Media ethics? Not at ABC

The state of news in America is at its most depressing ever. Over the weekend I lamented the obvious bias of online news outlets like Rivals and fan blogs in the realm of sports; however, it only gets worse. This item from the Drudge Report says everything you need to know about news today.

According to the report, “On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care — a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm! …ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

“The network plans a primetime special — ‘Prescription for America’ — originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate.”

The sad truth is that today, Pravda is a more reliable news outlet than the supposed independent American media outlets like ABC. How far things have fallen! If ABC doesn’t see the inherent risk in running what amounts to a campaign commercial (by the exclusion of opposing voices) then there is no hope for the future of American news.


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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    The fact of the matter is that ABC as well as the other “media outlets” save FOX, want Socialism as badly as Obama does. They will gladly spin his propoganda as long as he allows them to be his lapdog.

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    E.G White

    What you are saying sounds good on the surface, but one must look deeper than that. I have long abhorred the Fed forcing their will on private corporations. In the case of network television it takes away their right to sponser who and what they want. There are at least half dozen major tv news outlets. Each one should have the right to sponser who they want without being forced to allow a rebuttal. You can rest assured that opposing views will come from other networks and without government intervention. This type of government control is the same crap that almost destroyed Hooters by of all assinine things, trying to force them to hire male waiters. The government needs to stay the hell out of everything except what it was originally supposed to do; and that is: enforce the constitution, protect the country with a strong military and ensure the value of our nations currency that we have a strong economy. You know, we once fought a civil war over this kind of crap. I don’t like any form of Socialism, not because it may help those who can’t or won’t help themselves at the expense of those who can; but because it gives the government absolute control. And a government with absolute control is just one step and a few bad leaders away from Facstism. Nor do I like the current Democratic party or their President. As for a national healthcare system, I am undecided. Something needs to be done about healthcare. Maybe in this instance a socialistic program may be better than actual government intervention to force down prices of every medical entity in the circle. Like I said, I’m undecided.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You want to see healcare flourish, take away the massive tax burden they already have. Give them a reason to flourish. Id GOv. takes over healthcare we a royally screwed. These jackasses cant even run the Gov. much less the private sector. Obama is so full of crap anyone with half a brain can see right through him. He had the nads to go to the AMA and proceed to tell these guys with twice the education he has that they are going about everything the wrong way. What a arrogant man he is. Then he proceeds to tell them that he is against protecting them on bogus lawsuits. They boood him.

    As far as the media goes. EGG they DO support certain candidates. OPENLY AND OFTEN. Anyone with an ear can hear the cynisism wreathing out of every non FOX news anchors very being when reporting on anything Conservative, Christian. or Republican. Then when reporting on anything Obama, they have a perpetual woody. There is not an unbiased news source left. Fox came into its own as an alternitive to CNN ABC NBC CBS MSNBC an the BBC ….Its sad because most people just follow whatever they are told. Therein lies the power of the media.

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    IMO unless anyone has a better answer for Health Care how can you bash soomeone else for trying. I dont believe taking the tax burden away will solve anything becuase the problem is GREED!
    Premiums go up co-pay goes up you cant choose the doctor you want and dont even get me started on whats pre-existing. I would just like to hear a BETTER solution instead of kicking someone in the balls for trying

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    Love this site.

    However, I don’t share outrage here (yet), especially where a biased news site like the Drudge Report bases it’s reporting on an RNC press release.

    It appears that Drudge is leaving out some key details regarding the programming. That’s his SOP in order to create a controversy where one need not exist. He’s too focused on being the mouthpiece for the RNC to worry about conveying the true details. Talk about journalistic ethics.

    I suggest that we wait to see the content of the programming prior to attacking ABC.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Omni…….Obama doesnt give a rip about the state of health care. He just wants to control it. Period.

    Smithson…..Are you serious ? I could tell you right now it will be a 1 hour infomercial on Obamas plan. Thats a fact.

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    Tax Man

    Someone tell me the country in which a government run healthcare system has worked. Also name three things government runs more effectively and efficiently than private enterprise.
    P.S. Smithson this will come as a shock to you, but most businesses are for profit (ie greed) and unlike amtrek (gov run) can not survive 32 years worth of net losses.

