Radio is already getting better in Birmingham

Birmingham’s sports radio improved substantially this morning with official word that Ian Fitzsimmons is leaving WJOX for a Dallas radio station. The Birmingham News has the story.

Fitzsimmons isn’t a bad radio host, but he could be the most obnoxious sports personality in the state—and that is saying something in a state with such insufferable jackasses like Josh Moon. Fitzsimmons led the WJOX Roundtable into being the most juvenile and insubstantial sports show in the state. It culminated in the Tebow virginity nonsense with Clay Travis.

Fitzsimmons told the Birmingham News the move to Dallas was a good thing for him. He also said nice things about the radio station and the city, “But I will truly miss everything about Birmingham.”

The reaction to Fitzsimmons departure seems to be positive. On the Birmingham News website, the comments were entertaining. One of the best was this perplexing comment:
Posted by ATTALLABLAZE: “This is great news for Birmingham, terrible news for Dallas. Now hopefully the other one will leave as well, maybe he can go infect the city of Memphis and make them dumber for listening like they did here. Listening to static basically is actually an upgrade to one of their shows. … Sports radio in Birmingham is at an all time low and is an absolute joke. Jox is painful to listen to. They have forgotten that there are other schools and topics to talk about other than what Saban’s stool sample is like on a particular day. Jox has effectively run all the UAB, Samford, and Troy fans off and more and more Auburn fans are tired of them as well from the ones I talk to.”

WJOX ran off UAB, Samford and Troy fans?

All three of them?

I don’t think that is going to hurt the ratings. As for Auburn fans, their displeasure has more to do with losing the Iron Bowl than the actual show content. If the new staff rights the ship, Auburn fans will enjoy sports talk radio more. If the new staff sinks, Auburn fans won’t enjoy anything, even the newly improved WJOX.


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    As I posted last Friday, the terrible one is gone again. I had some doubters, but I was so excited he was leaving that I couldnt help but break the story. You heard it here on the capstonereport first. please remember that…i tried to post it on the finebaum forum, they were hating on me, but you guys were giddy about the very notion of Fitzsimmons. LT is not happy about this at all…Congrats guys, hes gone.

  2. 4

    Dallas may be a better market, but sports radio in Dallas is now much worse with the addition of Ian Fitzsimmons. And Bham radio is better off without him.

  3. 5

    The RoundTable program is a waste of airtime if you ask me… we need a real sports talk show in that time slot, whether it be local, regional, or national. And I think it prudent to occasionally include schools like Troy, Samford, JSU, and especially UAB into the conversation. If UAB ever actually won a few games in football there are more than enough alumni, students, and employees in the listening area to get advertisers attention.

  4. 8

    HelenaMan, I actually agree with you. There are several times stories from JSU or Samford or even UAB are worth talking about. I just think it is funny how UAB fans, or should I say fan?, always demands more coverage.

    The marketplace drives coverage. There is more demand for high school sports coverage than UAB coverage. I’d bet there would be TONS more interest in a show spending an hour on Troy than UAB too–even in Birmingham.

  5. 9

    all three of us? there is actually alot of sport fans in this state that dont root for alabama or auburn. nobody is asking for anything to just be based on the smaller schools but just acknowledge there existance and not just when something bad happens. but stupity reigns supreme as is evident in this article that no one is intelligent enough to understand that. even if OX had good ratings already, is there no room for anymore improvement? i also have alot of friends who are auburn fans and they are fed up with the station as it does focus much more on bama. im sure they didnt like losing the iron bowl but since they had won six in a row previously it wasnt enough to just start acting like auburn didnt matter anymore and that is exactly what JOX is doing.

  6. 10

    Tyler, how has WJOX acted like Auburn doesn’t matter? One of their hosts is a former AU star. Auburn callers are common on Finebaum’s show. I’m even hearing some former Auburn player talking on the Roundtable today.

