Don’t let Andre Smith navigate on a road trip

Andre Smith got lost on his way to Bloomington. The former Alabama Crimson Tide star was driving to a football camp at Illinois Wesleyan when he wisely decided to stop and ask for directions.

According to Pro Football Talk, “I said, ‘How far is Bloomington?’” Smith told the Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph. “They said, ‘Which Bloomington?’ I went, ‘Ahhh, don’t tell me that.’”

According to the newspaper, “It turns out Smith was closer to Bloomington, Ind., than our Bloomington. Thus, he arrived at IWU at 4:30 p.m., just as the second of Tuesday’s three sessions wrapped up. Camp co-directors Norm Eash, IWU’s head football coach, and Paul Alexander, the Bengals’ 16th-year offensive line coach, had sweated out Smith’s arrival for two days amid 90-plus degree heat.”

With that big signing bonus headed his way (assuming he doesn’t hold out), I’d suggest an iPhone with compass or OnStar.