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From the NCAA: The NCAA Baseball Rules Committee, responding to membership concerns and research conducted at the Division I Baseball Championship, has proposed an indefinite moratorium on the use of composite bats in NCAA competition, effective immediately.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel must approve the committee’s proposal before the moratorium can be implemented. The proposal will be sent to the membership for comment and PROP will review the responses. PROP’s next conference-call meeting is scheduled for July 29.

During the 2009 Division I Baseball Championship, 25 composite bats were selected for ball exit speed ratio (BESR) certification tests. Of the 25 bats, 20 failed the official BESR test for current NCAA performance levels. Because all bat designs must pass that test before mass production, the results indicated that the performance of such bats changed thereafter, mostly likely due to repeated, normal use or intentional alteration (or both).

Batting averages and home runs increased significantly in Division I the past two seasons. In 2007, the per-game average for home runs was 0.68. That number increased to .84 in 2008 and .96 this spring. Batting averages also jumped, from .291 in 2007 to .296 in 2008 and .302 this season.

You can read more about this at the NCAA site linked above.


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    Kyler Chambers

    This is really simple.

    Use wooden bats… we are talking about college players here, they are more than capable of playing with wood.

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