Will anything come of Gadsden?

Editor’s note: This mailbag idea started as one post, but the answers ended up being longer than I anticipated. I’m breaking them down into smaller posts for your reading pleasure.
Q. Will anything come of Gadsden?
This question must come into my email five or 10 times per day. I don’t think I have the answer. My gut says, NO. I haven’t seen anything in the way of verifiable information. The people from Gadsden seem genuinely insulted by the cheating allegations, and I can’t blame them. What we do know is that some Auburn fans were outraged over Alabama’s recruiting success.

This started when Tuberville accused Saban of cheating; Finebaum was right despite what some Yahoo bloggers had to say about it. Assistant coaches echoed Tuberville’s allegations. Even their wives were calling into talk radio. One assistant coaches’ wife, identified at the time by Auburn fans as Amy, wife of Auburn assistant coach Steve Ensminger, called in to an Auburn sports talk show and had this to say:

“You know what? Nobody is going to beat Nick Saban in this state,” Amy said. “Nobody. Unless, well, they may get somebody in here now that will shake a hand and put a couple of hundred dollars in a recruits pockets like they did in the past. And that is probably what is going to happen. That is what they are looking for. They are looking for someone to buy players like Nick Saban does.”

What we do know about the Gadsden allegations is Auburn fans have provided a packet filled with allegations to a “major media outlet”, according to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Finebaum declined to specify the news outlet (or outlets) in possession of the packet. He called it a major media name.

Speculation centered on newspapers in the state of Alabama; however, given the already obvious ethics problems at Yahoo/Rivals, it would stand to reason that outlet would be targeted too.

We already know that Yahoo/Rivals.com doesn’t enforce editorial standards on its websites. (Rivals’ Auburn website edited out evidence of Auburn committing NCAA recruiting violations from a video posted online following Big Cat Weekend. Rivals.com has not responded to an email from the Capstone Report seeking information on corporate editorial standards.)

Until Yahoo/Rivals responds to the obvious lack of editorial standards on display at Rivals.com, anything produced by the so-called journalists who work for the company must be viewed with the highest suspicion, and the websites within that company should be viewed as unreliable sources of information.


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  1. 1

    How interesting and hypocritical is your last comment in this post? You state “Rivals.com, anything produced by the so-called journalists who work for the company must be viewed with the highest suspicion, and the websites within that company should be viewed as unreliable sources of information.” However you and every Alabama fan love to quote and give credit to rivals when it benefits Alabama. For example on February 4th, 2009 you had an article that read “Alabama has landed back-to-back top recruiting classes. According to Rivals.com, the largest online recruiting service, the Crimson Tide topped LSU by a margin that should trigger an automatic recount. Alabama 2,786 LSU 2,762.” (The fact that Alabama signed 27 players to reach that number compared to LSU’s 25 players, notwithstanding) Every other major recruiting service (ESPN,Scout,Max Emfinger) had either LSU or Ohio State as having the number 1 ranked class, but that was not mentioned in your article. Now every Alabama fan likes
    to spout off how Albama has had back to back number 1 recruiting classes, based strickly on, now how did you say that, oh yea, “so-called journalists who work for a company that must be viewed with the highest suspicion, and the websites within that company should be viewed as unreliable sources of information.” I guess based on your comments the Alabama fans can drop that claim of back to back recruiting champions now, right?!

  2. 2

    Errm, Rivals ranks only the first 22 commitments not every commitment when it computes top classes. It is a rather complicated equation and system. However, at least it is a public system that people can compute on its own.

    Will I refer to Rivals in the future, probably. Although, I’m going to do my best to cite Scout.com and ESPN more in the future because of YAHOO/Rivals failure to answer a simple question on editorial standards.

    BTW, Scout ranked Alabama in front of LSU at #2. The recruiting consensus was that Alabama and LSU were very close. That is a good system to check any of the services. How far away from the consensus are their claims?

