Toughest college football job?

The Big Lead released its list of the toughest college football coaching jobs. The University of Alabama topped the list. Here is what The Big Lead had to say about the Alabama Crimson Tide:

“A fanbase that borders on psychotic. With no pro football, basketball or baseball teams, there’s no competition (other than some occasional ankle biting from Auburn). ‘Bama’s football coach, it could be argued, is the most powerful man in state, and if he’s doing well, he’ll never have to pay for anything – meals, hookers, cars, to have his basement finished, etc. This hero’s welcome for Nick Saban was disgusting. So is 92,000 for a spring football game. Anyone want to guess the number of college coaches who have appeared on the cover of Time Magazine since Bear Bryant did?”

They go on to quote the reliable Bill Curry about the Alabama job. What do you think? Is the Alabama job as tough as some think? Are Alabama fans as difficult as some think?
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    There definitely was a time a time when we were unreasonable in regard to our expectations. A decade of Crimson mediocrity cleansed most of us of that. Plus, this generation of Tide fans understand the parity in college football that once did not exist. All we ask now is competitiveness, competence, and the absolute best our coach and team can achieve. If 2008 was a foreshadowing of things to come, we’re content.

  2. 2

    Nobody said it better than Mac Davis as to what it means to be a Bama fan. Damn right we’re cocky, we’re Bama for crying out loud. I love the fact that other SEC fans as well as fans all over the country despise Bama’s fans attitudes, I personally think its great, so before the awbum flamers get on my case about this, just remember arrogance could be described as holding up seven fingers as you walk into a game and leave whipped and fired.

  3. 3
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Fellas, Ive been saying this on this very blog for a while now. Its true. You guys ARE the most delusional , psychotic, holier than thou, entitled, self rightous fans EVER ! I still work with Bama fans, have Bama friends, and cope with Bammers daily, and get along with 99% of em. But thats only because I know how to handle you Bammers. Dont take any crap from a Bammer, THAT is how you deal with yall. CONSTANTLY remind you guys that the 70s are long gone. CONSTANTLY remind you guys that Ive witnessed as much or more consistent winning from Auburn in my life than Bama, IF NOT MORE !!! LSU fans are more tasteless, Notre Dame fans are more entitled, but as a whole BAMMERS are consistantly worse across the board. Ive posed this arguement many times on this site when this topic comes up. GO TO THE NATIONAL BOARDS AND POSE THIS QUESTION : What fanbase is the worst all around ? The top three will probably be Bama, Notre Dame, and LSU. With Bama taking the cake. If you want to argue about it, then try it out. Dont take my word for it. Ive seen that very poll a dozen times. With the result the same EVERY time.

    ITK…..During the worst part of the Shula years, finally most of you were down to earth. After last year, yall are as bad OR WORSE than ever. Oh how quickly you forget.

    Take yellowhammer. typical response. Ive seen kids that were 6 or 7 years old talking Bama smack over a year ago. “We got 12 ” “We are Bama” so on and so on…. Then I had to tell one of the little turds that Bama had not beaten Auburn IN THEIR WHOLE LIFE !!! Did it shut em up ? Of course not. Why ? CAUSE THAR BAMA DARNIT !!!!

    Bring on the flames beyotches.

  4. 6

    Yea I’ll say this … No disrespect intended just my opinion (for what its worth!) YOu guys are CHAOTIC! and all But 90 something % are! NOw that being said SO IS AUburn! and Florida and USC…
    Its the NATURE of the beast… its college football. Young men bustin their asses and others heads for the thrill they get and the possiblity to make a life of it! WAR DAMN EAGLE! and All of the other battle cries keep us going and helps us thru an otherwise BORING ASS FALL! Its my life as I am sure its everyone on THIS site as well……

    P.S. Whoever said the ankle biting remark.??? I have something you can bite!


  5. 8

    And you two ….im not sure what the fuk u r below?

    BamaDawg Says:
    July 10th, 2009 at 7:33 pm
    5-19, 36-0. Mean anything to you?

    mlvikes13 Says:
    July 10th, 2009 at 8:16 pm
    Ballplay –

    I’m afraid its going to be a long, hard next decade-plus for you.

    YOu 2 must lead RIDICKULUS LIVES????

  6. 9

    YOu 2 must lead RIDICKULUS LIVES????

    I don’t know what’s more “RIDICKULUS”, hiring a coach with a 5-19 record or trolling on Bama blog?

  7. 10

    I will give you a key to success in life.

    Before you can achieve great things, you have to EXPECT great things. Raise the level of your expectationa and you would be surprised how much easier goals and deadlines become.
    Dont accept mediocrity or dumbing down. Take the steps that remove failure as an option.

    Look at the Japanese. They strive to make everything they do perfect. That single fanaticism is the reason that little country can compete with all of the big boys globally and come out with the better end of the deal.

