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Tony Barnhart picks Alabama to win the SEC West. Barnhart writes, “The reason I like Alabama in this division is that that Tide is not going to need that many points to win.”

Scarbinsky: Isn’t it about time some Big Cats pledged to become AU Tigers? Ever read something and wondered aloud if the story was planted? I did when I read the Scarbinsky column. Auburn is desperate for publicity, and the media is ever accommodating. Today’s column is an attempt to build buzz toward the weekend when some commitments take place. It is a good move on Auburn’s part; it gives fans something to chatter about on talk radio. But, it would be nice if the media didn’t look to be so compliant in Auburn’s media planning.


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    Moves like this one remind me of when I was a kid. You’d go to a birthday party, and there was always that one kid’s mom who followed her son around, talking to all the other kids, telling all the other kids what her son liked to do, encouraging them to play with him. Nobody wanted to play with him on his own merit.

    Auburn’s the same way.

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    cap, have you forgotten about this clowns writing about mark gottfried???

    in the last three years mark gottfried was at alabama did kevin scarbinsky write anything about mark that wasn’t a shill for the man???

    does anybody remember this guy’s writing during the shula debacle???




    credibility/kevin scarbinsky.

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    hmm good point about the Scarbinsky article. I figure that if Lache Seastrunk is going to commit he will do it then. If he doesnt the Auburn spin machine will have to figure out another golden boy. (Take last year and Rueben Randle/Bryce Brown/David Oku as a prime example)
    I think they are setting up 1 or 2 commits. And one of those might actually be a big time signee.
    And then they will be playing the “Auburn is a recruiting MONSTER! TAKE THAT SABAAN!!!” angle until NSD rolls around and auburn finishes about 15th or so.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Look. Scarbinsky has written plenty nagative about Auburn. This article isnt exactly pumping sunshine up Chiziks butt.

    Lache may not sign with Auburn. Thats alright if he chooses another team. Auburn has had good talent over the years, and contrrary to what you guys say, we have talent right now. Maybe not the talent that you guys have in our lower classes. But we have plenty enough in our upper classes where it will not be considered an excuse. Unlike the B.S> spewed out of Tuscaloosa for the last ten years. But now all of the sudden, WE GOT DA TALLLEEEENT !!!!!! WHOOO HOOO !!!

    You guys had talent at Tuscaloosa over the last en years, nothing like you have now, but still enough to do better than you did.Look at the 05 defense. PLENTY of talent. Your offense even had enough. Look at this last years Shulas class …Plenty there. What gives ?

    If we sign a top ten class , then you guys better be afraid. If 10-15 it will be better than the last 3 years. your coach is an excellent recruiter. The best in the business. Hes just a fair gameday coach. At best.

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    The 08 team would have slaughtered the 05 Bama team. And the 05 Auburn team for that matter.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I dont know about that. Our 05 team got really good there at the end.

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