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    BI I didnt mention Obamas name! Contrary to belief I DID NOT VOTE DEM!

    I think instead of critizing we should HELP…..
    TAXMAN there is a difference between PROFIT and GREED!
    Company M has 15 employees with 9 of those on company health care half paid by the Company M. Family coverage is 1140.00 a month (NOT A TYPO)

    Thats more than my house and that Mr. TAXman is GREED!

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    Michael in Portugal

    Ask the average person who lives with government sponsored healthcare what they think about the waiting lines, the hassles, the poor care…The truth? They go to a private clinic or hospital any time they can. Sometimes they go to a private clinic out of necessity. Who wants that in the US?

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Omni……I pay half of 9 employees BC/BS every week. Thats how I help. Its a little over 450 per month per employee that I flip the bill for….Believe me, I get the need for some sort of change for some people. But I would rather keep paying what Im paying and know that we are getting better health care than if Uncle Sam took it over. And believe me, a tax break IS all it would take. I should be able to take every bit of that off the top. It would be huge. They know it would work, but a lib Pres. WILL NEVER LOWER TAXES AS THAT MEANS GIVING UP CONTROL !!!!!!!!

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    Tax Man

    One trip to the emergency room can cost $25,000. We all go to the doctor to much. There are thousands of medical law suits every year (many legit / many frivolous). You did not address the fact that government is never cost effective nor did address nationalized healthcare has never worked. You did manage to capitalize half of my screen name (it is in reference to the fact I am a CPA). I understand healthcare cost to business quite well both from clients and from the fact members of my family own a grocery store. The $1,140 a month you mentioned never took into account an insurance company might have to eat medical bills in excess of $500,000 if one of company M’s employees had a prolonged fight with cancer. Before you simply slam an industry understand how both its revenue and expense streams work.

  12. 13

    Good reading people. All I can say is we don’t need MORE gov’t healthcare. We have the VA, Medicare, Medicaid & etc. This should take care of the people that don’t have or DON’T want health insurance. Fix these programs for them. Also the big 3 media and cable are in bed with obama. It’s easy to see.

  13. 14

    Are you kidding me I do know that out someone in that 1140 dollar deal is getting way rich. HAve you ever heard of someone paying that amount MONTHLY for BC/BS?
    I have worked for SOME smaller companies and the most I paid for me and my family was 525.00 SOmeone (maybe even my Company M is WRONG)

    I understand CPAs. Do you live in Moody?
    Anyway you dont need an economics class to get it I didnt mention a lot of things that cover this subject what I did mention was that HELP dont HURT the process. We in this country have some very smart folks and if they would quit saying IT AINT GONNA WORK and prove either way and get a solution it would make them look a lot smarter to. I meant no disrespect with your name. Tax Man

    Thats all, can we talk about sports again? I love the debate and its been real civil but you cant win when Obama/GOV is the subject.

  14. 15

    Oh and Tax Man just because I am not a CPA doesnt mean I dont understand. I know this, that business is more than Accounts Recievable and Payable Its more than revenue and there are some very SHAdy/Greedy people in this world and to get rich on ones dispair is a sin!

  15. 16

    funny, we want to turn our healthcare system (the finest in the world) over to a bunch of idiots who admit under-guessing the depth of the problem they faced.

    remember what these clowns said about our need to have geithner as the head of the fed. had to have him. couldn’t get out of the mess without him.

    (before we found out he was a tax cheat)

    now we’re supposed to turn our healthcare system over to these same idiots.

    (and omni, you’ve been schilling on this site for obama for months. if you didn’t vote for him, you missed one hell of an opportunity)

  16. 17

    I have been traveling the south pacific and other regions for about 2 years now. In the meantime, I have applied for (and recieved) resident status in Australia. (And although I am a US citizen.)
    They have universal healthcare here. And it is the best thing going.
    There are no worries about co-pays and medicines. And anything that you do pay for is refunded by the government as fast as you can walk into a healthcare office and show them a reiciept… (literally in minutes.)
    If the US can cut back on all the ridiculous pork projects and learn some fiscal responsibility, It would be an incredible burden off the working people who have to worry about lapses in insurance between jobs etc… etc…
    I thought the healthcare system here would be complicated and as a matter of fact it is very user freindly.
    If the US could pattern thier healthcare after Australia it would be terrific.
    Example, going to the Doctors for anything (like my diabetes) is FREE. And I buy my monthly meds, test strips and lancets for about $2.80… that is for evertything and that is for A MONTH.
    In the states between co- pays and other hidden expenses and fees it was costing around $100 a month. And I had to wait for 2 years at my last job just to get a minimul amount of coverage for my diabetes.
    Anyway. I dont think the national news should be pushing an agenda. period.