    Like I said. Expect BIG.

  8. 12
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…..I fully agree with you …But you have to look at the MAJORTIY of the Bammers that have this attitude. They only have that attitude about Bama football ! They will talk of pride and class with backy juice runnin down their chin while 14 rusty cars rot away in their front yard on blocks. Explain that ? Miviks13 remark is typical. One good year our of the last 10 and suddenly,,,WHAMO !! WE BACK BABY !!! ROLL DAM TIDE !!!! I agree that Saban is a great recruiter and coach. Hes turned it around. Yall have loads of talent at Tuscaloosa. Congrats.. But Ive heard this same garbage my whole life. Auburn isnt going away. Chizik may or may not work. (By the way that is something that a bammer could never say, why?, because any coach that coaches at bama will win the next forty five BCS championships), Auburn fans are optimisticly realistic. Bama fans are delusional. I heard the same crap Ive heard this year in Shulas second year ! We will be a LOT better this year. You guys will not be.

    Again, take it to the national boards and let them prove my point. But it wont do any good. Yall are Bama. Some things never change.

  9. 13

    Pathetic and delusional is coming to your rival’s blog DAILY to “defend your school’s honor.”

    And of course we’re crazy again after 2008. Even we can’t believe that it only took our head coach two full seasons to ascend to the level it took Auburn ten years to climb to…before plummeting into oblivion by hiring a complete loser.

    Ballplay, I wish you worked with me. I would own you.

    Your program has become the new Ole Miss. Get used to it. Even Ole Miss is going to destroy you in front of a national audience. Auburn is a joke. And we are superior to you, again.

  10. 14
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK, you dont have to be a jackass. But dont worry , I can handle it. That is the very attitude that makes the rest of the CFB world loathe you people. Everyone is second tier to you . Explain this to me. How can a team so steeped in tradition and lore only own a 6 game edge all time against Auburn ? While that is alright, its nothing to be bragging on . Its definantly not domination.

    The only way that we could work together would be if I employed you. In wich case, I would tell you to shut up, and get back to work. So , nope , that arguement is also flawed.

    And dude we won ALL of our games in 04…Not just regular season. So , no, you havent reached the level we were at in the last 5 years. Not to mention the coach that got us their was fired. Hmmm. Just something to think about. Yes Ole Miss FINALLY beat us last year. Last year was a total meltdown. We normally dominate them. But they always seam to play your world beater of a team to the wire. Why is that ?

    The door was opened by Cap on this one O.K. I just responded with the truth. It may be biased, but I can back it up with unbiased data if you like. Just go do what I said, and ask the question Cap posed on the national board. You will see that Im right. but your not gonna do that are you ?

    Case closed on you ITK. You havent a leg to stand on, so know your role and zip it.

  11. 15

    Ballplay, I wouldn’t hire you because you can’t communicate properly using the English language. All my janitorial positions are currently filled.

    1st paragraph: Everyone is not 2nd tier to “us” people. Just second rate programs who want to pretend they’ve achieved things they haven’t. And “definantly” is not a word. I’ll address your question in a moment.

    2nd paragraph: “wich” is not a word. Neither is “arguement”.

    3rd paragraph: “their” is a possessive pronoun attributed to multiple people. “There” is the correct use of the word in this instance. Answer to your question, the same reason we beat Arkansas every year and they seem to own you.

    4th paragraph: “Im” needs an apostrophe so that it becomes “I’m”. “But” begins the next sentence so therefore the “B” should be capitalized.

    Last sentence, “havent” should have an apostrophe as well. What do you have against apostrophes?

    So you honestly think you could employ me? What could I possibly stoop to doing for you?

    Now, my point was, in two seasons, we have climbed the ladder to be a force in college football, not just the SEC West, that took Auburn, truthfully, MORE than a decade to climb. You achieved more in 2004…that cold, lonely and now oh so far away season…than we did in 2008, but we will remain at that level instead of falling back into mediocrity as you did in 2005 and beyond. How distant 2004 must seem to you now. And how very sad. Can you even still see it?

    As for the win differential, I have never backed down from the fact that we have inflicted more wounds on ourselves than anyone else could possibly muster. Since our National Championship…do you even know what that is…in 1992, we have imploded several times, making stupid off-the-field decisions that lead to real, cataclysmic (that means bad) consequences that would have left many programs for dead.

    And yet, here we sit, riding our second #1 recruiting class in the nation in a row, just off the heels of a 12-2 season, poised to do it all over again. 36-0 is only the beginning friend. And I do consider you a friend. I believe you have to befriend stupid people who otherwise may be a detriment to themselves for their own good.

    The only proof of your stupidity that I need is to hear your optimism about Auburn’s future when you hired a 5-19 loser, thinking he’s the answer.

    Twenty years of our own stupidity closed the gap for you. Now your own stupidity will help us widen it, as if we needed help. Now sit back little ballsplay and watch it widen.

