Radio is already getting better in Birmingham

Birmingham’s sports radio improved substantially this morning with official word that Ian Fitzsimmons is leaving WJOX for a Dallas radio station. The Birmingham News has the story.

Fitzsimmons isn’t a bad radio host, but he could be the most obnoxious sports personality in the state—and that is saying something in a state with such insufferable jackasses like Josh Moon. Fitzsimmons led the WJOX Roundtable into being the most juvenile and insubstantial sports show in the state. It culminated in the Tebow virginity nonsense with Clay Travis.

Fitzsimmons told the Birmingham News the move to Dallas was a good thing for him. He also said nice things about the radio station and the city, “But I will truly miss everything about Birmingham.”

The reaction to Fitzsimmons departure seems to be positive. On the Birmingham News website, the comments were entertaining. One of the best was this perplexing comment:
Posted by ATTALLABLAZE: “This is great news for Birmingham, terrible news for Dallas. Now hopefully the other one will leave as well, maybe he can go infect the city of Memphis and make them dumber for listening like they did here. Listening to static basically is actually an upgrade to one of their shows. … Sports radio in Birmingham is at an all time low and is an absolute joke. Jox is painful to listen to. They have forgotten that there are other schools and topics to talk about other than what Saban’s stool sample is like on a particular day. Jox has effectively run all the UAB, Samford, and Troy fans off and more and more Auburn fans are tired of them as well from the ones I talk to.”

WJOX ran off UAB, Samford and Troy fans?

All three of them?

I don’t think that is going to hurt the ratings. As for Auburn fans, their displeasure has more to do with losing the Iron Bowl than the actual show content. If the new staff rights the ship, Auburn fans will enjoy sports talk radio more. If the new staff sinks, Auburn fans won’t enjoy anything, even the newly improved WJOX.