40 years later, moon still giant leap for mankind

AP: Historian Douglas Brinkley called the Apollo program “the exemplary moment of America’s we-can-do-anything attitude.” After the moon landing, America got soft, he said, looking for the quick payoff of a lottery ticket instead of the sweat-equity of buckling down and doing something hard.


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    Everytime, I try to use an analog antenna for TV, Or I pick up the phone and cant call overseas.
    I realise that the golden moment of landing on the moon may have been a hoax. Hell those guys were talking from over 300,000 miles away to people here at mission control and I cant even get a real life fucking operator when I need something. Unless they have a serious hindu accent…
    “Hello! My name is Jugdish and how may I solve the problem you are having with your apparatus!”

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    Watched a little of Geraldo and he had several guests that tried to debunk the whole landing. It was staged in Nevada. Anybody remember the movie “Capricorn One” with O.J. ?
    Seems like there is a giant industry of crackpot skeptics and conspiracy theorists that feed the Cable and Late Night Radio.
    Come to think of it – they’re calling and blogging Sports .

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    Hunter Ford

    The late great Lewis Grizzard used to say that his grandmother believed pro wrestling was real and the moon landing was faked.

    If in 1969, it was so easy to make people believe that we went to the moon, why wouldn’t the government (after 40 years) go ahead and make us believe we have been to Mars and more?

    We (Americans) need to go back to the moon and esatblish a base (its already being planned) and then explore the galaxy from there (also being planned.) The real trick is to get public support and the support of Congress to fund these very expensive missions.

    Private industry and foreign governments are also working on the same goals.

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    Space Exploration will be conducted by Robots. Much more cost effective and are not bothered by all those pesky things that sustain life. You will see Robots that will have greater intelligence than Humans.
    No – I’m not pimping another sci-fi movie.

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    Hunter Ford

    Theres a movie out now (or coming soon) called “Moon” I believe,… about a guy who is all alone (except for a robot) on a mechanized moon mining colony owned by a big corporation. The guy is almost finished with his stint when he finally goes batty. Sam Waterson is the “guy” I think and Kevin (Lost in) Spacey is the voice of the robot.

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    silent running (bruce dern) beat all of ’em to the punch.

    “Watched a little of Geraldo and he had several guests that tried to debunk the whole landing.”

    i’d pay to see a skinhead wearing one white sequined(sp?) glove ambush geraldo in one of al capone’s dungeons.

    lewis grizzard: foxworthy before it was cool.

    “i’m bulldog born and bulldog bred and when i ………………..”

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    I saw the History Channels movie on the moon landing. Good movie if you can get past Spike playing Buzz Aldrine.

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