    Can I get a receipt? I’d just like proof on paper that I own you. But we both know I do.

  12. 16


    Are we the fans who ran off our most successful coach in modern-AU history for having one bad season?

    Go back and search through the archives: half of your fanbase wanted him gone and three years from now, you guys will run Chizik off as well.

    I understand the attitude some of us have. But it’s hypocritical to point that particular flaw out in us when you guys are no better.

    Much like we were with Curry, you guys will be toward Chizik. You EXPECT to be as good as you were during the Bear/Tuberville era and if the new coaches do not meet those expectations, you run him off. Mark my words, if Chizik hasn’t posted one ten win season and hasn’t beaten more than two of your top rivals in the next three years, you guys will send him packing, just as we did Curry.

    It’s the nature of fanhood. Period. You can bring up DuBose, Fran, Price, and Shula, but tell me how many of those coaches were fired for NOT meeting expectations… only one.

  13. 17

    GREAT points RTR. However, talking to Ballsplay is like talking to your toilet. Neither listen and they both stink.

  14. 18
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK…..Dude, by startin your spelling critique of my earlier posts, you only prove that I put your spastic arse in your place. Only someone who has been nuttkicked pulls the spelling card.

    Again, your man Cap asked the question, I just gave yall (yes peckerhead I know its not a real word) the answer that every other fanbase in the country knows with the excetion of yours. Hate it , love it , disagree with it, agree with it, I dont give a crap. But its true. And deep down inside you all really know that its true.

    You can try to post articles about how Penn St. has so much “mutual respect ” for your team. Thats hogcrap. Anyone that has respect for bamas FANBASE, not acomplishments, are absolutely out of thier mind, or just ignorant of the facts.

    The rest of the country despises your fanbase. Ak yourself this. Why ?

    You dooshes dont even know , do you ? That is just sad.

  15. 19
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    And RTR our fans did not run off Tubbs. Our insane BOT and athletic director, and ex coach ran him off. Most of us were not happy about that. We cant say we were happy with Tubbs last year, but most of us said all along he earned another year.

  16. 22

    Only someone totally aubsessed (notice the little “a” in that word permanently from here on) with Alabama can be ignorant to the respect we’ve earned from other programs around the country. You personify ignorance, ballsplay. (That means when I think of ignorance you come to mind).

    You’re too close to the fire to appreciate the glory of its flame. SEC schools hate one other because we rub shoulders, but outside our conference, Alabama has incredible respect from the powers that be in college football. Here’s a hint, Auburn isn’t regarded outside of Lee County as one of those powers. Others don’t even know in which state your Auburn resides. I covered their disdain (that means loathing [that means they don’t like you]) for Auburn in my article about Penn State, which by your reference to it one can only assume you absorbed and savored every morsel. Oh that others would think that highly of your thoughts on here. Of course, to even get close to that point you’d have to start spelling hard words like “ask” and “douches” correctly. Ever think about trying for that G.E.D.? And no, pointing out what am imbecile you are does not lead a normal person to the conclusion that you’ve…how you say…”nuttkicked” me. It honestly scares me that our society doesn’t require people of your ilk to wear ankle monitoring devices.

    With regards, ballsplay,
    Your Daddy

  17. 23
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    “Too close to the fire to appreciate the glory of its flame”……I can see why you would think other fanbases dont consider you arrogant. Sheesh.

    Just put the question on the national boards. If not , Shut Up……….

  18. 25

    Dang, where is Julio when you need him? At least he is intelligent and presents a challenge. Ballsplay, you’re like beating up on a kid. I feel bad.

  19. 26

    Backy juice and bad language are common denominators in the southeastern United States , my friend.
    The usuer could have a Florida baseball cap, a Georgia basball cap, a Louisiana Baseball cap, a UT baseball cap, an Auburn baseball cap etc… etc… etc…..
    You act as thought the things you mention are only indidgenous to The University of Alabama. They aren’t. You are trying to paint a deluded picture of Auburn as being the Vienna of the South. It isnt. Neither is it the Harvard of the SEC.
    Lee County is just a bunch of cows, chicken houses and trailor parks for the most part. There is nothing there that is singulary different from anything else in the southeastern United States. And the sooner you realise that Auburn University is there to represent a town that is so symbolic of all of the south’s worst institutions. The better off you will be.

    Be realistic. What make Auburn any different from any of a hundred (or so) other little towns in the South. Nothing. Nothing at all.