  3. 3
    E.G White

    We never said that Rivals doesn’t know how to rate athletes asshole. That’s your school’s crybaby excuse. Scouting athletes which is their primary purpose is completely different from journalistic integrity. And the difference in the idea of an athletes rating from one service to another is completely different from hard evidence of doctored tapes? Moron! As for Gadsden Cap. Only in the Barners dreams and fantasy world! LMFAO! RTR!

  4. 4

    WHy when someone says something about ANYTHING AUburn has to fall out of your mouths? I am just curious. I personally do do it nor do I understand how you do it?
    I ll say this if were are the baby red headed brothers your the jealous ass old brothers… ummmm I RECKON..

  5. 5
    E.G White

    Well Omni it might be in this instance because the article was about Gadsden and the Barn created Gadsden. Also it was about Rivals and Rivals edited the tapes of BCW. Then there was the smartassed response of Realitycheck – a Barner. Whatelse were we supposed to talk about, hmm? RTR!

  6. 6

    What will come from Gadsden? A major beatdown in cow-town courtesy of the NCAA.

    Tuberville knew he couldn’t compete with the likes of Saban, Richt, Miles, and Meyer; therefore HE bought a player and pointed the fingers at Saban in hopes of having the NCAA slam him, just so he MAY stand a chance against in him recruiting at least. He’d forgotten what it was like to be the unwanted mediocre loser he once was prior to the Shula/probationary era where he suddenly went from nothing to everything during our period of decline.

    Now you guys are stuck with Cheez-it for three years. Good luck digging yourselves out of that hole.

  7. 7
    Alex Hamilton


    No, we’re (wait, let me say it your way ‘were’) not brothers. But, as I alluded to in an earlier post, YOUR MOM likes me best. At least that what she claimed.

    I doubt she likes The Polytech. She must be from Mississippi because she was yelling “hoddy toddy! Gosh almighty!” the whole time. Or, maybe she just doesn’t understand the concept of sex talk. I didn’t try to get that many details.

  8. 8

    Call me confused Mr. 5-19, but you guys always write off Tubbs’ success as being due to bammers probation???? Did Tubbs not compete against those other coaches, and their un-probationed teams the entire time?? Let’s see, he took Auburn to the SEC Championship game his second year, never lost to Meyer even as National Champs and defending National Champs, never lost to Shula, beat Saban more times than lost to him, and has an even record against Richt. Tubbs couldn’t compete???????
    Please explain you ignorant crimson neck.

  9. 9

    The barn’s success on the field was directly related to Alabama’s probation. Not only did Tubs beat a probation straddled Alabama with inept coaching, he reaped the benefits of Alabama’s probation in the form of easier recruiting. Had Alabama not been in trouble with the NCAA, Carnell Williams would not have been at Auburn. That is just one example…there are countless more.

  10. 10
    14 trooper

    alexhamilton, You have got to be the biggest whore on this site. To talk about someones mother like that. It was in a previous story. Dude I would str8 up drag your bitch ass through the quad.
    Dude I wouldn’t even ball up my fist on you. I’d just slap you across the face and spit on your ass while laying on the ground. People that talk about other peoples family deserves just that.I know you won’t try and handle this like a man because your a tough internet guy. Shouldn’t get personal with post. You never know who could find you through this computer. If you want to try your luck then let me know. Closet bitch. WDE fk boy

  11. 11
    14 trooper

    This whole scene over here is a bunch of guys who never hung with the cool crowd. Never got there pecker wet in high school. Never associated with anything athletic.
    Only thing that did happen to all you is get beat up and picked on. So you come here and talk like a bunch of bears cause you know nobody can get to you. Theyfk guys like yall in prison. Them war daddies would have you buy some skittles and M&M’s to get the coloring off to put on your face as makeup. Also have you walk around the cell blocks in some “catch me, fk me’s.” Those are tighty whites with the buttcheeks cut out. When it’s time for chow call the wardaddy pulls his pocket inside out and makes you hold onto it as he parades you around the chow hall. WDE FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12


    “Dude I would str8 up drag your bitch ass through the quad.”

    “You never know who could find you through this computer.”

