Review: Madden NFL 10 exceeds expectations

AP: EA Sports exceeds those expectations with “Madden NFL 10” ($59.99; Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; in stores Friday), and the 21-year-old franchise has delivered its most striking, realistic-looking football video game yet. … Another new feature is the controller will rumble when a rusher nears the quarterback, allowing those with pocket presence to scramble to keep a play alive. And unlike previous “Madden” versions in which the passer was either sacked or got the throw off, a clutched quarterback can inadvertently slam a ball into the ground or toss a lob that’s up for grabs by lumbering linemen. (read the entire AP report embedded below)

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    Hunter Ford

    I don’t play Madden anymore cause I just don’t like pro football that much anymore.

    I did however get a NCAA 10 from EA Sports after eagerly awaiting it all summer. It has Erin Andrews in it this year. But it was mostly disapointing.

    Erin Andrews presence is limited to a few soundbites, a still shotthat apears now and then and a short video clip.

    Corso and Herbstreit say the same commentary lines as they have been saying for the past five versions of the game. And they often make no sense relative to the actual game. For instance, I’m winning a game 31-7 and I throw an interception. Corso says “This game is getting out of hand and that turnover is going to make it tough for them to come back” Many other flaws in the flow of the commentary. The end of game animation and fan reactions havent changed in years either.

    The up side, is that the rosters of teams are pretty authentic as far as I can tell and the game play as usual is solid. Seems tougher to run the ball on this version.

    Still EA could spend some money on updates for the game if they want people to buy new versions each year. You can update your team yourself on the old versions and still get virtually the same game experience.

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