  20. 27

    Damn ITK did you miss you Dose? WOW! You get real BITTER sometime. If you do own a business where you can hire/fire, I ll bet your not liked and most likely talked about behind your back. I mean does it make you feel superior to GRADE a bloggers speling and paragraph structure… You sir have issues within yourself…

  21. 28
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK. You write well. Nice punctuation and grammer. Be proud. I also like most of your articles. They are usually well thought out and insightful. But dude, you tend to border on the obnoxious at times. I am not inpressed with your wit or your ability to counterpunch. You are trying to impress with big words and grammer. Its really like the high school band flute player trying to take on the noseguard. You just arent going to win. Hell, I can go on like this for MONTHS !!! Ask you boy Bamaman…..Oh yeah, I nuttkicked him so hard he doesnt even come here anymore. Talk to Brando….HES GONE TOOO !!!!! I OWN THIS BEEEEEEYOTCH !!!!!!! Talk with some respect sonny boy. Or I maight run you off too. I havent even taken the gloves off yet. Please, for your sake , dont make me.

  22. 29

    For my sake? Can you better explain your threat? I need to know exactly what I’m dealing with here. Right now I’m not scared, but I might get that way.

  23. 30

    Omni, if I have the power to hire/fire, what do I care how people feel about me? Get back to work.

  24. 31
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You do Know Im joking right ? Ive not resorted to stslking or anything of the likes …. All in fun my friend….But on a serious note, I can go on for months.

  25. 33

    KISS MY ASS ITK!!! HAaa….. Thats what I say but only not behind your back 😉

    You wouldnt even have the capacity to know when I WASNT WORKING! But then again I probably could not work for you either but I ll bet your a HOOT

  26. 34

    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian Says:
    July 12th, 2009 at 2:27 pm
    You do Know Im joking right ? Ive not resorted to stslking or anything of the likes …. All in fun my friend….But on a serious note, I can go on for months.

    Thats not what your wife says. She substituted the word “seconds” for months.

  27. 36
    (The "real" Auburn coach" Pat Dye

    In the now.
    Your messin’ with my family! And Pat Dye dont like when folks go messin’ with his family. Consider yourself warned.

  28. 38
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    tmc , cant argue with that one. It dont take me near as long to get there as it used to.

  29. 39
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    And you two are not nearly as intellegent as you would like to believe.

  30. 40

    I am still pretty intelligent, that is why I’am (pound for pound) *the greatest blogger who ever lived.

    *2009 Patent Pending. all rights reserved.

  31. 41
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK , Im messin with you concerning insults and cutdowns, but I do feel that way about your fanbase. Seriously. No joke. You guys are batcrap crazy.

  32. 42

    You feel that way about our fanbase because everything in you hates Alabama football. Therefore, your opinion, view, stance and position on the subject is incredibly biased, and in turn, unreliable.

    It’s fun to banter back and forth in here, but seriously, you’re in no position to cast a sweeping judgement over an entire populace of people called “Bama fans.”

    When I reported on what I found about Auburn, I didn’t include my own opinion, but merely relayed what this diverse quasi focus group of people from around the country said about Auburn in conversation without any provocation on my part. Now that’s news. Not something a faceless blogger on his rival’s blog site has to say.

  33. 43
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    No one including you will try the end all answer that I suggested we try . Post it on a national board. No Bammers or Barners can vote. Get an unbiased pool of football fans. Well at least as unbiased as you can get. Then you will see what Im saying. What you or I believe is insignificant in the grand scheme . But see what the rest of the country thinks. You will be astounded and humiliated. The reason I know this will happen, is because Ive seen it done a dozen times. Until one of you nutt up and do that, you will continue to live in a delusional state of mind that suggests the rest of the CFB world loves you, and wishes they were you. That is not so. But you will never believe it.

    You are right , I am biased. I loathe all things Crimson and White. But it hasnt always been that way. I actually pulled for Bama during the 92 season. The hate started for me around 2000- 2002. You guys start to lose a few and the excuses were unbearable. Your fanbase was unbearable. Your fanbase is STILL unbearable.

  34. 44

    I’m afraid an unbiased poll of any kind isn’t possible because college football fans for the most part are like crabs in a basket. None of them want to see others get ahead of them…ESPECIALLY in the SEC.

    I’m sorry you loathe us so badly. But let me ask you; did you leave your TV on for all 36 points in last year’s Iron Bowl, or did you turn it off before GMAC stuck the daggar in you? My guess is you shut it down when it was 29-0 then woke up the next morning to the horror that we struck again. And could you hear Rammer Jammer all four times after the game ended over Stan White and Rod Bramidiot?

    Because at no time in your “streak” did Auburn ever put an abuse on Bama the way Bamd did on Auburn last year. Even in the famed “sack lunch” game, it was still only a ten point win. And that was when we were down, missing our starting center on a team with zero depth on the offensive line. Pretty pathetic.

    It makes me chuckle when Aubies label legitimate reasons as “excuses”. Severe probation, poor coaching and injuries on a depth-starved team are legitimate reasons for underachievement. You calling ANY fanbase delusional is like Magic Johnson calling somebody fat. (Have you seen him lately?)

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