    “I know you won’t try and handle this like a man because your a tough internet guy.”

    Consider this a shot over your bow. There are precedents in place that deal with people who make threats over the internet. If you know the owner of a website where a post is made (oh, I don’t know, possibly like this one), an i.p. address is an easy thing to trace.

    Everybody sticks their chest out and says stupid things in a forum. But my advice to you is to throw a little cold water on yourself and keep it less threatening. Probable cause gives the authorities incredible liberties to absolutely ruin your day. Kapeesh?

  13. 13

    14 trooper Says:
    June 19th, 2009 at 8:52 pm
    This whole scene over here is a bunch of guys who never hung with the cool crowd. Never got there pecker wet in high school. Never associated with anything athletic…..blah blah blah……blah blah blah…..

    And how do would you know any of this?
    Stop falttering yourself. Aint nobody scared of you. If you want to look me up on the internet thats fine.
    Maybe you can get your privcate investigator to do it.

  14. 14
    14 trooper

    tmc and intheknow, look yall I’m not trying to look anybody up on the internet. I was just trying to prove a point with that idiot “alex” Theres just some things you do not say to another grown man. So I tried to get on his level in a aggresive way.
    If you guys have read my post before then you know i flame a little, insult a little, but never threat. What he said just got under my skin because I recently lost my mother. The guy wasn’t even talking to me. I just read it and it made me irate.
    I really wasn’t trying to play the billy bad ass. Was just trying to tell him that if you say those things to somebodys face then there going to hurt you.
    I mean if you wouldn’t say those things in person then why do it here.?.
    After re-reading my earlier post above I was definitely overboard. Wow. I got a little carried away huh? Geez. Sorry if I offended any of you guys on here.

    The second post I wrote was just a stab at this blog cause nobody even responded to “alexs” post. This was the second story he posted that crap on. I can take a jab at myself but not MOM. I do admit that I got carried away on that one also. I guess you can see my passion for my family.

    Anyway, I really apologize to any of you who got offended. I’ll monitor myself better in the future.

    WDE and RTR!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15
    14 trooper

    Ok, now we can get back to the real subject at hand. Dre Kirkpatrick. Got to give the kid the credit he deserves. He stepped up and got the job done.
    I’m sure the number 1 cb in the country has plenty of distractions to keep his mind off the books. Maybe he got a little side tracked but he buckeled down when he had to.
    People that have the athletecism that Dre has persevere(sp) really well and he did just that.

    Let me finish this post like a true AUBIE. How did he finish a class in two weeks???? Just kidding.
    Is he gonna play for the braves?? I thought he signed with bama??
    I just can’t stop.

    WDE and RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    14trooper, I’m sorry to hear about your mother. Each day will get a little easier, but it’s never easy. Hang in there man, and remember you’re not alone. God has a special place in His heart for people experiencing loss.

    Now, let me finish like a true Bama fan…maybe Dre Kirkpatrick finished in “two weeks” by taking a correspondence sociology class from Abarn. 🙂


  17. 17
    14 trooper

    intheknow, I really appreciate that man. It’s tough. Memories are endless. I don’t know if I will ever get past this. I was a mommas boy for sure. My dad doesn’t even talk that much anymore. It’s tough.

    Anyway, nice comeback to my response. That’s why this rivalry is the best in the country.

    Oh and I hope Dre does play. I can’t wait to see D’LO takr him 60yds to the house. Or wiil it be Emory Blake, or well thats about it for wr playmakers at au. Ok, one more. Don’t let LUTZ line up on him and catch a hitch pass and run him over on the way to a td.

