OUCH: Erin Andrews takes it on the chin

TMZ: Super hot sportscaster Erin Andrews shouldn’t participate in any activities where balls fly at her face — “Clueless” anyone? — because a line drive hit her perfect mug last night during the Mets/Dodgers game.

According to the TMZ report, Andrews was taken to the hospital “a few innings later” and suffered a bruised chin.

Having been hit in the nose with a line drive while covering the state’s softball tournament a few years ago, I understand the pain. Don’t worry though. I got the expensive Nikon D2Hs out of harm’s way. My face was none the worse, which probably says all you need to know about this blogger. Andrews on the other hand needs to protect one of her best assets–her face.


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    14 trooper


    Great first line. baahahahahaha. Balls to the face. lol. It would have to be like that with me. Couldn’t listen to that obnoxious voice while preforming my duties as a man. What a face though. baahahaha.


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    Wish that were my line, but TMZ wrote that. I laughed when I read it. I’m afraid this will show my age, but I remember going on a date to see Clueless.

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    Damn Cap took one to the face huh? I pitched in softball and took one to the ass cheek/back leg and COULD NOT imagine the face. OH Yes SHES HoTT!!!!!

  4. 5

    It didn’t feel good. I tried to be brave at first and act like it was OK. Then I decided to go get it checked out. The sports medicine girl said the nose might be broken…

    So, not knowing Montgomery, I drove myself to the hospital and somehow found one. LOL. It wasn’t good driving in a hot car with an ice pack on my face and what had to be a concussion.

    Oh well. Live and learn.

    I remember taking the next couple of days off and having two very very noticeable black eyes. My fist day back at work had me covering something at the courthouse. The DA saw me talking to a few people, came up to me and asked what the hell happened to me. Had I finally pissed someone off enough with my column to get hit. LOL.

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    14 trooper

    tmc, lol. Gotta give you that one. Quick little hit and run. Now, run along back to the al.com blogs and repeat tirelessly what you say on here.

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