Monday Crimson Tide links

Another day, another fine example of how pathetic AT&T is. On to a few items of note:

AU $pending: Auburn more than doubled Alabama in spending to recruit recent football and basketball talent

The commentary writes itself. I’ll leave it to the commenters to have fun with this.

The Press-Register continues its work with this piece, ADs: Air travel a primary reason for discrepancy in recruiting costs for Auburn and Alabama

Kiffin Watch: Kiffin will be in Media Days spotlight
“Also, Kiffin has already met his objective of raising Tennessee’s profile, so there’s little to gain by firing of another verbal jab or two.”

Am I the only one that thinks Tennessee already was a high profile team with an outstanding reputation and that it didn’t need cheap tricks to gain publicity?

Scholarship Numbers: Is Davidson’s Jermaine Preyear next in UA’s wave of attrition?

RBR examines NCAA bylaws regarding scholarships: “Before we get into deep bylaws nerdery, I want to re-emphasize that the primary problem with the reports and articles about the situation is that we have, quite literally, no idea what’s going on in Tuscaloosa…The first thing that jumped out at me in reading through Section 15 is how much of it is tailored to keeping schools from screwing players. My gut feeling when all of this started last season was that, if this was really a problem, and people were really getting screwed, it is impossible that we wouldn’t have heard about it from a scorned former player somewhere along the way. After reading this section, I feel that even more strongly and I can also see why Coaches seem to have kept their noses clean.”

It is worth reading as it furthers the discourse regarding oversigning and college football.

Basketball: From, “Detailing the intricacies of a full-court pressing defense – a concept long foreign in Tuscaloosa – Grant addressed state high school basketball coaches Friday at Von Braun Center as part of All-Star Sports Week.”

Finebaum under attack
Such media luminaries as Josh Moon and some other dumbass from CBS Sports are on the warpath. I guess it is fine for Moon and his ilk to attack Saban, but you can’t say anything bad about other coaches. From CBS: “And then Finebaum, a third-rate hack with a fascination for fiction, wrote the same thing last week.”