More on the Travis incident

Dennis Dodd and Tony Barnhart provide some powerful commentary on the Clay Travis question.

First Dodd writes, “Nice day at work. Rest up and come back fresh tomorrow, Clay. There will be plenty of chances on Friday to ask a player if he has herpes. I’m sure the public is dying to know if Lane Kiffin ever ‘read’ Playboy or if Les Miles watches HBO after midnight?”

Barnhart writes, “After our talk Tebow again showed why he is different than any other athlete I’ve covered. In a large interview room he was asked a totally inappropriate question—whether or not he is still a virgin (I am not going to mention the person’s name who asked the question or his website. It’s out there if you really want it).”

And what does Travis have to say for himself? He is now trying to play the question as legitimate. Here is a portion of what he had to say about it: I asked because I believe it’s newsworthy and because, believe it or not, I thought Tim Tebow would answer the question by saying: “Yes, I am.” Which is exactly what he did. Why did I believe this? Because Tebow lives his faith. And I believe that living his faith is not artificial, he’s not pretending to be something he’s not. Further, I don’t believe that saving yourself for marriage is something to hide from. Not in the evangelical Christian faith that Tim Tebow practices in a Southern church and not in the evangelistic Southern church where I was raised.”


Travis if you had not be snickering about this question on the WJOX Roundtable, we might be able to take your blog as truthful. Honestly, Tebow’s faith is a large part of the story. But the juvenile way you behaved on the Roundtable with its hosts exposes you. You didn’t care about the larger story; you wanted the attention and you wanted the reaction. Congratulations. You lowered the already low opinion of the Internet.

Many in the media have compared Travis to TMZ, but that insults TMZ. Travis wants to be TMZ. He just isn’t very good at it.


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    And don’t forget, Travis has a book coming out next month on Phil Fulmer’s last season at Tennessee. Great way to get his name out there, huh?

  2. 2
    E.G White

    While we’re on the subject of dipshits – How can you not vote 1st team all SEC, the former Heisman winner, Heisman runner-up, and probably the next Heisman winner too? Hey, I don’t care for Tebow, but it’s not personal – it’s the jerkoff team he plays for! Steve Spurrier didn’t vote him 1st team! Who the hell did he vote for? Garcia?? Even J. Snead wasn’t that good for christs sake! CSS had sour grapes and retaliated against Tebow for getting slaughtered last season. Like it was Tebows fault that S. Carolina sucked. There’s no place for that kind of predjudice in the multi-million dollar ranks of the SEC coaches. Anybody else agree that CSS is an asshole? RTR!

  3. 3
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Was it Spurrier ? Or was it Kiffen. Spuurier would tell us if it were him. he is funny about the QB position.

  4. 5
    E.G White

    On another note! Hey Barners – Can you say – COREY GRANT! COREY GRANT! COREY GRANT! COREY GRANT!? Can you say – OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! and an AUBURN-OPELIKA DOUBLE OUCH!!! LMFAO! RTR!

  5. 7

    O by the way i here EDDIE LACY may have made the grade.If so all i can say is O SHIT look out.This will definitely be the tandem that the offense needs.E.G.what a backfield that would be LACY and TRENT.It is not going to be nice barnie boys for the next few years.But keep your heads up yall have cheese. LMFAO/////

  6. 8

    A Heisman Trophy winner and a virgin!
    All he needs to do is host “The View” and we will have a tri-fecta of biblically strange proportions.

    “I am a Heisman Trophy winning virgin.”

    My tongue just slapped the sides of my mouth in revolt trying to say that.

  7. 9

    I’m Tim Tebow the spread Quarterback Virgin.
    And I am here to demonstrate proper passing footwork and Abstinance.
    Tommorow, TAI CHI!!!!!
    KEY AH!!!!

  8. 10

    In the end – Travis was manipulative by a couple of Radio Carnies. Was all of this “Good Radio” ? Certainly it created a buzz for WJOX – it really needed something . This is the deadest part of the year. All the people at Citadel are happy.
    However, there are some of us out there that are not amused. This chicanery is another sign that WJOX will do and say anything to create a buzz. There are no standards . Ryan Haney needs to look at the mirror and see what he has created. A sorry radio station that will exploit any and everything into something sensational. It is all about being the whore to the advertisers.

  9. 11
    Hunter Ford

    I didn’t hear how the question was asked or how it was answered. I did hear the blogger on the Roundtable Friday afternoon and I heard Finebaum talk about it.

    The SEC gave the guy a credential and he had the right to aske most anything. The thing is, when you put yourself out there as an evangelical Christian (Tebow), then some people will try to find chinks in your armor.

    There are all sorts of “tricks” the mainstream media has been playing on celebrities ever since the beginning of time.

    “Senator?” asks the reporter. “When did you stop beating your wife?”

    “I never have” responds the senator.

    The next day headline blares “Senator denies beating his wife”

    Sounds like Tebow got the best of this situation, because the majority of the talk focused back on the blogger and not on whether Tebow was a hypocite or something like that.

    I’ll have to say it sounds like much to do about nothing and a publicity stunt for the blogger and his upcoming book.

  10. 12

    I thought this (his virginity) came out last year or something? I know I have heard or read it before somewhere else.

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