    The problem with Auburn fans, they don’t like the fact they now have their own version of Mike Shula as coach. They won’t like ANY talk radio because the reality isn’t very good for their program at the moment. Once things improve, they’ll LOVE talk radio again.

    Truth is, if I had a show, I’d want to talk to guests like Samford’s coach sometimes–when big stories aren’t happening. However, the problem is that smaller school fans aren’t a good market. The newspapers and radio stations need to make money, not provide some socialist ideal of equal coverage. (I know you aren’t calling for that, but lots of UAB fans I’ve talked to before want it.)

  7. 12

    I’m a fan of sports in general, good local and regional teams or events specifically.

    If it’s football season, I’m OK hearing about all the SEC shenanigans, Bama and Auburn insight, and the occasional update on whether UAB or Samford are doing anything good. D & B do this pretty well.

    The one gripe I CAN understand from UAB fans is in basketball coverage…
    If it’s basketball season, I expect to hear more UAB talk, but it doesn’t usually happen.

  8. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Lets wait and see what Chiz does before we call him Shula….Ill guaranteee you if he is like Shula he will not last four years like Shula did at Alabama.

  9. 14

    Ballplay, you are right. AU fans are better at holding coaches accountable. And that is a GOOD thing.

  10. 16

    This was a pretty quiet exit from the Birmingham market for Ian Fat Simmons. I guess the wife just couldn’t throw Dallas away over Birmingham. I actually don’t even turn WJOX on until around 2 to 3 when I get off work. Even Finebaum can be hard to listen to sometimes but I deal with it occasionally. The OD is absolutely horrible. Jay Barker wants to pimp his wife’s bullshit while Al DelGreco has absolutely NOTHING to bring to the show on a daily basis. Tony should stay at the classic rock station because he really has no sports contacts.

    The Roundtable has this pussy ass producer dubbed “Rockstar” who knows absolutely NOTHING about sports.

    What will Lance Taylor do? — go up to KQPN in Memphis and suck Chris Vernon’s dick ?

    WJOX 94.5FM is a horribly run operation. Damn near 20 minutes of commercials in an hour EXCLUDING ESPN Sportscenter / Traffic / Weather — allows hardly ANYTIME to actually carry on a legit sports talk show. Heaven forbid if a caller wants to call in and has his 15 seconds of call in time before they are cut off during a good point for a dumb ass commercial that you’ve heard a million times that day. The whole radio industry in this damn town is like DranO spiraling down the tube.

    I would suggest purchasing XM/Sirius or listen to ESPN despite the lack of local presence. The programming has way more material and has way less commericals.

    Adios you geezer. Stay in Dallas.

  11. 17

    As a UAB fan, I don’t mind them talking about Alabama or Auburn. What I do have a problem with is them neglecting coverage of the FBS school sitting in the city they broadcast.

    When they do mention us, it with a snide remark or something and it’s nothing but bad publicity for us. It’s truly tough to overcome. Especially in this day of biased journalism always seeking to push their agenda/preference.

    Of course, when the UAB fans do stand up and make some noise about the lack of love shown their school, we are called whiners. That’s fine. But, we are only being driven by the same love for our school and athletic programs that each of you have. Just because we aren’t a prestigious doesn’t mean we love our school any less.

    As far as business…would they lose advertisers by covering UAB for an hour a day? Probably not. Would they gain advertisers by talking about UAB for an hour a day? Most definitely. Besides, why do you assume that the UAB fan base is a market that is undesirable to advertisers? I would think that UAB themselves would be a pretty big advertiser. Being the states largest employer and all.

  12. 18

    Once again Shane, you choose to show your blatant ignorance. It is people like you that are one of the reasons causing people to be fans of other programs in this state.

  13. 19
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap….Someone just called you Shane…That, is an insult my friend.

  14. 20
    That Other Dave

    Ummm. Speaking of ignorant, Deez I am pretty sure that Shane had nothing to do with this post. So perhaps you shouldn’t be throwing stones bud.

