10 facts surrounding this ridiculous NCAA case

By intheknow72
The textbook case involving Alabama is ridiculous on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. Please allow me to articulate this multifaceted issue using ten simple facts:

Fact #1
Less than five years after receiving the stiffest penalties since SMU got a one-year death sentence in 1987 (and then the school in disgust self-imposed two more), the University of Alabama athletic department should have never found itself in this position again.

Fact #2
Mal Moore loves Alabama to death. In the John Steinbeck book “Of Mice and Men,” Lennie, the big, retarded ranch hand who accompanies George everywhere he goes, kills everything he touches as well. Not on purpose, but from bunnies to people, he doesn’t know his own strength, and simply loves them to death. Mal is doing the same thing with Alabama football.

Great intentions, and even greater results as the empire continues to grow. But it’s time to let someone else have a turn. You’ve almost killed what you love so much, Mal. From all indications, since our appearance before the NCAA last year, Mal has become more of a figurehead and fund raiser than anything else, leaving the day to day operations to Dave Hart.

Coach Moore can raise money like nobody else. Let’s all just pray that’s what he continues to relegate himself to doing.

Fact #3
It could have been worse. Muuuuuch worse. No scholarship losses means the beat goes on in Tuscaloosa. The machine that comes into your stadium, beats you down, wears you out, and then leaves with your best girl in front of a national audience is coming to a college campus near you. Nick Saban has built a monster on the field, and though many prayed this ruling would weaken it, it didn’t. Hate Alabama all you want, but Alabama football is a force to be reckoned with.

Fact #4
Vacating victories is one of the gayest penalties ever created. By definition, a vacated win is a game we won that we no longer get to take credit for, but the team we beat still has to record the loss in their record books. A forfeiture means we give up the win and the other team gets it. But here’s the deal. If you and I are standing in a parking lot, and I beat your a** in front of everybody watching, even if I’m made to come back later and apologize to you, everyone who saw it still knows I beat your a**. While this penalty is a little annoying, big crapping deal.

(Sorry Tennessee, the 41-17 flogging we put on you in 2007 still counts).

Fact #5
The three year probation is the biggest hit. If I’m sitting in a court room awaiting my sentence and the judge says I have three years probation instead of going to prison, where I could likely be raped and killed, I’d take it and sing all the way home. But I don’t have 4 million enemies looking for ways to get me in trouble again. Alabama football is the most hated institution in all the land. We are despised by many who want to create smoke in places like Gadsden, point to it publicly, and then quickly tell everyone there’s a fire. If we…all 2 million of us…Alabama fans, alumni and supporters play it by the book, there’s nothing anyone can do to us. SO DO IT. But one slip in the next five years (probation plus the two year window), and you might as well just change our mascot to the Mustangs. However, you are about to see some major adjustments to the way things are done in Tuscaloosa ensuring that every possible measure is taken to prevent stupidity from taking place.

Fact #6
Everybody cheats. Especially everybody in the SEC. That’s why I hate everybody in the SEC. I always pull against the SEC in regular season non-conference games and bowl games. Save the spiel about “it only makes us look stronger if the teams we beat do well.” I don’t give a crap. I hate ‘em all. Because everybody cheats and we’re the only ones who have to pay the piper. So screw ‘em all. From Tennessee to Vanderbilt, I hope we destroy them and then they lose every game.

Fact #7
The reason everybody cheats is because the rules are impossible to keep in totality. I liken the NCAA bylaws to Jewish law in the Old Testament. With thousands of these man made laws on the books, it was impossible to keep them all. So God (who only gave us ten to keep, by thy way) saw that we were too stupid to do even that, and sent His Son to be the sacrifice for our sins once and for all. That’s a big deal, and outside of this article, the only real big deal there is in life. But you get my point. There is no way you can completely regulate a wealthy booster who lives in another state. Or an athlete who looks for a loophole with a textbook. NCAA, you’ve done things like doing away with athletic dorms which made it easier to monitor players because you said it was unfair to schools who couldn’t afford them, then you have the audacity to turn around and hammer us for not monitoring our players. I feel like I’m in an argument with my wife here. The NCAA, since bludgeoning us in 2002, has taken a much more lenient path with everyone it has dealt with…even us this time around.
Maybe they are beginning to see the fallacy in their own organization.

