Glass house: Auburn RB arrested

All those Auburn fans talking about those fine upstanding citizens recruited by the Auburn Tigers, kindly shut up.

Report: “Sophomore running back Eric Smith was arrested for disorderly conduct early this morning after an incident at an Auburn hotel.”

We can safely infer that every Auburn player is a thug by this arrest, and impute the worst motives to every player on the Auburn roster. After all, what is good for the goose…


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    Does anyone see a DIFFERENCE between being disorderly and Slappin a Female? This is my first chime on this subject but disorderly conduct is something they give you for NO SHUTTING UP!! Domestic Violence is when you try and FORCE SOMEONE TO SHUT UP.. While I will agree about the Glass House thing but IT HARDLY APPLIES HERE!!!

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    Omni – From all the accounts I’ve read, the only slapping that occurred was the female slapping Upshaw. However, he did apparently grab her neck and try to force her down, which is also inexcuseable. Still makes the point, but without making up new facts in the case.

  3. 3

    Yeah – this thing with Upshaw is much more disturbing at this point. Hitting Women is not going to get it around here. Of course – “Muffin” showed her ass too. Both of them need anger management and a restraining order from each other.
    Players need to understand the “fishbowl” and keep it down home. This applies for everybody.

  4. 4

    There are 85 scholly players many who had little or no upbringing. There will be a few every year who cross the lines of acceptable behavior. That does not say I condone it and I certainly hope both UA and AU police behavior vigorously. I think we can all agree we do not need a Miami in our state.

  5. 5

    I can’t beleive we are falling this far behind Alabama. Saban’s had almost 20 arrests since he took over, including the most recent for domestic violence and Upshaw won’t even get anything worse than an ice cream cone and “behavior probation.” All us cow-college people have is “disorderly conduct.”

  6. 6

    If my wife (or yours, for that matter) was attacking me physically, I guess I would go to jail for restraining her as well, which is what Upshaw was doing. He didn’t “slap” anyone.

    But you Aubies, it’s amazing. One of your own gets nabbed, and it’s nothing. Heck, barely jaywalking is what it was. I’d love to live inside the bubble you’ve created for yourselves. You look and sound idiotic, but inside I’m sure it’s nice.

    All Auburn players are thugs because Eric Smith was arrested. Period.

  7. 7

    Joe – you need to pay attention now. The problem isn’t isolated at one place. The players have been raised by their mommas and they act and dress like them . The Coaches have to teach them how to be MEN. (Thank you Bobby Bowden for that nugget cuz). The Coaches are the first Father Figures in their lives. Hell – it is getting harder to coach nowadays. You have got to be Daddy – Preacher -Shrink – Motivator – how can you be all of this all of the time ?

  8. 8


    Look dude I didnt make anything UP? Show me where I did. AND ITK speak for yourself, My first wife had issues. FINE AS WINE but issues and I NEVER HIT HER BACK… you ever heard of kids??? I got 2 girls and I would hate to think I SHOWED THEM HOW TO FIGHT!!! As smart as you think you are you never ceased to show your ignorance. I would never “RESTRAINE” my wife BY HER NECK!!! Im a lil big for that ……

  9. 9

    And one more time ….

    If a COp doesnt like the way you look, and you WONT shut up=Disorderly COnduct


    Jesus This aint even close to beiing similar!

  10. 10

    Stupid, er, Omni, neither would I…at the age I am now. But we expect these 18 year old kids to act and think as we do…as adults. They simply don’t always make the best decisions. But resraining her from hitting him and him hitting er are two different things. And I think I am smarter than you because I am.

  11. 11

    You did a good job of pointing out the barner hypocrisy…and their comments above only highlight that. I have no problem with waiting until all the facts come out on that Auburn player, if they weren’t so quick to roll Tumor’s Corner yesterday over our misfortune. They can dish it out but they sure can’t take it

  12. 12
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    If Eric Smith broke the law and got arrested he should be held accountable. I sincerely hope that Chizik sends a message to the team. If he did something like that, make an example of him. Sure, look at the stiuation, but dont turn a blind eye. This could be a lot bigger thing than most Aubs think it is. He can send one of two messages, depending on what he does. Im all for a suspension of some sort. Again , depending on the situation.

    When is the last time you heard logic like that from T-town.

    Answer: NEVER !!!

  13. 14

    Ok BRO!! if you think it must be! But you said you would have went to jail also
    and as I said I have 2 daughters if YOU restaine them I will BREAK YOU!!! UNDERSTAND THAT EINSTIEN?????

  14. 15

    VIOLENCE toward woman unprovoked or otherwise is not tolerated where I am from.. But you go ahead ITK restrain em and maybe you can get locker room passes with Saban!

  15. 17
    alex hamilton

    Hey Omni,

    We just beat the hell out of you

    Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer, Give ’em hell Alabama…

    I sincerely hope that all you condescending Aubs can take pride in that your team is “fearless and true” and law abiding when you get your ass kicked again 9 times this season and THE University of Alabama Football Team beats you down at home 49-0 this year.

