Scott is wrong about Alabama fans

Chadd Scott proves all people from Atlanta are arrogant douchebags
by intheknow72

People of Alabama, lend me your ear, regardless of your team or university affiliation. I have something to tell you that should clear up a lifetime of perplexity for you. Words that will strike at your very soul, giving you the “Aha!” moment you’ve been waiting for all of your life. You ready? Are you sitting down? Here it is: All people in the city of Atlanta…that wretched place just to our east…are arrogant douchebags.

Scott is a “shock jock” at an Atlanta sports talk radio station. In a recent interview with Paul Finebaum, here is what Scott had to say about you, my fellow Alabamian:

“As a resident of Alabama, you have a self-esteem issue to begin with, because all of your life, from the national media, you’ve been told your state is essentially a racist backwater. So Alabama fans or Auburn fans are willing to take this criticism because they don’t have the self-esteem to stand up for themselves and say, ‘I’m not a dope, an idiot. It wasn’t my fault we lost to Utah. You can’t treat me that way, Nick Saban. Take it back. You’re doing a great job. I want to like you. But you can’t give me this B.S. About we had anything to do with the Sugar Bowl. That’s nonsense.’”

To give you some background, Chadd Scott is a former crony of Colin Cowherd, working as his producer for “The Herd”, Cowherd’s radio program. In my humble opinion, Cowherd is possibly the king of all sports radio douchebags. This balding bag of wind with an accent his mother couldn’t even love has yet to find a topic for discussion that he isn’t an expert on, spewing idiocy like a sprinkler on a hot summer day. And as my high school football coach used to say, “If you run with a dog with fleas, you’re gonna get fleas.” Hence, we have Chadd Scott.

Scott is now away from Cowherd, out on his own, trying to make a name for himself. His comments about Alabamians were in regard to the Alabama fan base and our response to Nick Saban’s comments about the Sugar Bowl loss. Specifically, what Saban observed as our lack of enthusiasm for it.

I’ll cover that subject in brief; I was among the thousands there, seeing us get picked apart like a carcass in shark infested waters. It was ugly, and I spent a lot of money to see ugly that night. I wasn’t happy, and when Saban made those comments, I didn’t agree with him.

But it stopped there.

But the media, in particular those who are members of “the Nick Saban hate club”…of which Chadd Scott is a card carrying member…wanted it to go so much farther. They wanted a scene rivaling any protest on the news from the Middle East, storming the athletic complex, demanding an apology.

But while Scott asserts that we are all stupid followers, I assert the exact opposite citing the same evidence he used for his deduction.

Alabama fans are extremely intelligent football fans who know football but are able to think for themselves. We see see incompetence when it’s before us. We see a lack of athletes. We see an inability to compete because we don’t have SEC caliber talent on our team. And we know a leader when we see one. We know when someone has been handed the keys to an expensive machine known as Tide football. And we know that job is an extremely difficult one because we’ve seen so many before him fail…or not even make it to the first game.

And we were sick of it. It was disgusting to watch. Like a loved one drinking themselves to death, we watched in horror as Alabama football sank to depths it has and should never sink to. And finally, after literal years of crimson mediocrity, we have a leader.

But while we’re an intelligent bunch, we also know Saban is human. And if he makes a comment we don’t agree with, we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, storming Tuscaloosa to demand answers. We understand how the local and national opinionated infotainment media works, following the script of the movie “Wag the Dog” to incite the general populous to create news events to stir interest, ensure listeners, sell advertising and stay in business.

Scott had much more to say, but I won’t waste your time. “Shock Jocks” like him are like the skaters I used to know in high school. They try to call attention to themselves without wanting to “look” like they are trying to call attention to themselves. But in the end you have that same feeling in your stomach…like you just ate a piece of raw chicken.

I would ask Chadd that if he is so intelligent and we are so dumb, why does he have an extra “d” in his first name? Everybody on the planet knows “Chad” is spelled C-H-A-D. And I won’t mention that he holds a degree from Auburn. But, I digress. (But before I get back on topic, he had a few scathing comments about his alma mater as well.)

It humors me that he referenced racism in Alabama then used that same method of thinking to categorize an entire state of people based on his personal narrow-minded views. So, using that same logic, everyone in the city of Atlanta, where Scott now works, is an arrogant douchebag. Why? Because I have a voice, and that’s what I want to say. Isn’t that how it works, Chadd?


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    He has the wrong impression of Alabamians because he spent five years in Aubarn. 😀

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, he lives in the state of Georgia. Please explain how Georgians are that much more intelligent and civilized than Alabamians are.

  2. 3
    Auburn is a Joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    That was a pretty good read ITK. I agree that Saban popped off out of anger, And he probably realizes it now. The fanbase will have to tolerate these kind of remarks from the man. Hes a hot tempered guy and extrememly competitve. The remark he made about race was almost on target. There is a bestowed sense of guilt that comes with being an Alabamian. These guys (Including and especially Finebaum) are a dime a dozen. But he accomplished his mission as you wrote a piece devoted completely to the man. Thats how “shock jocks” get their ratings.

