Andre Smith saying the right things

Former Alabama Crimson Tide lineman Andre Smith is saying the right things despite all his recent setbacks. Smith told that he wants to be at camp and not be a holdout.

Steve Wyche of writes, “Negotiations could get sticky, but the fact that Smith has acknowledged that he needs to be in camp on time and wants to continue the momentum he started in offseason workouts is a good sign that he is focused on being a better player. Smith said he plans on working out in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where he played collegiately at the University of Alabama, in preparation for training camp.”

He wants to be at camp so he could play from the first game, he told

Smith also seemed supportive of his transition to right tackle.

“It’s been a great transition,” Smith told (video here.) He praised the people around him for helping in the transition and promised to “bust my butt” working to earn the right to play.

Smith was affable in the video, and he seemed relaxed.

More of this Andre Smith would assure Cincinnati that it received good value for its draft pick.


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    I’m surprised the article doesn’t mention he played at dutch creek elementary, or that he attended Jefferson County Public Schools. I heard his grandmother was a teacher and lives in Colorado and his uncle’s name is Neil Daly. Did he get fired from his job at burger king or just dismissed?

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