    WDEand RTR!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18
    E.G White

    One more thing Omni, and I’m not flaming – just asking. Please explain of what ‘Big Brother’ is jealous? Of the 6 fingers? We have a 9 finger streak and some others too! The all time won-lost record between us and overall? The SEC championship record? The MNC record? The number of times on probation record? The attention of the national media? The fear of our opponents on the field of play? Enlighten me, please! 14 Trooper you are full of shit! You came on here 3 weeks ago preaching peace and promptly without provocation began flaming. Then a few days later you threatened another poster just like you did today. At the same time you attacked me for something another poster said to you. You’re nothing but a troublemaker. Maybe you’re a Schizo from agent orange exposure. You have a awful lot of knowledge about warcamp whoreboys! Apparently you were abused thusly over there or else you like the brown round yourself, or both! In anycase it’s obvious that you have mental problems. Why don’t you drop by Bryce’s for a little R&R? We have just the thing for you. A padded cell, a straightjacket, and an unlimited supply of Thorazine! RTR!

  19. 19

    See 14trooper, that’s what’s so sad. I have never heard of any of the “playmakers” you just said are going to take Dre to the house. But I’m in good company. Nobody else has either. But between last year’s #1 cornerback prospect in America and the #1 cornerback prospect we’ve already snagged in this coming class, I think we’ll be fine.

    And while we’re on the subject, your QB…as if AU has one…has to have time to get it to these supposed playmakers. And with only six linemen on scholarship down there, none of which are SEC caliber, that’s a pretty tall task. Especially with 9 starters returning from one of America’s top 3 defenses crashing down on you. The best sack we had in last year’s Iron Bowl came from a reserve. That’s how freaking deep we are on D. I’d just go shopping on Black Friday if I were you.

    …I wish I didn’t know that now about your mom because it’s hard to enjoy this woodshed beating I’m giving you. But all football talk aside, I really do feel for you and am praying for you dude.

  20. 20
    14 trooper

    intheknow, well I can’t really defend ant of that. Your right. We have major problems at the o-line position.
    Qb, for some reason not to worried. With Malzahns offense it takes presure of the qb. To be fair to Kodi. That poor kid never had a chance. Zahn runs the football alot. Last year in that garbage offense we had to rely on the qb to make all the passes.Not this year.
    I know, to run the ball you got to have o-lineman. Well I think we have a good starting 5 but if somebody gets hurt were in trouble.I went to aday and I’ve never seen some many schemes, shifts, traps, and misdirections in my life. I think thats how zahn will counter the lack of talent. Trying to decieve defenses.I think Ziemba,pugh,berry, and isom are sec caliber.

    About your defense. Can’t argue with that.
    If you think your o-line will just automatically be ausome then your in for a rude awakening. Your replacing 3 all sec and 2 all americans. With a new qb thats NOT proven and a rb thats not used to being the every down back. I’d say you got your hands full.

    One thing I do know is a average offense will make a great defense struggle.

    WDE!!!!!!!! 6-1

  21. 21
    14 trooper

    e.g., your about as useless as the crap you write. I attack you because your a toolbag, thats why. There easy to pick out of the bunch. As far as my threats, well I think I explained myself well enough for a tard like you to understand. Maybe not. Who knows and who cares. Maybe your “alex” and if thats the case I’ll take my issues over yours anyday.
    Yeah I do know a little about prison.
    Got a 5yr sentence when I was 18yrs old. Did 3yrs and 8mths on it. Got out in 2000. Hadn’t been in trouble since. So yeah I’ve seen my share of disgusting things that go on in there. Not a day goes by that i don’t think about it.

    Don’t get it twisted though. I got a full ride schooly to UGAY outta high school. Got to campus my freshmen year, met the wrong guy, got caught with 5lbs and the rest is history. Before I knew it I was in prison with people I didn’t belong with.

    You would be amazed at what you can do when you have to.I thought I would never make it outta there but I did and it made me stronger.

    Oh and when I did first come on here I was preaching peace but nobody would respond to have a convo with me. So I just went to level of this blog.

    WDE you snaggle mouth bammer

  22. 22
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Our O-Line isnt deep but our starting five sre probably better than Bamas. Loads of experience.

  23. 23
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap, I sense a little more apprehension in your tone…. a “Package” sent to a major news source, as reported by the most honorable investigative journalists in all the world (at least in your opinion) Paul Finebaum. hmmmmmmmm. I thought there was nothing too this….Yall dang well betterr appeal and win the appeal. If you get pinched on this one while on probation, Ugly sint the word for it.