    You glass house idiots forget that you are starting the season with the WORST Quarterback in recent SEC History serving as a backup to the 2nd Worst Quarterback in recent SEC History. And, you are one injury to Chris Todd from being dead last in Division 1 football in first downs and total offense.

    Your team and your fans are like the Obama administration; lots of arrogance, bullshit and spin, but in the end no results.

  16. 19
    Auburn is a Joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Alexfhamilton………Kiss my Auburn arse. You and the arrogant pompoes a-holes known as Bammer fans have the memory span of a knat. Not two years ago your world beater of a team lost to friggn LAMO !!!!! Yes, last year was embarrasing to us, but at least we still friggin remember it. Unlike you , you ignorant doosh. To hear you talking crap, one would think that Bama was on a seventy five game winning streak. May I remind you that you lost your last wo games, One of wich was to UTAH !!!!!

    Let me hear it. Utah was the #2 team in all the land , right ? Well, you turds were #1 for most of the year and couldnt get it done. Sabans trademark. If Hawaii didnt lose in 03 in an entirely unrelated and minsignificant game, the mighty Saban has no NC to hang his hat on. Just a lot of letdowns in games he shouldnt have won

  17. 20

    Saban on Upshaw after arrest: “He’s as fine a human being as you will ever see and we’re proud to have him on out football team. Of course he’ll be playing in the season opener.”

    Chizik on Smith after arrest: “IF you ever see him in Auburn uniform again, you’ll know he’s been through hell to get there.”

    Yeah, real similar.

  18. 21
    Auburn is a Joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    julio….Therein lies the difference between our teams and fanbases. You wont see anything happen to Upshaw. Saban has yet to fire a talented player. But hes fired plenty of players without the skills . But hey , who cares about what jind of person they are as long as they are good.. Oversigning Saban strikes again.

  19. 22

    anYONE remember that LAMO game …D J Hall suspended for a Game oh MY BAD a Half! Alex you may kiss BIs ARSE but you SIr!! FUK YOU!!! YOU or noone you know has beat the hell outta me!!! And as far as my BELOVED AU goes .. Its coming back around…last year was GREAT for uat but lets see ya do it again! YOU see you guys talk WAY to fast. NONE of you talentless fux thought last year was coming…. NONE of you. As far as it goes 36-0 was bad but so was all the CRIPPLED talk that came from you guys for 9 years -1…. HUH??????? STFU and keep my name out your mouth

  20. 23

    AND I will say it ONE MORE GINN!!! YOu dont “RESTRAIN” a woman BY HER THROAT!!!
    Yea Saban real upstanding! …… Sabans a DRAFT DODGEING FOOL… You guys know he SPIT on Veitnam Soldiers right? Why dont he do it to IRAC VETS?

  21. 24

    Omni, you don’t know what you are talking about Saban spitting on nam vets, you are a dam liar, but he would probably spit on your hero Obama, and I have something for your mouth dipshit.

  22. 25

    That’s real original to pose as me when making a post. Perhaps next time you can try something really innovative like telling someone their shoes are untied. You bammers are a really sharp bunch, ain’t ya.

  23. 26

    HEY FOOLIO… FUK U …no I dont know personally that he did it. WAS he A protestor on campus? Yes! Its that old adage..Ya run with dogs YOU SNIFF ASSES! …. and damn WHY BE A PIECE OF BOYPUSS! Use your own name or r u SKEERED!… ROOKIE U hate it when I DEBUNK THE GREAT huh? Once a AGAIN for the Record I DID NOT VOTE DEMS!!!!!! NOt one! And MAYBE just MAYBE you will find something original to write one day maybe a NICE POEM or something! Call me I will help you VERBALLY!!

  24. 27
    alex hamilton

    Learn to spell you idiots. I mean, I know you want to show off that AU pride and all, but seriously, you’re an embarrassment to your cause.

    And for the record, you’re the “douche” you douche.

    And since you can’t spell, I will also help you out with the definition of “douchebag”.

    Definitions of a Douchebag:
    1. A repository used to inject and then collect fluid used to cleanse excessive mucous from a vagina.
    2. Ominpresent and Ballplay Indian taking a break from watching “Granny on Granny” porn to buy a Utah t-shirt online during the 4th quarter of the Sugar Bowl.

    I think you two probably got more aroused by Utah scoring three times in the 1st quarter. Admit it. You’re still the same pathetic morons that bought all the University of Louisville stuff that was available in 1990, aren’t you? Typical Aubs. You can’t say anything about the excrement that is your precious team, so you revel in the two losses UA incurs. How pathetic you are.

  25. 28
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Alexfdooshilton………I been over this with the other guys , so I guess Ill have to explain it to your mongoloid self as well. I know how douche is spelled. I siagree with the spelling however. It SHOULD be spelled dossh when refering to a-holes who have no idea what they are speaking of . So. that is how I spell it. If you dont like it, wellllll. GODD !!! I have accomplished my mission.

