Report: Saban and UA in contract talks

The Rap Sheet reports the University of Alabama is in talks with Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban about a contract extension. The report cited “sources familiar with the negotiations.”

According to the report, “Sources said the goal is to pay Saban through 2016, which would give him a new eight-year agreement. It is not clear how much of a raise Saban would receive.”

Also, at the Birmingham News blog, you can use a Saban salary calculator to see how much the Alabama Crimson Tide coach earns in comparison with your paycheck.


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    anyone care to lay an over-and-under on how long it takes some idiot to ask saban a question about his salary in today’s problematic economy ala jim calhoun???

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    14 trooper


    Is Saban just being greedy. He knows Bama will give him what he wants whenever he wants it. Why now??

    He probably just wants to assure the next recruiting classes that he will be here. Remember, recruiting comes first in every way with saban.

    Is he the real Ben Button?? Looks like he gets younger instead of getting older?? How does he do it?? hehe


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    Im just wondering how the Hell this guy goes 6 and 6 then 12 and 0 and he is getting this money and extension without proof of really anything yet. I heard em on FB today talking about Saban being as great as the BEAR, cmon does he get to just skip right over Joe Pa and Bobby? I mean really has that 12-0 season really done that to the Powers that Be? I know he got the fanbase but EVRYBODY?



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    E G White

    First place nobody said who initiated the talks. I’d lay money that the University did, and not CNS. That would be because they want to make sure he’s happy and not in the crosshairs of some wanabee school like Michigan or Notre Dame. And now there’s real rumors of a possible Meyer defection soon. Cementing CNS’s longivity in T-town ASAP is only smart and good business!

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    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I agree Egg. Hes worth every dime and I think the U knows it.

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    I’m curious to see what the terms will be, especially if Saban still demands the one way buyout. That’s getting pretty deep if that’s the case. I don’t know if I would do that if I was the AD for Bama. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got a heck of a coach. But Notre Dame screwed up when they gave Weiss a 10 yr deal after one great season, and they’re kicking themselves for it now. Remember, Saban still has never put together 2 consecutive ten win seasons. (And yes, I know all about the recruiting. He had that at LSU also and didn’t win 10 2 yrs in a row.) I’d say wait this season out and see before you strap on another multi-million one way buyout.

  7. 11

    And EG, you ain’t “cementing” a thing when it’s a one-way buyout with no penalty to Saban for leaving. The only person that contract protects is Saban, it doesn’t do a thing for Bama. Saban could sign the thing today and leave for UF on Monday with no penalty, but Bama would have to pay him millions if they suddenly decided to fire him. You get what I’m talkin’ about now???

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    Yes he turned LSU well maybe. I mean he did ok there but his first ten win season wasnt his team and you can argue that some players on his NC team werent his(5th yr SR). But to throw more money at someone is ALREADY the highest paid coach is redickulus(sic) ya know? Remember by your logicical thining Tubbs went undefeated SECC and all. hmmmm just trying help u see beyond the Crimson.


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