tommy Tuberville and hire an unproven head coach. The new staff demonstrated its underdog mentality with recruiting gimmick after recruiting gimmick. Then the new staff has EXPANDED its recruiting coverage into other states much like Colonial expanded its footprint. And it looks to be working about as well for Auburn as it did for Colonial. How does that offensive line recruiting list look right now? How long until Auburn implodes like Colonial? Or has it already started?

(note: I tried to embed the Fox 6 video, but the player wouldn’t show on the page. Here is the link to the video.)


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    Not a reach. Auburn’s inferiority complex is well-documented. The question is whether the inferiority complex influenced Colonial’s fall or if the management team at Colonial has influenced Auburn’s fall to the Chizik level.

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    But run by the same people. Pat Dye was on the board and Bobby Lowder ran Auburn. Surely, the actions in one venue speak about the character of the people in all venues?

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    Good analysis, Cap. Just like Colonial became, auburn football is without solid leadership. Jay Jacobs(most au fans don’t like him), Gene Chiznik, and Pat Dye(who encouraged the Chiznik hire) are the 3 Stooges of auburn football. And like Colonial Bank, auburn football has seen better days and is going down the tubes.

    The truth hurts doesn’t it auburn fans?

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    How long do you all think Chiznik is going to last at Auburn? Pat Dye is already backing off of taking credit for the hire.

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    If my memory serves correctly, Auburn has won most of its games with Alabama during the last 30 years, and 6 of the last 7. Are you really an “underdog” when you win most of the time? Imputing an “inferiority complex” to Auburn comes across as wishful thinking and incredibly arrogant. Unlike banks with different levels of capitalization, the most notable thing that separates Alabama and Auburn football is that Alabama loses more games, at least in recent history. I would suggest enjoying the teams as the worthy adversaries that they generally are. The bizarre need to place Alabama on a pedestal that is not backed by results is unhealthy. It would be just as silly if I were trying to place Auburn on a similar pedestal over Alabama. Realism and humility are positive traits for fans of any team.

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    Panov, you’re coming to the wrong place if you’re lookin for realism and humility. These are Bama fans, and the Bear won 6 MNC’s. It doesn’t matter that it happened 30 to 40 years ago. They think they are still entitled to prestige based on those ancient championships. I still wonder if they think Minnesota, Army, and Princeton are entitled to the same prestige based on their ancient championships.

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    alex hamilton

    Julio, I’d much rather be a fan of a team that has a past, instead of being a fan of a team that has fewer than 10,000 living people who actually saw its last National Championship team.

    And Panov, it’s intellectually dishonest for you to think that Aubarn fans do not have an inferiority complex. If you people didn’t have such an inferiority complex, you wouldn’t show up here with your ax to grind on a daily basis.

    Here’s the biggest difference between the teams. Everybody listening? Take notes now because I’m going to put all this smack talk to bed once and for all.

    The series is cyclical. In spite of Panov’s short-sighted and elitist statement, and his condescension about Alabama fans appreciation for their history and tradition, there is a major difference between Alabama and Aubarn.

    The difference is, that when Alabama wins the Iron Bowl and has great teams, Alabama is in the National Championship picture. When Auburn wins and has great teams, nationally, no one really cares.

    As Panov states, only what happened in the past 30 years is relevant. So, let’s look at five of the best years for each team. 1978 to 2008 gives us five dominant Alabama football teams. 1978, 1979, 1992, 1999, and 2008. In these years, Alabama won four SEC Championships and three National Championships. In 2008, but for the lack of a 3rd corner, Alabama wins the SEC. Had Andre not been on the take, Alabama might have won the National Championship.

    1978 to 2008 gives us five decent Auburn teams. However, the difference is striking. In Auburn’s best years, they do not even sniff a National Championship game.

    The fact remains that Aubren had extraordinary teams in 1983, 1993, and 2004. And, in each of these years, the national writers could not have cared less about A-U-B-U-R-N (whew, I feel like I’m about to heave a roll of cheap toilet paper!).

