Nick Saban and those evil medical scholarships

Ezekial Knight was a great football player at Alabama. But Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban needed to make room on his roster, and in typical evil fashion, Saban just kicked Knight off the team.


That isn’t how it happened?

You mean Knight had an actual medical problem? You mean Saban and the University were trying to protect the young man?

So much for those “fishy” medical scholarships that some bloggers love to rant about.

In the case of Knight, the Bama Beat provided a few details of the serious medical condition that Knight has fought. Knight suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot.

Knight wants to play football. He finally found a place that will let him. Everyone hopes Knight thrives and earns a shot at the NFL, and everyone will also be saying a prayer for the man’s health. However, knowing more about his medical condition makes it frightening. And it sheds a better light on Nick Saban as a coach. Saban wasn’t willing to risk a player’s health by putting Knight on the field. Knight was a superb player, and could contribute to any team. But when the risks to the young man were clear, the University did the right thing. A life is more important than football.

It wouldn’t shock us that most schools and coaches place a higher value on life than a game, but the vitriol and hate spewed on the Internet about successful coaches like Saban make even this a noteworthy insight into major college football. Saban just might be human after all.