  15. 21

    Nobody enjoys hearing Ian as much as Ian. And I’m telling you, if you haven’t made the switch yet, D & B on 690 opposite Finebaum have the best show in town. It’s still shaded toward Bama, but get over it. They’re far less agenda-oriented than Finebaum, and in my opinion, give Auburn and other schools a fair shake.

    I am so happy I won’t have to hear Ian Fitzsimmons’ fat mouth anymore.

  16. 22

    I love the way LT pulls for all california teams. what a poser. he went to alabama and he did all he could to stay away from his bama roots to appear as if he were not a homer. he was a smalltime bookie down there for awhile. i mean i understand not wanting to be a homer, but he loathed bama and the fans. he hates CNS. I was on a chartered bus with a buddy of mine on the way back from an alabama game, my buddy refers to something as being “cheesey”, LT looks at my buddy and says “you know whats cheesy?” he pulls out his ticket stares at a photo of CNS and says “now he is cheesy”. I thought to myself why even go to the games. Simple…to judge and get drunk. He thinks he is above the fans and we are retarded. He is a total tool. I dislike Ian too, but LT is really more of a poser metrosexual wannabe. Lets get rid of this POS too.

  17. 23

    LT is a dousche bottle. He is a wanna be movie star extra and plays the WJOX website like he is a player. A player he may be at 5 points, but an interesting sports talk DJ, he is not. I think he has a lot of issues with women and his ego.

    Ian the retard, Bon Voyage, go talk about Dallas football or beef bruscuits, or gay rodeos. I dont care, just glad you are gone. If WJOX can now be rid of LT, the cheesewad, we might actually have a good show from 11-2.

    I actually like OD and Paul Finebaum, although Paul sometimes scratches Nicky’s ballsack when he rubs his chin. I like the callers and the fun they bring. Iman, Bobby from Homewood (although he hasnt called much recently), Tammi, Patsy, Charles from Realtown, Jim from Tuscaloosa, Shane from Centerpoint, etc.

    Now lets get either a new show or something that is at least regional if not national. Verno needs to stay in the shit town of Memphis.

  18. 24

    Very happy and appreciate this rare consensus on this thread about Ian. Lance is a prissy Metrosexual and needs to go to. He will not go. He also sells advertising for the Ox. ( hell – you think that’s easy ) I think that the former Aubie Player for the Seahawks will get the job. He is a bigger asshole than Ian and your hatred of Auburn will intensify.

  19. 27

    It’s really easy to complain about WJOX during this time of the year. Whether we want to admit it or not — this is the “off season” and we love college football too much. Radio shows can only talk about so much during the “off” season and quite frankly it gets boring and repetitive. It’s the jobs of the radio hosts to fill in the void after September – early January. This void determines if a show will be successful or not. The Roundtable was always geared towards the younger audience. If they would just change their format to less commercials and more content. I understand that radio is a business and they do have to sell advertisements — but it gets to a point where it’s overwhelming. That’s the beauty of the AM side — less BS. I personally think that Ian liked it here but his wife hated it. Ian and Lance knew that the majority of the public hated their show also. They always claimed that there was never an “off season here at the Roundtable” — truth be told there was. And it sure as hell showed for it.

    After all — how many times do you want to listen to Chris Vernon and Clay Travis call in 2x/wk. for 40+ something weeks in a year spewing their Tennessee rhetoric. And how many times can you put up with Lance/Ian talk about their whiny producer “Rockstar” and his daily affairs — the free lunches they get everyday — the constant complaining about their married lives and how they can’t have “fun” — the never ending sports talk about teams in the Northeast and PAC-10 — you get the picture if you’ve gave this show any chance of the day. I’m glad it’s over.

    I just hope that they will not keep Lance in the 10am – 2pm slot and put a sap like Cole Cublix with him. It’s obvious that the selection should be D & B who I previously had no care for but after giving them a shot here and there — they are worthy of the time slot.