Fact #8
I’m convinced we’re the only school who self reports. No other school in America gift wraps an investigation like we do. And where does it get us? Praise from the committee right before they hit us. Think back to your childhood. I was a child who always ran to my parents and ‘fessed up when I did wrong because I knew it would lead to a much more lenient punishment. Often times I wasn’t punished beyond a simple warning about doing it again. Argue that we DID find leniency by doing so if you want, but personally I’m getting pretty sick of us cooperating then getting punished anyway. Reggie Bush was living in a beach house worth over $750,000 while at USC, and USC has basically said “Ya’ll come prove it.” What’s happened? Nothing. You’re sending a message NCAA. If the real issue is deter speeding, sometimes an officer who shows grace and issues a warning does more good than an officer who goes ahead and writes you the ticket.

Fact #9
Auburn fans are pathetic. I ran into an Auburn associate the other night giddy over the impending penalties. He couldn’t contain himself. I spoke to him out of politeness, wanting to exchange the general niceties acquaintances do in those situations. But instead he immediately launched into the textbook case, giggling and laughing like a horny school girl about to make out for the first time. I am sending that acquaintance a condolence card today (as I would encourage all of you to do, because we all have those idiots in our lives). But Auburn fan, let me break it down for you like this:

Do you realize how pathetic your program has become when your sole hope at happiness is taking delight in our misgivings? Your program is nothing and never has been. Historically, you haven’t come close to achieving anything resembling Alabama football. And, next to Arizona State, you’re still the most penalized school in history. If you are able to read, check the record books and you have to acknowledge that at the height of your success against us we were at our lowest. Historically, when we are strong, we win, and win big. Aside from a few good years sprinkled here and there, we haven’t been strong since the 70’s. Until now. Working on our 3rd #1 recruiting class with one of the top five coaches and recruiters in America on our sidelines, our team is L-O-A-D-E-D with talent, and thirty-six to ‘nil is only the beginning. You’ve hired a proven loser, and when we come to the farm on Black Friday this year, with nine of last year’s returning starters on defense that kept you from even entering the red zone, I’ll be in the stadium raising my two fingers.

Harkening back to my 3rd fact in this article, like it or not, Bama football is a force, Auburn football is a farce, and thanks to decisions made on both sides, neither fact is changing anytime soon. 36-0

Fact #10
None of this will matter in a week. Permanent internal adjustments will be commonplace in T-town, but as for public effect on Alabama football, the players, the coaches, the fans and the 10-12 teams we will beat this season, the results will be the same. Yesterday was ground zero, but every day that passes it will matter less. Do you hear anything about FSU’s last tango with the NCAA? Has it affected them beyond being just a black smudge in their rearview mirror? El-nope-o for our Spanish speaking friends.

Pathetic rivals will sling mud in desperate efforts for self-preservation, but the monster in Tuscaloosa will only continue to grow. The Julio Joneses, Trent Richardsons, Nico Johnsons, Phillip Sims and DeMarcus Milliners of the world will continue to see through all the smokescreens and come to Alabama to play for one of the hottest colleges in the land, and for one of the best coaches ever to coach the game. And the rest, as they say…along with this case…will be history.


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  1. 3

    AS I read I kept looking for the inevitable. The AU remark! WOW ItK!
    It was a good read sorta!

    Dude why? Why bring Auburn in your shit
    Oh yea Becuase thats the way bammers are
    You guys are so PIssed that for the last 10 years or so You have been WAXED by that Farce known as AU. Ok lets say 36-0

    I am starting to think there a less and less differences between you and Shane!
    @least you did go to uat But your still gonnna use AU like ketchup … ON EVERYTHING!

    Just to hear it said what are all of you bammers gonna do when you LOSE this year?

    GO ahead say it! Then pray that the Football Gods Smiles on uat this year cuase if they dont????? EXXXXCUSES COME A FLYIN

    War Polytech ITK!!!

  2. 4

    Oh and I dont agree with the case being rediculous. The players involved were IN FACT STEALING. Period!!! I do think the penalty was fair I guess it coulda resorted to jail time. If it woulda been a regular student it might have turned into a criminal case.

  3. 5

    Oh sorry I am working to, just becuase you told on yourself doesnt make it any less of an offense. It was just the smart thing to do, it made you guys look a little better but none the less your players were still theives and your admin were still lackadaisical in there responsibilities. So blame AU for that..

  4. 6

    We apparently don’t agree on a number of things, Omni, including the spelling of the word “rediculous”.