    No matter how dominant Awbren was in each of those years, they couldn’t get a National Championship.

    The clearest example of Auburn’s inferiority is 2004. Auburn not only is the school that invented the toothbrush (because if it were invented anywhere else it would be known as the “teethbrush”) but Auburn is still the only Big 6 BCS school to have an undefeated, conference championship season and NOT play for the National Championship. Maybe this is why Auburn fans adopted Utah as their next favorite team…..apparently y’all have a lot in common with the whole undefeated and uncrowned situation.

    Where was the respect for AU in 1997 after that dominant victory over a lackluster Alabama? Oh, that’s right, “Do It All Dameyune” turned the ball over and you didn’t beat Peyton Manning, did you? That great Auburn team went to the Peach Bowl. Awesome.

    And who can forget Auburn’s crowning acheivement of the 1980’s, the 1989 Jordan-Hare game. Their fans reward? Watching Alabama play in the Sugar Bowl!

    The fact of the matter remains that Auburn is a second-tier program, with maniacal fans that make 1990’s Red Sox fans appear placid by contrast. Auburn fans are governed by their zealous thirst for two things in its life, beating Alabama and seeing harm done to Alabama’s good name and legacy. Forget billboards with “fearless and true.” This is pretty much the Auburn credo and raison d’etre.

    Again, Julio and Panov, it is one thing to hold on to the past. It is something entirely different to have no past, present, or reasonable hope for the future.

    I was wondering. Do you think I can just walk up and get an upper deck ticket for the Iron Bowl this year? I just wondered since you can’t sell your stadium out two weeks before the opener.


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    Listen to the argument that you just made: Alabama loses most of the games, but when they manage to win (like 1 out of the last 7), the system will have a bias for them. That’s merely an argument that the system is broken. Even if true, it is a false assumption that a broken system would create an “inferiority complex” in wronged teams. Most people would agree with the general conclusion that the system is broken, and that the best team can be ignored while a weaker team is named NC. However, the argument that bias in the system is more important than who actually wins the games is not a strong one.

    I don’t think my preference of arranging “tiers” by who actually wins the games is unreasonable. However, your preference of arranging it by who sports writers will have a bias for is noted.

    On a side note, your post made numerous weak attempts to be insulting. Though indifferent to it, I’m not sure I get your motivation to be that petty.

    I really don’t have any interest in being drug down into the mud with you, although I recognize that responding, even politely (which I have tried to do), will get me there. I actually arrived here via a Google search on Auburn football, and my post was during my first visit, so the “coming here on a daily basis with an ax to grind” stuff is incorrect. It’s a myth that everyone comes here knowing in advance that it is an Auburn bashing site, although it certainly doesn’t take long to figure out.

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    Auburn Man

    Auburn has won 6 of the last seven. And anything else does not matter. Why, you might ask?
    Because being an Auburn Man means you can pick and choose the history you want to be remembered.
    We Auburn Men do not have to live by the record of history. It is a Auburn given right that we can use only the parts we like!!!!
    That is why Bo Jackson is the greatest Athlete ever!
    That is why Pat Dye is the greatest coach ever!
    It is because we say so THATS WHY!!
    FUCK THE TRUTH. It was invented at Auburn University so we can do anything with it we like!!!!

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    Actually, I said that the teams are usually worthy adversaries.

    I only mentioned 6 of the last 7 to point out how silly it is to say a school has an inferiority complex and that it is somehow beneath Alabama when it beats them most of the time.

    That just reflects a difference in what I see as important — if I had to choose I’d rather win 6/7 with an inferiority complex than win 1/7 with a superiority complex.

    With that said, I think Alabama fans should be proud of their program. I really don’t think that they need to bash other programs to try to feel better about theirs. In fairness, I realize that its usually only the dumbest 10% or so of every fanbase (and people writing articles), including Auburn’s for that matter, who take that low road approach like we see here.

    Most of my discussions with Alabama fans are based on mutual respect of two good programs.

