Capstone Report launches new recruiting service

Want to get the latest information on recruiting?

We don’t either.

Want to help smear your rival and hurt their recruiting?

We sure do! And you can help us since this all looks fine if we cloak ourselves in the First Amendment and call ourselves “journalists” like those guys at Rivals, Scout, ESPN, etc. For a nominal fee ($1,200 per year!), you can support us as we call top recruits in the South and around the nation to tell them all the super secret details about your SEC rivals.

We will tell recruits that Gene Chizik smells like cabbage and is 5-19. We will tell recruits that Gus Malzahn is the poor man’s Tony Franklin. We will tell recruits all the horrible things about Lane Kiffin that Phil Fulmer has already told us. And more! Much more!

But we need your support to make this happen. Sign up below if you are interested in learning more about this exclusive service to Alabama!

(Coming soon: The Capstone Report will begin a recruiting service for Auburn. We’ll share all the nasty details about Sabear with recruits. We’ll also edit videos to make sure recruiting violations aren’t reported with any sense of journalistic integrity! Act now and help us help Auburn.)