Anti-Saban opinions bad for career?

Chadd Scott was on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Wednesday.

Don’t know him? Don’t worry about it. I’m sure 99.9 percent of the public doesn’t either.

And those are the lucky ones.

Scott is famous because he hates Nick Saban. His latest anti-Saban diatribe unfolded on the Finebaum Show; it made Charles from Reeltown look sane. Scott alleged he couldn’t get a job in Alabama because of his anti-Saban opinions.

Was it his anti-Saban opinions? Perhaps it was his absolute lack of talent.

I’m betting lack of talent. In the few minutes Scott was on the Finebaum show, the only thing apparent was that Scott is an obnoxious dumbass. Scott kept telling everyone he was a legend.

He wasn’t convincing.

He said he had talent.

That wasn’t convincing either.

He claimed he wasn’t biased.

What a lie!

Scott is an example of everything wrong with radio today. Alabama is lucky he isn’t cluttering up the airwaves.


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  1. 2

    Its funny how Scott has been fired from multiple jobs, yet claims Saban is the reason he can’t get a job. He stated he wasn’t biased after revealing he got a liberal arts degree from Aubarn. LOL. What, where the sociology classes full when he was there? Just another nobody trying to get his name out there using the same routine he did two years ago.

  2. 3

    Yeah — nothing like those sociology correspondent courses at Awbarn with a complete numerical cheat sheet to not even look at the questions — just type A,B,E,D,C,A,,Enter,Enter,Fill Name Out Again. Hi there — now I have some eligibility to play foozball now coach CheeZ. Orange/Blue will suffer continual fade of finances due to fan-base being disgusted at themselves.

    Good luck on the dirty windshield of some crappy 11 a.m. game Aubawrn. RTR with no regards.

  3. 6
    14 trooper

    capstoner, dude don’t you have the “alabama chadd” writing for this site. Shane?? Whats the difference. Your a complete idiot. Hello contradiction meet capstoner. Geez. Doesn’t feel good when a “dumbass” is on the opposing team and not yours. Do you even think before you write? Well obviously not with the “dumbass” remarks. Get real man. Your not fooling anybody. I come over here to get a good laugh in. THAT’S IT. You don’t get good stories here, at all. Good luck with the next story. Prolly write about the cows in Lee County. Great? WDE!!!!!!!!!

  4. 8

    You know what is really a “dumbass?”

    One of those idiots that use the false contraction “prolly.”

    I got a great laugh at your butchering of the english language. You were “prolly” an Alabama Polytechnical Institute Engineering student. Or you were “prolly” a physical therapy student (seems like AU can’t put enough of those out on the streets to work in various drive-thru window establishments). What the hell am I thinking? Based on your prowess as a wordsmith, you “prolly” were an english literature major at The Barn.

    Or, “prolly” you’re just another pompous, arrogant, wait, let me spell it so you “dumbasses” from Awbarn can enjoy the words,,,,, an “AUrrogant” “AUdacious” or whatever other word that begins with “A” that you people like to pervert with your zealous stupidity on cheap T-shirts.

    Let it be known, Chadd Scott is cock, and not one from Carolina. He and Colin Cowherd are two of the most venomous, egotistical idiots that have EVER been on mainstream media. Chadd Scott is jerk and from what I understand no one liked the guy and that’s why he can’t keep a job. It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s entirely something else when you have an axe to grind against a group of people, fans, and the best coach in college football today.

    So 14trooper, you “prolly” don’t realize it, but the joke’s on you. I thought before I wrote, and know you “prolly” are the “dumbass.” So, save yourself the embarassment and take your sorry, worthless posts back to the Joe Cribbs Car Wash.

    And, again, go fornicate yourself with your precious, damn eagle.

  5. 9

    WOW… Why are all bammers damn english language police? The english language, becuase we inherited so many words from so many different sources is full of those so called false contractions.
    Stupid ass bammer find something else to blog about and grade your kids homework or something to get your ppolice duties off your chest. Heres one for you alex
    see if you can fix this one

    FUK U

    War Polytech alex!!!

  6. 10
    E.G White

    God what asshole kicked the sleeping mutt and woke up 14 Trooper. I thought we were rid of his tard ass! That’s just hilarious if Scott can’t find work in Alabama because of his hate for CNS! LMFAO! Hope it’s true! Hope CNS is that influential. Cause that’s what it will take to keep Bama’s nose clean and to break up the ‘Good Ole Boy’ clan in the athletic department! As for Scott, we really don’t need anymore retarded Barners proliferating the media with their demented Bullshit. We have more than the quota already! Anyway, he’s lying! You know damn well Scarbuttsky would welcome him with open arms. Probably French Kiss him too! LOL! RTR!

  7. 11


    Sounds like you “prolly” have that not so fresh feeling. I must have hit a nerve as you “prolly” use that word too. This, combined with your bloating at this unfortunate time of the month, caused you to lash out at me.

    A word of advice. After I was finished with your mom blowing me for the third time last week, I saw that she keeps a lot of Midol in her medicine cabinet.

    Perhaps you should sneak a few and you “prolly” won’t be such a moody little bitch.

    Yeah, those of us with degrees from THE UNIVERSITY are glad that we speak and write eloquently. After all, speaking and writing well helps us get free orgasms from your mom.


    Enough said.

  8. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    alex……..grow up. You are “prolly” 16 years old and “prolly” make 6 bucks an hour flippin burgers at Jacks. You arent impressing anyone with your lack of morals and “witty” language. And , I dare say, anyone on this blog could “prolly” whoop your ass. Again, grow up. doosh.

  9. 14
    Walker Ellis

    Lighten-up ‘Bama. The world needs dumbasses to balance out the intelligence curve. Y’all rock!

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