Commentary: Exclusive Recruiting Information

Since this all looks fine if we cloak ourselves in the First Amendment and call ourselves “journalists” like those guys at Rivals, Scout, ESPN, etc. The Capstone Report’s new recruiting service has launched. For only $1,200 per year, you too can help smear your rivals by spreading damaging information. This week we called five of Auburn’s, two of Tennessee’s and three LSU prospects.

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Find out how we talked with a Texas player interested in Auburn. Find out how we told him that Guz Malzahn throws the ball 90 percent of the time, and how he doesn’t understand the importance of the running game. We also told the recruit how Malzahn can’t get along with people like the sainted Houston Nutt.

Find out how we told one receiver prospect in Alabama that Malzahn and head coach Gene Chizik aren’t on the same page about the offense. Find out how we told the recruit that Chizik wants to run the ball all the time.

We told every Auburn recruit about the impending NCAA sanctions coming out of Gadsden!

Find out how we told one Tennessee recruit about Lane Kiffin’s questionable relationship with a new assistant coach. Find out how we told Volunteer prospects about impending NCAA sanctions coming out of Memphis!

Find out how we told LSU prospects that Les Miles would leave before the start of the season to become Michigan’s new head coach! Find out how we told them LSU’s next coach would be Tommy Bowden.

(Coming soon: The Capstone Report will begin a recruiting service for Auburn. We’ll share all the nasty details about Sabear with recruits. We’ll also edit videos to make sure recruiting violations aren’t reported with any sense of journalistic integrity!)


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    Sadly this may be the wave of the future…. BTW, Paul F. said that Saban was referring to the UT site when he made those off-the-record comments that Ian reported…

  2. 2

    Interesting. I’ve been busy most of the last couple of days and haven’t been able to listen very much. Thanks for sharing that. I wouldn’t be shocked at that at all.

    I heard it was the UGA website in the first wave of scuttlebutt and then someone hinted it might be an Ole Miss webpage.

    I believe most every one of the recruiting websites does some of this. Unfortunately. I can attest to the AU sites pushing the Alabama arrest story at last year’s SEC Media Days.

  3. 3

    There are many vexing problems for legitimate Media right now and I’m trying to figure it all out as many others are. Newspaper Content – Internet Content ? Who Is going to pay for it ?
    How in the hell do people think that they are going to get information free ?
    I have been struggling with my subscription with the Birmingham News for the last several years for example. I travel and read a lot of newspapers and this paper is a very poor product for it’s core audience – the editorial board confuses it’s views with the headlines. Capital Punishment and Illegal Aliens come to mind. I’m going to keep paying for this outdated technology until some Website can guarantee that I can get the same and yes – skewered reporting….. It is really troubling when people start taking the blogs at literal – Is this thing overwhelming ?

  4. 4

    There comes a time when most people with an IQ over 65 realize when they are being lied to. I would think that if a recruit is so stupid that he would actually listen to some of the shit that Recruiting services talk, Bama doesnt need him anyway. He is too stupid to ever qualify academically.

  5. 5

    Great read and extremely funny

    I would like to think that too, but sadly, we are bombarded daily with examples of how ignorant our society has become. Sensational lies are more believable than the plain truth.

  6. 6
    anonymous blogger

    Hey Cappy!
    I am a first time blogger here. And I am sending my pay pal (asap)
    Is it true that Coach Saban has been romantically linked to a certain ex-fascist state(related) music groupie with ties to Jenny Craig and the initials V.B.?
    Do you think this might affect recruiting minorities in the future?

  7. 7

    this is an oldie but a goodie from back in my grandfather’s day when newspapers were all there was:

    “don’t believe everything you read”.

  8. 8
    anonymous blogger


    Is it true that Coach Mac is a cross dresser?

    Are the boosters sevretly plotting to have the Capstone knocked down and replaced with a statue of George Wallace standing in the school house door?

    Something like that could really hurt recruiting….

  9. 9
    anonymous blogger

    Is it true that auburn will make Heisman trophy winners out of the next 5 commitments that they get?
    And that Coach Trooper Taylor is actually the coolest MOFO since “shaft”.
    Can you keep me informed and can you dig it?

    (Hey Man, shut yo mouth… just talking ’bout shaft…….)

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