  3. 4

    I pay the man zero homage, and your point is taken ballplay. But there comes a time where you do more damage by not saying anything–regardless of what it does for the fool in question–than you do good by being silent. This forum is built for us to share ideas about the kind of crap that drips from his mouth. That’s simply what I did.

  4. 7

    i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again:

    the ONLY thing general sherman did wrong when he marched through atlanta……

    he didn’t FINISH burning the damn place!

  5. 9

    It sounds to me like he is the one who has the self esteem problem. I bet is psychologist is working double over-time.

  6. 10
    Silver Britches

    Congratulations on completely missing the point. I don’t care one way or another but here is what reading comprehension will give you:

    He’s saying that the state of Alabama gets ripped in the national conscience of the country as a backwater. Granted, he doesn’t say if that’s fair or unfair, but he isn’t saying “Alabama sucks.”

    The self-esteem comment is stupid, but you all don’t seem as concerned with it as you are with your perception that Scott is saying you’re one step above retarded, which he isn’t.

    And one more thing: you don’t know anymore about Atlanta than Scott does about Alabama, yet you let fly. You’re no better than what you perceive Scott to be (although you’re wrong to begin with). As someone born in Florence and raised in Atlanta, I suggest you AND Scott just STFU.

  7. 11
    I hate ALABAMA (the state)

    Counting down the days until my transfer goes through out of this backwaters state

  8. 12
    Josh G.

    As a life long resident of the Atlanta suburbs, and one who continues to move further away from the city, I can say that your headline is correct. All people from the city of Atlanta are arrogant, condescending douchebags. I have no explanation for this fact. In particular, our media is dominated by the douchiest of the bags. 790 is populated by yankee guidos. Other than chuck oliver and Buck Belue, 680 has maybe the most unlikeable lineup in all of radio. The AJC requires a Certified Genuine Douchebag license in order to be employed there, and their circulation numbers prove this. Go to a popular bar or restaurant in Atlanta. The douchebaggery is overwhelming. If you’re from Atlanta, you are probably an insufferable tool. Perhaps it is the prevalence of SEC-school former frat boys, Tech/State Students, and carpetbagging Yankees. That certainly is a recipe for douche soup. After reading this, it pleases me that I’m not the only one who has made this observation.

  9. 13

    I think In The Know needs to apologize. He insulted douchebags by comparing them to Scott. Being a doucebag (or at least I guess I am since Auburn fans call me that via email all the time!), I know it offended me.

    BTW, Scott’s comments about Alabama fans were very direct. He said Alabama fans and everyone in the state suffers a disorder that forces us to take the mean things Saban says.

    The idiocy of that statement alone deserves some rebuke. Saban’s statements about problems in Alabama are deserved. Alabama fans are in fact the problem; Alabama fans were responsible for Mike Dubose, and a host of other problems. I find it refreshing when Saban calls out the fans.

  10. 14

    Geez, ITK and Cappy, you didn’t even mention the part where he said that he had literally met dozens and dozens of Bama fans and that all but a handful were complete jerks.

    ITK, I gotta go along with Ballplay on this one. The only thing this guy cares about is that you’re talking about him and that you’re spelling his name correctly. You not only did exactly what he wanted you to do, you even made sure that all readers knew his name is to be spelled with two D’s. Mission accomplished.

  11. 15

    Julio, the fact is without Tommy Tuberville around, things are boring. We have to argue with unknowns like Chadd Scott. Right now, Gene Chizik isn’t polarizing like Tuberville because, well 5-19. Nobody respects him yet. Plus he is smart enough to avoid being Lane Kiffin right now.

    Personally, I liked having Tommy Tuberville to kick around. 😉

  12. 16

    As a UGA grad, former Atlanta resident, and current resident of Birmingham for nearly seven years, let me just say that both the Alabama-haters and those of you happily piling on Atlanta are welcome to kiss my ass.

    What’s strangest to me about all this is that Finebaum would be the one to express such outrage over Scott’s comments. Finebaum never comes out and says so directly, but from the sarcastic tone of voice and snickering asides he employs on his radio show, I can honestly say I’ve never heard a radio host who’s so openly contemptuous of his callers and listeners. The fact that so many sports fans in this state (Alabama and Auburn alike) continue to subject themselves to his condescension and derision would seem, to me at least, to be a bigger sign of low self-esteem than anything Saban-related.

  13. 17


    I don’t think anyone really is piling on Atlanta. Most of us probably have family living there. I know I do.

    ITK’s point is simply that Scott was guilty of stereotyping Alabamians. So, he stereotyped a group Scott represents.