  17. 18

    “Example, going to the Doctors for anything (like my diabetes) is FREE.”

    tmc, i hate to lay this on ya, bud:

    it ain’t free.

    it ain’t free in australia.

    it ain’t free in britain.

    it ain’t free in canada.

    it won’t be free here.

    and that’s the problem.

    you aren’t owed healthcare. none of us are. i’m not responsible for your’s or anyone else’s healthcare expenses just like i’m not responsible for your house payment, car payment or rent.

    i’m not responsible for the healthcare of illegal aliens.

    i’m not responsible for those who choose to have a big screen tv but no healthcare insurance.

    by the same token, you shouldn’t be responsible for my irresponsibility.

    nothing’s free buddy. and certainly nothing from this drunken-sailor-spending, bureaucrat-cockroach ridden, corrupt government.

  18. 20

    “According to our preliminary assessment, enacting the proposal would result in a net increase in federal budget deficits of about $1.0 trillion”

    “At the same time, the number of people who had coverage through an employer would decline by about 15 million (or roughly 10 percent), and coverage from other sources would fall by about 8 million, so the net decrease in the number of people uninsured would be about 16 million or 17 million.”

    “These new figures do not represent a formal or complete cost estimate for the draft legislation,”

    so let’s recap:

    the congressional budget office

    (non partisan)

    (for those of you in omni-land, that means this isn’t republican talking points)

    says that one thousand billion dollars (one trillion) won’t cover but about one third one the uninsured in our country today.

    one also has to ask one’s self, considering the past history of government program cost overruns, will one one thousand billion dollars (one trillion) be enough???

    i don’t think so.

    (geithner should feel lucky those chinese college students did nothing more than laugh at him)

  19. 21
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…..YOur exactly right. It might be possible to do. Just not possible for our Gov. to do. Free enterprise will work every time if left alone. The whole housing market meltdown that led to this recesion is because of Gov. meddling in Fannie and Frediie trying to get people who cant oafford homes into homes they cant afford. We all see how that one worked out. Bottom line………..If you cant pay for it , dont buy it…..I love the way Obama uses the ticking time bomb analogy on everything. The only real ticking time bomb is in North Korea and he dosnt say squat about it.

  20. 22

    WOW I dont know if I have ever said it but THANKS TMC! Now what gets me is you answered a question ..WHere does it work?
    And you showed these guys and what do you get. IT WONT WORK HERE!!! As I said we have some of the smartest people going WE CAN MAKE IT WORK!!! We have good ol redneck gotta have it ya know?
    ANd TANHide. U DONT KNOW ME I am not a liar! I did not VOTE Dems! I always take up for the underdog it has nothing to do with Obama, His being black,musslim,
    or otherwise! its just becuase I dont like someone being critized for TRYING!
    If I saw your lil ass being whipped I would step in and HELP! not look at you and say cmon man HIT HIM,FIGHT BACK, DUCK… Ya get it??? So either lead,follow or get the fuk out of the way! TMC I do believe you and I beleive that we as a country can do ANYTHING we need or want to and HEalthcare is one of those anythings!

  21. 23
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Omni……Our Gov. has a proven track record of screwing the taxpayer. We are taxed too much man. If you cant see the Gov. waste then I pity you. This country was FOUNDED on individual liberty. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves. Why should it be the governments responsiblity to take provide health care ? We are becoming a socialist state. I dont WANT THE GOV. MEDDLING WERE THEY DONT BELONG. Bottom line , this country cannot afford a national healthcare system. PERIOD. Hell , we couldnt afford the bailout package. He is gonna put this country so far in debt that our grandkids will be speaking CHINESE !!!! People are fgeekin lazy Omni. Thats the problem. Not in every case, but in a lot of cases its the truth. We are becoming a welfare state. ITS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB OR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOU EMPLOYED, INSURED, OR HAPPY. THATS OUR JOB. THEY ARENT EVEN RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR PROTECTION. 2ND AMENDMENT ANYONE ???!!!