    My take on Auburn fans’ glee around our troubles centers on my experience with nitwits like yourself…both in person and in here. However, there is a sea of dignified AU faithful that don’t stoop to those lows, but I was speaking to those, like yourself, that need to be left in a dark room alone when something like this…that AU has nothing to do with but everything to benefit from…comes down the pike, giving them new joys in life.

    I hate Auburn, and frankly Omni, there isn’t an instrument that can measure my indifference to your opinion about me, or anything else for that matter.

    What I do care about is, your Aubsession to come trolling through an Alabama blog almost daily, acting shocked and mortified at the mention of Auburn. But Auburn is a part of the discussion in here because we “Bammers” have to deal with paranoid, insecure Aubies who think a few wins while we were left for dead by the NCAA equals equality. Please. And as for this year, the only excuse will be why it took us so long to put the game away. Your team can’t match our team’s intensity, talent or coaching. Period.


  5. 8

    I browsed to this article form Google News as I was interested reading about the penalty trying to understand it better.

    You were top slot on Google.

    I would have to say after reading your fact sheet you’re too gay to really be on the internet.

    “Fact #6 Everybody cheats…” you’re one big loser lol … not that your AU poster is much better.

    Facts …. lol … too funny.

  6. 9
    E.G White

    Not bad ITK. Theres not really anything left for me to say. So I’ll sit this one out and let you take the heat. LOL. RTR!

  7. 10

    ITK once again you avoid a question and because you have no excuse other than your an ANGRY FUK! Then you turn to insulting because you either dont have an answer or I Shamed you! You dont know me and I may not be the most informed Aubbie But I am nowhere near a DELUSIONAL BAMMER you over the hill fukwad! (name calling is so childish)
    I have even gave you mad props and ENJOYED some of your reads but I fukd up and pointed out BLATANT AUBURN bullshit sounding like Shane and your colors start to fly also but its kewl. Oh and I came to this site because Shane and Paul spoke of it. I stay because I like it. You pick on my spelling so I got some for you
    man made is one word
    stupid huh?

    But anyway enjoy your day and go on thinking everyone wants to be your or something like you and remember that look on their faces is NOT GAS!

    Old ass fake fukn writer

    Are you working on your poem writing skills. Get some journalistic integrity
    and learn to answer an honest question with an honest answer and not INSULTS
    I kinda hate I dont like your BITCH ASS anymore

  8. 11

    Hypothetically, What will you bummers say if you dont have the magical season and AU pops it for you? Cmon now answer and lets not get to the DOzens on this one…

  9. 12
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Anyone seen Bamaboy? Hes as scarce as hens teeth since I put him in his place.


  10. 13

    ITK, that’s a pretty good read (except for your endless replay of the NCAA-incomptent coach-Fran/TAMU excuse carousel you addictively pull out to convince yourself that a period of six years didn’t even exist.) All kidding aside, it does amaze me how Bama could have let this slip through the cracks given the recent history. All SEC schools should have a cracker jack enforecment staff, but wouldn’t professional principles of management demand that UA have the most painstakingly meticulous compliance program in the country?? Geez, they weren’t even monitoring textbooks. Some schools even have someone from the C.D. actually go to the damn bookstore with the athletes to make sure everything is proper. At a minimum, the books purchased are cross-checked against the classes the athlete is registered for. Not at Bama though, they weren’t even looking until a freakin’ 19 yr old zit faced student working in the bookstore noticed something that the entire UA Compliance Dept. had never even considered.

    I agree with you about out of state boosters, to a certain extent. I do think a coach can set the right tone or wrong tone, though. The right tone for the coach to set is to have a personal conversation with every large booster associated with the school and tell him that you appreciate his support, but he will personally see to it that anyone caught sliding money to recruits will be exorcised from the program for life. The wrong tone is for the recruiting coordinator to allow a known crooked booster to hold a mortgage on his house, and for the running backs coach to have approximately 40+ phone calls with that booster in the five days before signing day (which are all traceable the coach’s university issued cell phone.)

    War Eagle, ITK

  11. 14

    Julio, the six year lull did happen, and was a direct result of our penalties. Deny this and you might as well deny the existence of the sun. But, well set our differences aside.

