AP: Hatch calls for Justice investigation into BCS

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch: “Frankly, there’s an arrogance about the BCS that just drives me nuts,” he told reporters. “Hopefully this hearing will open the door to have some people reconsider their positions. And if nothing else, the Justice Department ought to be looking at this.” He said that it’s clear to him that the BCS is in violation of antitrust laws. (entire AP report embedded below)


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    You have got to be fucking kidding me.
    I leave the States for a few months and shit like this happens.
    Apparently Sen Hatch and company think they are doing such a fine job running the country they can let everything else go and concentrate on this.
    Some one please IMPEACH that man!

  2. 2

    and the really bad thing about it is hatch is presumed to be one of the more reasoned, intelligent and ethical voices of the opposition party.

    yet in this time of national and world turmoil he involves himself and wastes the time of the people of utah on a matter that’s, frankly, none of his business.

    our economy’s swirling further down the bowl, people are hurting and the world’s becoming a cauldron to test the “steel spine” of king hussein.

    and hatch frets about the inner workings of college football.

    look, i detest the bcs as much as the next fair and reasoned fan. but congress has about as much business wasting the time of their bosses, we the people, as bernie madoff now has time for a starbucks latte.

    i frequently now tell republicans fretting over the current political wranglings of our nation, it’s nobodies fault but yours.

    you had your chance. the ’94 takeover was about moving away from the democrat corruption of the day. instead, you chose to create your own.

    you walked away from those of us who voted you in to change things, to reform, to bring sunshine to the system.

    instead, we got duke cunningham, mark foley, larry craig.

    (and orrin hatch meddling in the bcs)

    maybe king hussein could appoint a “bowl czar”.

  3. 3
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Im so disgusted that I dont know what to say………..seriously.

  4. 4

    Remember when politicians were concerned about what mattered in our country? Like securing our borders, protecting us, the economy, and promoting capitalism?

    I’d love to see a playoff system, but I don’t need my elected officials surfing espn.com for the latest college football news on my dime.

    Would somebody do something about Washington?

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