A few weekend Crimson Tide notes

While AT&T DSL is still working, A few important news items:

RBR looks at the scholarship numbers: Long story short, all of the aforementioned notwithstanding, all of the doom and gloom talk of massive amounts of attrition to come may very well be overblown, and in all actuality we are probably closer to making the 85 than imagined.

Saban gets another SI cover

MemphisTider: NCAA 2010 for the PS3 is freakin awesome.

AlabamaGameday: Maybe it is my Libertarian streak, but any time I hear a politician use the word “fair”, it makes me brace for a really expensive, and completely stupid idea.

T-News: Julio Jones unanimous preseason All-SEC

There was some Erin Andrews news check it out at Deadspin.