  11. 15

    Panov says:

    “Most of my discussions with Alabama fans are based on mutal respect of two good programs.”

    Panov is one more funny guy or girl.

    Panov is a microcosm of how (many) COW COLLEGE people would like to frame the dialogue NOW!!!!

    Where was Panov’s philosophical diatribe’s (let’s just all be reasonable) when Wing-Nut was holding up those fingers on the field or wearing those shirts (fear the thumb)and making smart azz comments in public?

    I’ll tell you where Panov was, he was rolling on the floor laughing his azz off.

    NOW the shoe is on the other foot or where the SUN don’t shine (some might say) so Panov and many other COW COLLEGE people want to play nice now.

    Alabama will beat the HELL out of the COW COLLEGE again, but this time in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM”!!!

    Panov, I’m trying to be reasonable like you COW COLLEGE people were at one time.

    ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  12. 16

    Either side will and should celebrate when they win. Fortunately, Auburn fans are able to do so much more frequently than Alabama fans in recent history.

    My “be reasonable” approach was referring only to personal attacks.

  13. 17
    alex hamilton


    Your feigned calm demeanor is really doing nothing to veil your condescension.

    Nothing in my response had anything to do with “the system being broken” and in fact, I said that the national sports writers RESPECT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. There is no respect for Auburn. None, zilch, nada, zero. This does not imply that the system is broken. Rather, Alabama gets respect because of our history of winning. We climb to the top because people associate Alabama with winning.

    Just because Auburn won 6 in a row does not make it superior. Get over yourself. Alabama has surpassed Auburn in coaching, recruiting, and product on the field,,,, and Panov, it’s not even close. It would take Auburn five years to catch Alabama if Nick Saban left us at the end of this year. Get used to being 2nd rate.

    In the past year I’ve been to Vegas three times and to other parts of the country five times. When an Alabamian travels and people from other parts of the country ask where you are from, they hear Alabama and they reply “Roll Tide” or “Nick Saban”. No one says, “How about those Tigers?” Why? Why did Jimmy Buffet wear an Alabama football shirt in a late 1970’s video when he went to Auburn??? Because no one outside of Auburn alumni and redneck Barners care about Auburn. No one cares about you, but you.

    That’s the difference. And, until there is a playoff in D-1 and Auburn gets really lucky, Auburn will never win the National Championship.

    That’s what I was saying. I know it is a difficult thing for an elitist and wannabe intellectual to actually listen to their adversary, but maybe if you at least tried to pay attention instead of claiming how right you are, you might learn something.

    Or, you could just go talk shit at the Joe Cribb’s Car Wash. I hear that bullshit and Bama hatred is the rage over there.

  14. 18
    alex hamilton

    And one more thing, Pansy.

    Auburn won 5 of those 6 close games in a row because of NCAA sanctions that weakened Alabama. This is the only reason that Auburn fans’ hearts race when they hear the words “Alabama” and “NCAA” in the same sentence.

    It’s also why Aubs are trying their best to manufacture a story to have Alabama investigated by the NCAA.

    Oh, and I won’t be reasonable with a punk that has probably never played a down of ball in his life and likely thinks that a Jack Linebacker is something AAA will put on the bumper of his Toyota Prius to change a flat tire.

  15. 19

    My statement that your personal attacks (i.e. Pansy, punk, loosers) reflect very poorly on Alabama fans is hardly elitist and intellectual. Any Alabama fan who has any character at all would agree. I only seem calm because I’m not the one defending perceived attacks on delusions of grandeur. The only thing I said to provoke your manic rants is that Alabama needs to win a few more games before talking down to other programs about “inferiority complexes.” That shouldn’t be controversial. And to address your irrelevant point, I would be willing to bet on who has more years of both football and rougher sports.

  16. 20

    36 to 0 AZZ WHOPPING in T-TOWN!!!!!!

    Get ready for another AZZ WHOPPING in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM”!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Panov. ou obviously are not from Alabama. These turds have no sense . You cant debate them, only slap them around. Thats all they understand.

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