Toughest college football job?

The Big Lead released its list of the toughest college football coaching jobs. The University of Alabama topped the list. Here is what The Big Lead had to say about the Alabama Crimson Tide:

“A fanbase that borders on psychotic. With no pro football, basketball or baseball teams, there’s no competition (other than some occasional ankle biting from Auburn). ‘Bama’s football coach, it could be argued, is the most powerful man in state, and if he’s doing well, he’ll never have to pay for anything – meals, hookers, cars, to have his basement finished, etc. This hero’s welcome for Nick Saban was disgusting. So is 92,000 for a spring football game. Anyone want to guess the number of college coaches who have appeared on the cover of Time Magazine since Bear Bryant did?”

They go on to quote the reliable Bill Curry about the Alabama job. What do you think? Is the Alabama job as tough as some think? Are Alabama fans as difficult as some think?
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