Does revenge matter in football?

The Las Vegas Sun explored the power of revenge in college football in the Thursday edition. (You can read the entire report embedded below.) The Sun examines a few games that could include revenge as a motivator such as Penn State vs. Iowa and Tennessee vs. UCLA. The story also looks at the Florida Gators’ chance to repeat as national champion. But what do you think? Does revenge matter in college football? Are there any games on Alabama’s 2009 schedule where revenge could be a factor?

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    Hunter Ford

    I don’t believe “revenge” makes much of a difference from one season to the next, not to the players anyway.

    It makes a difference to the fans. In the case of intense rivalries, those don’t need any extra factors other than the players and coaches knowing that their respective fan bases will pretty much judge the worth of the entire season based on those particular games like Ala -Tenn and Ala-Auburn

    I would like to see Alabama win against Va Tech because I still remember the whupping they laid on us in the Music Sh**ty Bowl back in 98 or whatever it was.

    I like it when Alabama beats a good nonconference opponent so I’m still mad we dropped two games each to UCLA and Oklahoma a while back and haven’t had another crack at them lately.

    I want Alabama to play and finally beat Texas and get another matchup with Notre Dame.

  2. 2
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Hunter, I would have to disagree. The players always know who beat them the year before. I think that was a huge deal in our games with LSU the last 10 years. Those players hated loding to one another. Rivalry games not withstanding.

  3. 3

    Revenge may play into preparation, adding a motivator. Don’t think Bama didn’t have Auburn in their sites last season even though the kittens came limping into Bryant-Denny. They were going to stomp a mud hole in them because they had the guns to do it. And incidentally, not much as changed this year.

    But within the game itself, any revenge factors become emotion, and emotion burns off somewhere in the first quarter, especially if the plans for revenge take a hit with a few big plays or setbacks early on.

  4. 5

    Dont expect a mudhole this year Bammers. AU is not gonna roll over and die this year. Back to 7 out of the last 9 baby.

  5. 6

    I can appreciate BamaHate’s problem when he sees the Tornado coming and all he can do is run and talk shit heading for the shelter. RTR.
    I think that there is a martial flavor to Southern football that makes revenge a dish that must be served cold.

  6. 8

    Iam sure the “revenge” against croom. fulmer and tuberville (and Miles) cemented Nick Saban at Bama.

    But as far as the players go?
    If they were playing for revenge Auburn would not have a lineman without a knee injury due to a chop block.

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