  24. 24

    Ballplay…Paul Finebaum? An “honorable, investigative journalist?” You almost made me spew my tea all over my computer from laughter. He’s the king of infotainment, but not a lot of difference between him and his listeners and a crack dealer and his “customers”. Both get hooked and have great difficulty seeing reality. As Bradford is to a crack addict, Jim Dunaway’s show
    is to a Finebaum listener. It’s just interesting…and a little too convenient…how the deadest times of the year for sports are somehow always filled with controversy to talk about on the air. Did somebody just see that black helicopter fly by??

  25. 25

    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian Says:
    June 20th, 2009 at 11:45 am
    Our O-Line isnt deep but our starting five sre probably better than Bamas. Loads of experience.

    “Loads of experience”
    And most of it is bad.

  26. 26
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK cap actually uses the guy for his “credibility” on some of these blogs. Believe me , it was tounge in cheek.

    Tmc1…..Not so fast. O7 was a great year for FOUR feshman. My fav of the 4 is now gone. I loved Chazblock Ramsey. The rest were basicly conned last year by a used car salesman and taught nothing on how to block for the spread. Not a big fan of the readblock. Plus most of them were down to 285-295 range. Suicideal to say the least. They arent a bad bunch. In fact they are pretty good, just not deep. According to those prexious “Rivals” rankings that you guys worship, they were the #1 offensive line clas that year in 06. How do you explain that ? I guess you conveniently forgot how they played against Florida and LSU as freshman.

  27. 27

    LSU and Florida when they were freshman.
    Maybe they did well. But jusding from thier recent accomplishments they were auburn’s version of a Jr. year John Parker Wilson.

  28. 28
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Read the article on Tigerland about our O-line. Posted today or yesterday. They will be good. If they dont get hurt. Possibly great. What about your line ?

  29. 29

    Hmmm. You’re the convicted felon 14 Trooper, and you want to call us names? Brilliant.

    You’re the one that is branded with the scarlet letter. Forgive me if I don’t feel sorry for you. When I was 18, and on a full ride at THE UNIVERSITY, I had a lot more sense than to be stuck with a five pound bag of weed. Even at that young of age, I had enough sense to know that a guy in blue might think I’m a dealer. Or did you try to tell him it was for your cataracts? You weren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’re just an idiot. And, you’ve not changed.

    I think anyone with a brain will realize that I busted on you and the other little Omni girl that plays with orange and blue Barbies because you both came in here spouting your mouths off and denegrading Alabama and its fans. If you don’t like it, stick to the Car Wash. I know it’s a novel concept for Auburn people to mind their own fucking business, but try it, you might like it…or, is it that your whole goal is to keep shit going?

    And, I appreciate you taking the time to document the fact that you want to drag me across the Quad, and slap me around. Now, since you were so kind to put your threats in writing, and do it from where you will be traced (as our friend aptly alluded, locations tend to come out when you file subpoenas), I know who you are and where you live. I know where to send the police with the warrant for your most recent felony arrest. With your drug crime history, I doubt you’re a candidate for probation. And, when I’m through with puting you behind bars, I will institute a civil suit to take your black and white TV and your Ford Pinto from you. I’ll also file a garnishment against you to collect against your 1.00 dollar a day wages while you rot in prison for the next four years. And, when you get out, I will hunt you down everytime you’re lucky enough to get a job after two felony convictions and I will garnish those wages.

    Keep talking little boy. Keep on running your mouth. And let me correct you once again. This isn’t me “beating my chest” it’s me beating your brains in, kinda like what happened last November to Auburn.

  30. 30
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    alexfhamilton.. I hereby take the trophy for biggest goob from egg and give it to you ….. You are the definition of a goob. Your name even sounds goobish. alexfhamilton……….When I say that gooblike name, it even makes me feel like a goob. It must suck to be you.

  31. 31
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    alexfhamilton, what did you get a scholarship to THE UNIVERSITY for…..Tuba or flute ? Cause you blow.

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