    I will say, having survived Atlanta’s drivers most everyone over there on the Interstate is a douchebag. Come to think of it, most everyone in Birmingham near Malfunction Junction is a douchebag too. 😉

    As for Finebaum, I’d say a some Alabama and Auburn fans deserve scorn. Alabama fans need to be reminded they were responsible for Mike Dubose.

  14. 18
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Aight cappy……So next time Im bashing Bama fans about being arrogant , pompous , ego inflated , self serving , entitled , dillweeds your gonna agree with me then , right ?

  15. 19

    Ballplay, I’m the first one to say Alabama’s arrogance led to Mike Dubose and most of the problems post-Bryant.

    There is an atmosphere of arrogance in the athletic department administration to this day that creates problems. I’m also very vocal about this problem.

    However, I could say the same thing, if not more, about Auburn. 😉

  16. 22

    Silver Britches and Doug, Cappy nailed my point and you missed it (perhaps YOU could benefit from some reading comprehension improvement YOURSELF, SB). My take was more a dig at Chad_’s method of stereotyping Alabamians than it was a dig at Atlanta. Although I would rather spend a month in jail than live a year in that abysmal city. And do ya’ll both have your black shirts on? Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.

    Julio, about the “jerk” thing, my next article will speak to that subject. Hold on to your hat. But as for the “mission accomplished” thing, you join thousands of others who stop in here daily and read what we have to say. Are you helping me accomplish my mission too? By that token Paul Finebaum is “helped” every time we mention his name, but everyone recognizes what his show is all about. Remember, Bama faithful are intelligent fans, schooled by the school of hard knocks the last 25 years. We’ve had our bout with arrogance and stupidity, but what hasn’t killed us has made us better. So when a douche like Scott comes along, calling him out isn’t helping him as much as it is throwing him in the same bag of douches the other infotainment talking heads are in. It’s like we’re just tagging the ears of the cattle so we can identify and recognize them the next time we hear them moo.

  17. 23

    As a citizen of Georgia and a Bama fan through the generations of my family I can see where ITK is coming from and Scoot somewhat even though he is an arroagant a##. 99% of the people from Atlanta and the suburbs like Roswell and Aplpharetta are arrogant dousche bags. Luckily I live farther north where most people are good folk. But people in the Roswell/Alpharetta/Atlanta area are carpetbaggers who showed up when Atlanta started to grow and now they think they run the place. As for Alabama fans, myself being one I have caught myself being arrogant about my team but who isn’t? Thats part of the fun of college sports. Most people from Georgia are good folk just like Alabama people are I have family in both states.

  18. 25

    Ha, ha…”skaters” in my school dressed differently on purpose wanting to stand out, but didn’t want to look like they were trying to stand out. Believe me, more people got that one than didn’t. Guess there weren’t any skaters at your school. 🙂

  19. 26

    I have a national championship ring. Does Chad Scott? He couldn’t hold one in the bathroom of Dennys on piney. See my song.nice guys.

  20. 27
    14 trooper

    This coming from a guy who lives in Georgia??

    What an idiot. To answer someones post above. I lived and went to high school in GA. Theres some ignorant rednecks over there. Just like everywhere. That guy can’t catagorize anybody.

    It makes me sad to think AU fans had the dumb luck of this guy picking our school.

    Cap, rip this guy every chance you get.


  21. 28
    14 trooper

    Josh G., I totally agree with you. I lived in Conyers, GA. in high school. Then moved right outside of “little 5pts”
    after I got back from college.

    You nailed the Georgia folks I have met. Arrogant douchebags. I mean there were some that were cool but those were guys and girls I went to h.s. with.

    That guy chaDDDDDD is a real idiot. I don’t even know what to say about him. He’s trying way to hard to be, uh, I don’t even know?

    Rip away Cappy!!!!!!!!!


  22. 29

    ITK, yes I (and every other reader on this blog) am absolutely helping you on your mission by reading and commenting.

  23. 30

    # Doug Says:

    June 24th, 2009 at 10:52 am

    As a UGA grad, former Atlanta resident, and current resident of Birmingham for nearly seven years, let me just say that both the Alabama-haters and those of you happily piling on Atlanta are welcome to kiss my ass.


  24. 32

    Chadd Scott.
    Does anyone need proof he is the quintessential DUMBASS?
    Look no further than the fact he is badmouthing Alabama from less that 100 mile away.
    Gee… Looks to me like Mr. Chadd “Social Enlightenment” Scott hasnt evolved too much has he?

  25. 34

    ITK I kinda of understood I was really just more lost on how Skaters had to be put down for the Douche ya know? My nephew is a Skater and fixin to get a Academic Scholly to Where else AU…save the jokes. Whatever you say a kid from not much of anything is gonna make it to college and on to be a responsible adult who can just outskate most people..hes a GREAT KID! And this Chadd guy should only be compared to other douches like Howard and Opie and Anthony. Diffrerent genres same shitty people!

    But it was a GOOD read!

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