Florida tops poll; Crimson Tide fifth

The USA Today poll is out and the Florida Gators sit atop it. The Alabama Crimson Tide is fifth and Virginia Tech is seventh. According to the AP, The Associated Press preseason Top 25 will be released Saturday, Aug. 22. More from the AP embedded below:


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    E.G White

    Hmmm! The coaches don’t seem to think our OL or QB is going to be a problem for us competing with Florida, Texas, OU and USC for the MNC. Wonder who’s more ‘In The Know’, the coaches or the Barner’s and Swamp Lizards and Volunqueers and Corndogs and Hokie Pokeys neysayers? Hep me! Hep me! Hep me, plis! I’m scared of those bad ol’ #39 Pussycats and nasty ol’ #56 Volunqueers! Oh hep me! Hep me! Hep me, plis! LMFAO! RTR! Bama #5 er, #1 in ’09!

  2. 2

    It’s been a long time since Crimson Tide fans finally got the preseason respect that we’ve longed for really since the ’94 season. In this current formulation of BCS — I’d rather have the tough games early because it seems the voters do NOT like late losses — but forget about the early losses. I’m not saying that we are going to lose though : ).

  3. 3

    It only matters where you finish, aight? But, it does prove that his peers believe CNS can overcome the “major” question marks associated with this team. The players have to respond, and given the apparent togetherness and focus, I believe they will.

    If we make it to Atlanta again this season, expect a 10+ point win over Florida.

  4. 4

    WOW ITK!!
    Your first problem is you dont know IF YOU MAKE IT TO HOTLANTA????? And then you are so bold as to predict a 10 PLUS point win!!!! SHAM WOW!!! hmmmmmm
    Do you see the CONFLICT???????

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    E.G White

    Cappy, I was over on the VT Rivals forum earlier and they are posting about Beamers press conference today. He was being questioned about Alabama and supposedly replied ‘I’m more concerned about a much improved Nebraska than about an Alabama that was ballslapped by Utah’. I don’t believe he’s stupid enough to say that in public, but it’s worth checking out. Would be great locker room material. Can you check it out? RTR!

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    E.G White

    Damn, damn, damn. As if Florida needed any more weapons. They just had a 2010 recruit quit high school a year early to play for them this year. This fuc–r is a TE who’s 6′-6, 210. He has a vertical leap of 36″, a reach radius of 10′-6, and runs a frickin 4.4 40. Jesus Christ. You’ll need a 30-06 to stop the SOB! Even a one eyed blind man could get a pass to him! You know, that’s the same height and weight as Thomas Darrah. Wonder how fast and agile he is? Hmmm!

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    E.G White

    Yeah, I know we have Gorillaman Peek who is 6′-6 and 255. Bet he don’t have a verticle leap of 36″ or a 40 time of 4.4 though. Plus he has a broken ankle. But if we were playing rugby he’d be da man. Ha ha!

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    E.G White

    Cappy, at Beamer’s press conference yesterday the VT QB hinted that they may look at putting in the Wild Turkey with super quick Ryan Williams at QB. Think coaches Saban and Smart might want to address that possibility before 9/5? It would be nice if someone could get an unedited transcript of that press conference. Chris Walsh at TideSports is going to ask Beamer about the Utah slur at his interview tomorrow. But if he said it you know he’ll deny it. We need an unedited transcript to find out what’s going on up there. RTR!

  9. 10
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    There is no way Beamer said that. Surely hes not that dumb. Kiffen wouldnt even say that.

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