    Would D & B be willing to sell their souls to the corporate clutch like Paul did? With the AM side comes way less BS — and reputations are upheld. With being on a 100,000 Watt FM kicker station comes with less material and a little more responsibility — but the money is better….tough decisions for the suits.

  20. 28

    Although there is little good to be said about LT or Fitzsimmons. I would have to say I preferred Fitzsimmons over “Cool guy” Lance Taylor.

    The thing that really bugs me about the Round Table is the sarcasm of the show’s producer “Rock star”. That guy would certainly fit better into a non speaking role.

    The only regrettable part of this story is that the rest of Round table cast are remaining in Birmingham.

  21. 29

    I would love to hear some more diversity. I have no problem hearing more on not only UAB but Troy and South Alabama as well. We get so much Alabama, it’s just the same garbage repeated. I tend to turn it off.
    Last UAB game I attended there were 4 UAB fans riding with me (you claim there are only 3). We should support all our state schools, not just one. Why is it necessary to insult other schools Shane? Are you feeling inadequate about something and feel you must compensate by attacking someone else? Does the number 3 have a significant meaning in your life? Hummmmmm……….

  22. 30
    Alex Hamilton

    Fitzsimmons was arrogant and condescending. He constantly mocked Alabama fans. If I heard “drink the Kool-Aid” once I heard it 50000 times last summer when an Alabama fan called in to say that we had a chance to win more than 8 games. That fat son of a bitch was devoid of any sports knowledge and all he did was talk over LT or cackle like a high school girl while Chris Vernon (the biggest asshole on the planet) insulted LT or everyone else in the State of Alabama.

    Ten years ago Ian was opinionated, but not an asshole. Now, he’s just another radio jerk. Apparently he thinks being like Chris Vernon, the biggest douchebag in talk radio, is the way to be successful. Good bye Ian. Don’t come back.

  23. 31

    LMFAO — Alex Hamilton has said my peace in this whole thing — point right on — I can no longer beat this issue .

  24. 32

    Yeah, I realize that anyone who doesn’t spend their ENTIRE show worshipping Saban is “bad” to you. I thought the Roundtable was entertaining, because it wasn’t ALL about freaking college football. There are other sports.

    And as much as I personally hate the city of Dallas, it’s a FAR better sports town than B’ham. So Fitzsimmons is getting a promotion. I’m sure he won’t miss the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging typical WJOX listeners who post on this forum.

  25. 33
    Legion Field

    If UAB fans dont support their own team…why would they expect anyone else to?

    Stop whining and complaining, get off your butts..and go to the games.

    Its a shame that the largest UAB basketball crowds…only went to the game to see the OTHER team.(Memphis)

    …and the amount of fans that attend the football games are a joke. Troy, Samford, Jax State, Alabama State, and Alabama A&M have more fan support.

    UAB is usually the first to complain…but the last to attend a game…and I’m speaking as a UAB campus employee. They are basically giving away tickets here and STILL cant get support.

    They would rather complain about what Alabama is doing(

    You would think that is owned and operated by Auburn and Tennessee fans.

  26. 34

    What a DUMB AZZ Ballplay Indian has become.

    Here’s just one example in the above post.

    Capstonereport says:

    “Ballplay you are right”. “AU fans are better at holding coaches accountable”. “And that is a good thing”.

    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian says:

    “Arent I always right”?

    The answer to that question is in your sign on name Ballplay Indian, you had to change yor name because you were wrong, like you are most of the time COW COLLEGE guy.

    What a DUMB AZZ Ballplay Indian has become!!!!!!

    36—0 AZZ WHOPPING IN T-TOWN !!!!!!

    Get ready for another in “Toilet Paper Stadium” my COW COLLEGE friends!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. 35

    Ian was a SNOB and a PUNK !!!!!!!


    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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