Commentary: Thank You Ole Miss

by intheknow72

I’m not a gambling man; you gotta have a lot of money for it not to bother you when you lose it. But dog racing has always intrigued me. Particularly, the electronic hare that circles the track, leading the pack of dogs into a frenzy to chase after it. Not one of those dogs has ever caught it, yet it continues to spark them to do it all over again the next time they hit the track.

If you’re an Alabama fan, you gotta love the fact that Ole Miss is shaping up to be our hare. Projected as a preseason top ten team for the first time in my lifetime, the Rebels are the talk of the town, settling in a few spots ahead of Bama in most of the preseason polls out thus far. Dethroning Texas Tech…last year’s sexy Cinderella story…in the Cotton Bowl, Colonel Reb is poised to lead his troops into battle. And when the Crimson Tide rolls into Oxford on October 10th, will it be the battle of the century as it’s been depicted?

Jevan Snead is touted as one of the only real deals at quarterback in the SEC, and with all due respect (because he’s definitely a talent for sure), that’s a sign of where the conference is at that position this season. Speculation is even centered on the Rebs finally making it to Atlanta, and going even further to play for all the marbles. They open at Memphis, scrimmage against SE Louisiana, then travel for back-to-back road games against South Carolina and Vanderbilt, respectively. When we come a’calling on October 10th, ours will be only their second home game in five contests in the 2009 season. Will the Rebs take care of business as road warriors and be welcomed home as heroes? I sure hope so.

By then, if we can take care of business in Atlanta against the Hokies, we welcome Florida International, North Texas and Arkansas to Bryant-Denny, then hit the road for our first real road game against Kentucky. Anybody can win on any given Saturday, and in case Coach Saban is reading this (which we all know he frequents this site often), Bama has to do it on the field, not on paper. But conservatively speaking, we have the firepower to better anybody we face this season. No matter how bad you love or hate the Crimson Tide, that fact isn’t up for debate. And if we’re both undefeated going into the clash and something transpires in front of that hostile crowd similar to the way it did between the hedges last season, you can’t buy the kind of PR we’ll get. Not that we need any one game to propel us, but with six games left to settle the score for 2009, our path will be laid for us.

I heard someone griping on the radio about Ole Miss’ lofty rankings. If you’re a Bama fan, savor it. Promote it. Buy stock in it. Agree with it. Their success and the media’s love fest with them up until October 10th is the best thing that can possibly happen to us.

Hottie Tottie Gosh-A’mighty! Go Rebs!