More on the Travis incident

Dennis Dodd and Tony Barnhart provide some powerful commentary on the Clay Travis question.

First Dodd writes, “Nice day at work. Rest up and come back fresh tomorrow, Clay. There will be plenty of chances on Friday to ask a player if he has herpes. I’m sure the public is dying to know if Lane Kiffin ever ‘read’ Playboy or if Les Miles watches HBO after midnight?”

Barnhart writes, “After our talk Tebow again showed why he is different than any other athlete I’ve covered. In a large interview room he was asked a totally inappropriate question—whether or not he is still a virgin (I am not going to mention the person’s name who asked the question or his website. It’s out there if you really want it).”

And what does Travis have to say for himself? He is now trying to play the question as legitimate. Here is a portion of what he had to say about it: I asked because I believe it’s newsworthy and because, believe it or not, I thought Tim Tebow would answer the question by saying: “Yes, I am.” Which is exactly what he did. Why did I believe this? Because Tebow lives his faith. And I believe that living his faith is not artificial, he’s not pretending to be something he’s not. Further, I don’t believe that saving yourself for marriage is something to hide from. Not in the evangelical Christian faith that Tim Tebow practices in a Southern church and not in the evangelistic Southern church where I was raised.”


Travis if you had not be snickering about this question on the WJOX Roundtable, we might be able to take your blog as truthful. Honestly, Tebow’s faith is a large part of the story. But the juvenile way you behaved on the Roundtable with its hosts exposes you. You didn’t care about the larger story; you wanted the attention and you wanted the reaction. Congratulations. You lowered the already low opinion of the Internet.

Many in the media have compared Travis to TMZ, but that insults TMZ. Travis wants to be TMZ. He just isn’t very good at it.