    Point taken over your other observations, and I agree with your astonishment (see fact #1). One of two things will happen now; either Nick Saban will extend his micromanaging hand into the area of compliance (which SHOULD be handled by the administration so that a head coach can….well….coach), or he will get frustrated about the incompetence around him and bolt after this season. I personally don’t believe the latter will happen, because I honestly think this will be the straw that breaks the camel…er…elephant’s back. But if after yesterday’s spanking our administration doesn’t crack down to levels that redefine the words monitoring and compliance, then let me be the first to say, we don’t deserve to have an athletic program…because we’d be too stupid.

    Sportman, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I appreciate your opinion. This is a popular blog, obviously tilted toward the Alabama perspective. I believe I speak for most Bama fans with my article. You’re obviously not one of those, but we do appreciate you stopping in. Come back often.

  12. 15
    Indiana Vol

    This latest episode just goes to prove a point; Bammer is a bunch of dirty cheating bastards that care not for the rules, but for the victory.

    Now that the Crimson Turd program is back on repeat-offender status, it is only a matter of time before some Bammer Moron car dealer or other low-life makes a mistake and cheats. Hopefully, the NCAA will finally do what it should have done after the Logan Young mess; stick the rammer jammer hammer up Bammer’s arse and kill the fotball program for a while and rid all of us of the dirtiest program in college footbal and its idiotic fans!

  13. 16

    Indiana Vol, see you in October. You better hope we get the death penalty before then because an angry Nick Saban is a deadly Nick Saban. Prepare for arse kicking #3 in a row.

  14. 17

    Damn and you called me names! @least I dont want your guys football program to no longer exist……….

  15. 18

    It really does not matter what the Auburn or Vol Bunch thinks – or for that matter – all the rest. Fuck you. It will be settled on the field.
    I personally think that the Athletes did what others do at other schools. ( Damn Hypocrites !) They exploited the system that exploits them. They got chump change – the University got the millions. The system is badly flawed. It really is a socio- economic issue. Outside of the Frat Houses – there is a different world for kids . There is got to be some kind of reform – hell – you have got to increase the “laundry money ” to cover some of the terrific costs that face the Athlete that generates millions for the University.

  16. 21

    This should not have fallen under NCAA jurisdiction period. The only party victimized in this was the University of Alabama, not the NCAA and not the SEC. No competitive advantage was gained on the field or off. It was not some sinister draconian plan drawn up by the Board of Trustees or Bear Jr. to somehow achieve football supremacy through textbooks. It is lunacy to believe Alabama was trying to lure recruits with promises of extra schoolbooks.

    Out of 201 athletes UA’s investigation only turned up (and the NCAA accepts) 22 “intentional wrongdoers.” I believe, although UA did not find nor did the NCAA accuse, that these are the ones intentionally scamming the system for profit however small, let’s face it even the largest amount stolen from UA individually ($3900)wouldn’t cover the mortgage/rent or even monthly expenses of half of those reading this. So let’s say for the sake of argument that some or all of those 22 did profit, how is that any of the NCAA‘s business? There was no competitive advantage gained and the crime was committed against UA. Those 22 student-athletes violated their scholarships by intentionally defrauding the University.

    Yet somehow the NCAA finds a way, through the labyrinth of oxymoron’s, double talk and insanity they call the NCAA rule book, to stick their fat money grubbing nose where it has no business. A 43.000 dollar fine for what? The students have already paid restitution to the victim (UA). That amount would not even make a dent in Nick Saban’s piggybank let alone UA’s athletic budget, i’m not saying that they are doing this for money but come on what’s the point?

    The NCAA is nothing more than good ole’ boys/fat cats club and if you’re not one of them you are SOL. They either slam you for doing what others do (see USC, Oklahoma, OSU, etc.) or drag your schools name threw the mud and embarrass you for something that doesn’t add up to squat; simply because they can.

  17. 22

    Thanks for the dressing down, ITK. All of non-Bammers are now sufficiently chastised to drink from the teat of Bama kool-aid. Maybe sufficient quantities of the Bama’s drink of choice will help us too forget Bama’s history of trading honor for a win.

  18. 23

    Ballplay, you pitiful inbred, do you realize how much time you spend on big brother’s website? Sad, but you have a medical condition called obsessed. You have never put anybody in their place on this site and everybody can go to the blog “Auburn recruiting momentum building” and read where I posted what YOU posted about your saint Trey Blackmon as you were talking out of both sides of your goober licker. And remember it is always safer according to ballplay to drive drunk than it is to give somebody a bloody nose, now shoo turdfly, I am bored with you.