    And as far as Saban goes. You bammers do know that he has NEVER put two ten win seasons in a row dont you ? Not saying he cant do it this year, but that isnt too impressive for the greatest coach since Bryant, is it ?

    And as far as being an embarrassment, dude, you are a degenerate. Ive read your posts. I have more class in a pube that stuck to the soap bar than you have in your whole being.

    Again….The real definition of “DOOSHBAG” =Alexfhamilton…….

    Enjoy your title as king doosh.

  26. 29
    Auburn Man

    Once again the scummers from Tuscaloosa have proven my point.
    Being an Auburn Man means never having to say you are sorry.
    Auburn is above contempt scorn and reproach!
    If I want to borrow a little money from the offering plate at Sunday Church I DO!!! I’am an Auburn Man! Thats why!
    Bammers Cheat! Auburn Men reinvent the rules! We are trailblazers! Innovators! By God ( mean Pat Dye) WHEN WILL YOU MULLETS EVER LEARN??? Auburn represents the finest ideas of a lov

  27. 30
    Auburn Man

    Once again the scummers from Tuscaloosa have proven my point.
    Being an Auburn Man means never having to say you are sorry.
    Auburn is above contempt scorn and reproach!
    If I want to borrow a little money from the offering plate at Sunday Church I DO!!! I’am an Auburn Man! Thats why!
    Bammers Cheat! Auburn Men reinvent the rules! We are trailblazers! Innovators! By God ( I mean Pat Dye) WHEN WILL YOU MULLETS EVER LEARN??? Auburn represents the finest ideas of a lovely Village that is everyone’s dream come true!

  28. 31

    FUK ME RUNNIN!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>?????????

    I dont understand you guys….

    uat boy grabs girlfreind by the throat to “RESTRAIN” her and He is a fine upstanding man!

    Then AU man runs his “SOUP COOLERS” to a cop in public and YOU not only wanna HANG his ass, You wanna fuk with us over it becuase we dont like MEN WHO HIT WOMEN?????

    YOu are seriuosly Fd in your heads, This is one time I kinda wish it was our guy that “RESTRAINED” his girl and watch FINEBUMM ANB SHANE and all of you android followers!!! DAMN YOU SICK

  29. 32

    omni, your shoes are untied, now hold that pose for a minute, I have a little something for you and I mean a very little something

    36-0 that’s for you homo omni

  30. 33


    WOW your right it was VERY LITTLE!
    But you sir impersonating julio is solidifing what BI says… MAke you guys think about something (facts) and you fall straight to trying to “JANK” someone! Well if your jokes were better you may have succeeded BUUUUT You suck hard dudette! Just like a uat home ec teacher! YOu would blow the whole damn team to get to the one that run up ol Sabans DOOKIE SHOOT last! sissy ass rookie…

  31. 34

    Well, we know that Auburn has had domestic violence issues as well. For example, remember when that football player called an AU coed a “two bit hooker” and she hit him over the head with her sack of quarters?

  32. 35
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Yall are delusional.

    Main difference. We dont want trash on our team. No matter how talented. You guys dont give a rip as long as he can play.

  33. 36

    You guys @ uat are STUPID.. DO any of you bamatards see CAP posting here trying to merge the two together? NOOOO he put it up here and watched as the stupid (u guys)sounded stupider and the blameless(us guys) tried in vain to make you guys see that there is NO COMPARISON!!!! One guy (AU) runs his mouth the other guy (uat) tries to make a BROAD shut her mouth! HMMMMMMM REALLY!?!?!?!?! You guys dont get it?
    oh and before the jokes start heres one
    My mom is sooooo old she owes MOSES a Talent!

  34. 37
    Indiana Vol

    The Crimson Turd recruits THUGS; Upshaw, Jimmy Johns and the Castille boys just to name a few!


  35. 40

    Hey Coop it means hes not a star so he will have to WORK his way back to where he was….. I’ll bet you he wishes he went to uat right about now. The School where ‘RESTRAINING” a woman is OOOOK…IF your a MALE that is

  36. 44
    Barner's Yeeeck!

    I’ll tell all you goobers something, you stupid shits. I don’t and never have condoned hitting a woman. However, put the fucking thing where it actually is! This is 2009, not 1709. The women in this world, and I mean the whole damn world including the Muslim countries, want everything equal to men in every respect. And they are getting more and more violent and aggressive and also forcefull in using the police against men not just when necessary, but with out and out lies. Much as I would not even consider hitting a woman for 90% of the things I’d beat the shit out of a man for; I’ll tell you right now that if one starts beating up on me and pursues me as I try to walk away – The bitch is gonna get cocked, and I don’t mean sexually! This cunt followed Upshaw to his car and wouldn’t leave him alone. She’s lucky she still has a jaw to run her mouth with, and he was 100% justified to restrain as he did. Fuck you idiots who want to think this is still the chivalrous world of the of Arthur and Lancelot! Bullshit. What’s good for the gander is good for the damn goose too!

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