    We are a country full of spineles coardly losers, who dont have the motivation to make it happen for ourselves anymore. Why should we when THE PREZ IS GONNA DO IT ?

  22. 24
    Tax Man

    The information below was provided by wiki.

    Approximately 43% of Australians also retain private health insurance, even though they are already entitled to free treatment in public hospitals. The major reasons for taking up health insurance despite the free public system are:

    1. Shorter waiting lists in private hospitals (especially for procedures such as joint reconstructions or heart bypass surgery, for which there are often long waiting times in public hospitals).
    2. Choice of hospital/physician in the private system;

    Wiki also mentioned raised taxes in Australia to fund this program. It also stated that to fully fund the program the Aussie’s would have to raise taxes 8% across the board. Newsflash nothing in life is free (except bad advise).

  23. 25
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Tax man……….What do facts have to do with anything. tmc1 said it was goooood. Please. The very fact he said it WAS good turns me off to it even more.

    Why in the hell anyone would put the worlds most dysfunctional and ineffecient entity in charge of every thing in our lives is beyond me.

  24. 26


    I agree with you but how did we stray off of the topic? Bush started this Bail Out shit! He bailed out the banks who in turned still forclosed and took our money along with Taxpayer/OUR money! I pay for my own insurance my only objection was BLAMING Obama, as I said BUsh in record time Bailed out MBNA (his biggest financial backer) and the rest of em and noone is calling him out for it. He did nothing and people made excuses for his ignorant ass. @least Obama is trying to make a difference. One more time I DONT ENDORSE OBAMA and if you look back at that great stimulus/bribe money we got last year from Bush, he got that from the WHO? The CHinese! And sunk the majority of it right back into that money pit called IRAQ/AFgan/Pakistan/WAR and gave us a lil to STFU! And we did! I have said it and you can think what you want but there are 2 Gangs in DC not 2 partys and NEITHER care about us as individuals
    TaxMan opinions are free also 🙂

  25. 27

    Oh yea anyone ever looked at how much we do for farmers who grow corn? It may as well be Government owned

  26. 28
    Tax Man

    I feel the republicans lost power over the last six years because they spent out of control and had several moral and ethical scandals. If people are given a choice between democrats and republicans who kind of act like democrats people will generally elect the real thing. I think there should have never been any bailout, on that we can agree. I feel the surge should have started two years earlier and we should have kept Musharaaf in power. He may have been a military dictator, but at least he could be reasoned with. Those are some thing I feel Bush and the republicans messed up on. However, when Bush left office the deficit was approximately $600 billion. Less than six months into the Obama administration the deficit is 1.8 trillion and the jackass wants to spend at least another 10 trillion over the next ten years to fix a medical system 64% of the people in the US are happy with.

  27. 29

    Ok well when CLinton left office in 01 he left Bush with a 236 billion SURPLUS
    and then Bush left the 600 billion dollar DEFicit. Lets explaine that one?
    Tax Man we can bat this back and forth forever I beleive,but I think we will come to the same conclusion, The Feds dont care about ME or YOu as a single person. If you know any cops ask them about the GOvernment

  28. 30

    Oh and 236 and 600 is 836 billion which is about what Osama has spent so far granted its less than a year into it but we will see in the end. Also there is another group on Abama now … Its PETA for killing a damn turdfly (BI) hahahahahahhahahha do you think that some folks are just out to pile on Obamas back? One thing I have learned is that a political group (DEM or GOP) scroned is WAY worse than a woman! 😉

  29. 31
    Tax Man

    I agree the fly thing is totally insane. I also agree that 95% of politicians in both parties are out for #1 and out to screw everyone else. Term limits could help some.

  30. 32
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I was highly disgusted with Bush when he left office. But not for the reasons the mainstream media didnt like him. I support the war, and most of Bushs social stances. He didnt stick to the conservative blueprint for spending.

    Obamas out of his mind. He reminds me of Larry Lanfgord, and every other black mayor of a major metro city in this country. Just because they dont have money doesnt mean they wont spend it. Heck man , just make some more !!!

  31. 33
    Roosevelt Dimmack

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