Corso recovering

Mr. College Football reports on ESPN celebrity Lee Corso over at his AJC blog. Corso is recovering from a stroke, and seems to be doing nicely on that road to recovery.

According to Tony Barnhart’s report, “Corso’s ultimate goal now is a simple one. College Game Day makes its 2009 season debut on Sept. 5 for the Alabama-Virginia Tech game in Atlanta. Corso said that on Sept. 5 he will be sitting in his familiar chair between Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit. Preparing for and executing two hours of live television on a weekly basis is hard work.”


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    Well — of course he’ll be sitting in his chair between the two tools. What else is going to pay the bills including medical at the Corso residence. Gameday IMO in way over-hyped. I will admit though that it gives you something to watch on an early Saturday as you prep either your cooler or your man-cave pad —- only if you can handle the bullshit that goes along with ESPN.


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    i don’t care for corso as a espn common-tater but i wish him well on his road to recovery.

    my question is, if he makes a full recovery, how will you be able to tell???

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