Commentary: Thank You Ole Miss

by intheknow72

I’m not a gambling man; you gotta have a lot of money for it not to bother you when you lose it. But dog racing has always intrigued me. Particularly, the electronic hare that circles the track, leading the pack of dogs into a frenzy to chase after it. Not one of those dogs has ever caught it, yet it continues to spark them to do it all over again the next time they hit the track.

If you’re an Alabama fan, you gotta love the fact that Ole Miss is shaping up to be our hare. Projected as a preseason top ten team for the first time in my lifetime, the Rebels are the talk of the town, settling in a few spots ahead of Bama in most of the preseason polls out thus far. Dethroning Texas Tech…last year’s sexy Cinderella story…in the Cotton Bowl, Colonel Reb is poised to lead his troops into battle. And when the Crimson Tide rolls into Oxford on October 10th, will it be the battle of the century as it’s been depicted?

Jevan Snead is touted as one of the only real deals at quarterback in the SEC, and with all due respect (because he’s definitely a talent for sure), that’s a sign of where the conference is at that position this season. Speculation is even centered on the Rebs finally making it to Atlanta, and going even further to play for all the marbles. They open at Memphis, scrimmage against SE Louisiana, then travel for back-to-back road games against South Carolina and Vanderbilt, respectively. When we come a’calling on October 10th, ours will be only their second home game in five contests in the 2009 season. Will the Rebs take care of business as road warriors and be welcomed home as heroes? I sure hope so.

By then, if we can take care of business in Atlanta against the Hokies, we welcome Florida International, North Texas and Arkansas to Bryant-Denny, then hit the road for our first real road game against Kentucky. Anybody can win on any given Saturday, and in case Coach Saban is reading this (which we all know he frequents this site often), Bama has to do it on the field, not on paper. But conservatively speaking, we have the firepower to better anybody we face this season. No matter how bad you love or hate the Crimson Tide, that fact isn’t up for debate. And if we’re both undefeated going into the clash and something transpires in front of that hostile crowd similar to the way it did between the hedges last season, you can’t buy the kind of PR we’ll get. Not that we need any one game to propel us, but with six games left to settle the score for 2009, our path will be laid for us.

I heard someone griping on the radio about Ole Miss’ lofty rankings. If you’re a Bama fan, savor it. Promote it. Buy stock in it. Agree with it. Their success and the media’s love fest with them up until October 10th is the best thing that can possibly happen to us.

Hottie Tottie Gosh-A’mighty! Go Rebs!


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    So ITK, Nick Saban visits here? I’m guessing he surfs here right after the Tide Times and right before Rivals/Scout/ESPN.

  2. 2
    Nick Saban

    This is the game that scares me and the team. I’m afraid we’ll be ripped apart in Oxford.

  3. 3

    Refreshing reading and a good perspective on the early part of the season for Tide fans. Obviously there will be more stories penned in this arena but, remember, you read it on July 1st from intheknow72.

  4. 4

    Bad analogy ITK. In the first paragraph you say “the dogs never catch the hare.” In the next paragraph you crown Ole Miss the hare. If they are the “hare”, we are the dogs and therefore by your logic we wont catch them. Metaphors can be dangerous when not used properly.

  5. 5

    Believe it or NOT I seen a hare get get at MObiles Greyhound Park 😉 back in the
    late 80’s

  6. 7

    I think the analogy works. The dog won’t catch the hare.

    What is this “firepower” you speak of? Alabama is known for many things, mostly defense, but great “firepower” has never been one of them.

    “Mr McElroy, meet Mr Hardy.”

  7. 8

    The dog HAS caught this hare, 8 out of the last 10 seasons, and five years running. When a team loses to another team as often as Ole Miss does to Alabama, something happens between the ears to the members of that team. Between the streak, the new found attention and the enormous pressure riding on the Rebs’ back going in, tell me Erik, which team do you think has the experience to fall back on for this game? By the time they play, Bama will have played in 7 “blockbuster” games under the national microscope between this season and last.

    Nutt’s teams live off of emotion, while Saban’s teams live off of intensity, focus and discipline. And the electricity inside that huge stadium in Oxford will be likened to a child’s 8-year-old birthday party compared to what we’ve played in the last two seasons.

    Yeah, I think they’ll be fine. “Hardy”, har, har.

    Oh, and firepower? Ingram, Jones, Richardson, Maize, and yes, McElroy. Let me be the first to say, he is going to be the major surprise for Alabama this season.

  8. 9

    I really like Snead. I’m thinking he could have a better year than Tebow this season provided he gets some help from his OLine and the other skill positions.

    That isn’t a knock at Tebow. I think he is one of the best players and QBs around. He makes the big throws when necessary, but I think his skills are much more limited than someone like Snead–who reminds me of a more complete, traditional QB.

  9. 11
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    He lost a lot of his team though. I dont see Ole Miss living up to the hype. Its all LSU / Bama. Dont be suprised if Arky shows up.

  10. 12

    ITK, I’m drinking the Ole Miss koolaid as well. I agree that Houston Nutt’s teams play off of emotion, but I also know that Nutt has never really had a consistent qb. (and no, I don’t count Matt Jones as consistent, although he was scary as hell when he got into the open field.) Ole Miss might have pulled off the upset last year if it wasn’t for a couple of stupid coacing calls, like the stupid interception from McCluster. I also don’t see Bama beating VaTech. I just don’t think a Bud Foster defense with 9 returning starters is the first game you want a qb to make his first start against. I say Bama goes 9-3, losing to VT, Ole Miss, and tripping up against either Ark, LSU, or Auburn.

  11. 13

    Ole miss.
    Look at thier schedule last year.
    The lost to Wake Forest. They lost to Vanderbilt. (who coincidently is returning the same team that beat them.)
    The final 6 they one were not exactly big time wins.
    And while yes they beat the mighty Florida that feat is sandwiched betwee losses to Vanderbilt and South Carolina.
    Dont get me wrong, They had some good games in 08 but they were like thier Coach, erratic.
    And I dont think they will have the stability this year to do any better than 9 wins.

  12. 14

    Losing JPW and Andre Smith was not the end of Bama football. Bama is returning a team that is used to winning and still very young. And they lost very very few players.
    Bama should bulldoze this year.

  13. 15
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    They did alright tmc1. That T tech bowl win was impressive. But T techs coach is also erratic. I just think they lost a lot. Snead is great, but hes not a one man show. The win against Florida was very impressive.

  14. 16

    I agree with AIAJTFFKABI (man Ballplay, can you go back to just “Ballplay Indian”?), Snead lost a lot around him. It is a sexy pick, like the years Vandy appears to be better than their normal punching bag selves.

    Julio, our line has to gell and McElroy has to perform for this season to take off. But Auburn as an upset? Really?

  15. 17
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Also , lets not forget how the Nutt can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory seemingly at will. I had seen just how many big timers they lost not long ago. I just cant recall exactly who they are. I know that Oher is gone , as well as a couple other O lineman. Then they lost a couple of d lineman too. Hardy is still there though, isnt he ? Lost some linebackers and recievers too, if Im not mistaken.

    Beieve me ITK , I dont like the name either. But I lost a bet, so I have to gut this crap out for at least another 5 months.

  16. 18

    I wasn’t aware of the bet, AIAJTFFKABI. You’ve earned my respect for being a man of your word. Yeah, that’s my point. A LOT of players that helped Ole Miss look great in the Cotton Bowl are elsewhere now. But, like I said in my article, Go Ole Miss! It only helps us.

  17. 19
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Who will be the suprise of the East ? Not Tenn. That leaves the only other logical pick, Georgia. But is that really a suprise ?

    South Carolina lost as many starters as anyone I suppose. Plus, I think Spurrier is donw. Thought that for years.

  18. 20

    ITK, note that I said Bama will slip up against ONE of either LSU, Ark, or Auburn. Is is possible that it could be Auburn? Sure it is. If that happens, it would definitely be a big upset. But big upsets happen every year in CF. Remember LaMo and Utah.

  19. 21

    I know you love these excuses, but facts are facts:

    LaMonroe loss: An undisciplined, unSabanisque Bama team, heavy with bad apples and sans two starting offensive lineman and our only powerback (suspended).

    Utah: A legitimate opponent facing a Bama team that played the first game in 14 that season that “didn’t count”, and after the second drive of the game, played without two starting offensive linemen that had gotten them to that point. Once you’ve been in the national championship hunt all season, then suddenly are left to play a game that is meaningless, while it shouldn’t happen, it’s hard to get that fire back.

  20. 22

    The fake rabbit is called “smitty” and if ANYBODY can figure out those mongrels at the Birmingham Race Track – please enlighten me.

  21. 23

    Wow…Bama goes to the Sugar Bowl for the first time in 17 freakin’ years, and you say the game “didn’t count”??????? Can’t understand why we would call that bunch of BS an excuse.

  22. 24

    Of course you can’t, because Auburn hasn’t found itself in a serious National Championship hunt in your lifetime. But in mine, I’ve tasted it, and the first 13 games played in the 2008 season were legitimately on track to the big game. The 14th game, which happened to be the Sugar Bowl, like it or not, was a consolation game. Like I said, it “shouldn’t” be that way, but in reality that was what it was.

  23. 25
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    I guess winning EVERY game doesnt qualify as a run ? Wow….. 04 anyone ? And yes , I know we got left out. But our team did everthing they could do.

  24. 26
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    And , you didnt see those guys lay down for Virfinia Tech.

  25. 27

    In ’04, #1 and #2 didn’t move all year. By November it was pretty clear AU would be on the outside looking in. But still, AU’s performance in THAT Sugar Bowl lent itself to an outside shot at a share of the championship. So yes, there was still something to play for. Idiot.

  26. 28

    ITK, I just came back to this article. That was pretty stupid statement. AU hasn’t found itself in a serious NC hunt in my lifetime? Obvioulsy, you’re defining that term to mean still having a legitimate shot at the NC late in the season. Do you hate AU so much as to ignore the utter falsity of that statement? 83 wasn’t in the hunt?? 88 wasn’t in the hunt?? 93 wasn’t in the hunt?? 04 wasn’t??? Hell, even 06 was in the hunt until UGA came in and killed us in the 11th game of the season.

  27. 29
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Idiot ????. If you look at that V tech team in 04 youll see that they should have beat USC in the opener. Auburn outperformed USC against a common opponent. Auburn defensively dominated Tech.

    You contridict the hell out of yourself and didnt even realise it. In one post you say that Auburn hasnt had a Championship run. In the next you say they were playing for a share in there Sugar Bowl game , and choked on it. Huh ? But….Didnt you ??? Im confused.

    Make up your mind….. Your worse than a woman.

  28. 30
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Not to mention 83…….You claim to have personally witnessed the “glory days ” of Bama in the 70s and dont remember that year ?

    That makes 2 for the Tigers. And one for Bama in my lifetime.

    And dude ,, that dont even count 93.

  29. 32
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK,,,,Using Bammer logic that has been used in the past to throw out Championships, you guys would have won the BCS THIS year. A perfect regular season merits a championship , dosnt it ? I mean , after all, about 4 of the twelvew were given that way. One in wich you turds LOST your bowl game. What the heck …make it 13.

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