  19. 24
    E.G White

    Hey, I’ve got one for you. Let’s spin it like this in honor of our Aubie ‘friends’ and piss ’em off some more. We are vacating, not forfiting every game in which one of the affected athletes played in. By vacating, at least in the Bama and NCAA record books, it will be as though we never played the game. Therefore, if an affected player playing in a game invalidates that game, then it should invalidate each of those games equally, both wins and losses. That being the case, then The Barn actually only beat us 4 in a row and I think our record books should be updated to indicate that. Bwaaahawwwhawwwhaww! RTR!

  20. 25
    E.G White

    Hey guys, guess where I am for the weekend? – – – Beaver Falls, Pa.! The home of – – you guessed it – – Joe ‘Willie’ Namath! You guys realize where this place is? Ending up here is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Man I travel a lot off IH’s, in Pa. Believe me the remote mountain areas here are georgeous, but don’t ever take any crap off anyone from Pa. about Bama or Barners being Toothless Inbred Goobers. There ain’t nothin’ in Alabama near as ass-backwards as some of these moumtain communities. I for the life of me don’t understand how Namath came to Bama looking like a street hustler from NYC. Looking at this place you’ed think he would’a been in holie jeans, a plaid shirt, tennies, and a wore out ball cap! That being said, I’m gonna’ go lookin’ for some memoribilia here. Hell, they probably have a museum dedicated to him around here somewhere. Anyway here I am until Monday if any of you Barnie or Volunqueers wanna’ fight, com’on up! LMFAO! RTR!

  21. 26

    To “In The Know”:

    Your insight and writing skills continue to impress. The only thing that “rubbed me wrong” was your “vehemence” against the SEC. SEC teams having good records bodes well for Alabama — with most of our opponents being in the SEC. Think about it!

  22. 27

    E.G. – the running joke in Pennsylvania is that if you take Pittsburgh and Philly out – you’ve got Alabama.
    Good friendly folks out there in the sticks. Penn State people have a lot of class. Auburn people could take a few lessons from them.
    Sorry. That would be trying to change Stupid.

  23. 28

    jaydeer, thanks for your feedback. I wouldn’t say I have complete vehemence against the SEC; my take is partially done with tongue in cheek. But just call me a weathered fan who has become tired of getting pulled over while other SEC friends continue speeding without even a glance from the NCAA.

  24. 29
    E.G White

    Yeah you’re right about that Pluto. Very friendly. And there’s a lot of Bama fans in Pa. Especially here. They remember Joe and respect Bama as a school with tradition. I’ve rarely ever had to flame on a Penn St. blog. Boy I got lucky today. This is Crusin Car Day in Beaver Falls. Damn, they blocked off over a mile of Main St. and lined both sides, plus crusin both ways with every kind of car ever made. I’ve never seen so many fine cars! I’ve seen everything from a showroom condition ’29 Duesenberg to a Fire Red 2009 Viper. There’s enough $ on this drag to finance Wall Street. Man what a day – Joe Willie’s home town and Crusin Classics. Tears me up! RTR!

  25. 32

    Vito…should have made that concession. My apologies.

    Betch, sorry truth bores you. Go read the bunker to get a good spin boost.

  26. 33
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaboy, wrong……Again………You said that Blackmons “DRIVER” got a DUI. How can there be a “driver” when he was on foot ? You told me to google it. I did. And found out that…Guess what….I was right…..You obviously cnat read.

    Let me make it real clear on the DUI thing. I hate drunk drivers…..But Blackmon want a Drunk DRIVER !!!! He was walking…. You know W-A-L-K-I-N-G….. So you whole arguement is moot you spastic. How cant you not get that ?

    Again, show me where I said that Drunk driving wasnt a big deal ? You might find it in the same la-la land that you found the Blackmon story in. Are you on Meth or something ?

    By your logic I will tell everyone here that “Bamamn says its O.k> to beat your wife / sister / cousin “…………………..Oh wait. I forgot where I was.

    You are seriously unable to put up a respectable arguement man. It like shooting fish in a barrell. No challenge .

    And I invented the term turdfly….Go plagerize someone elses insults.

    Weak bamaboy. Real weak.

  27. 34

    BALLPLAY, YOU IDIOT! BY YOUR OWN WORDS, READ MAN, OWN WORDS, YOU SAID HE WAS A PASSENGER, PASSENGER,PASSENGER PLEASE FOR THE LOVE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK A PASSENGER IS? Like I said, did you mean he was riding on the other dudes back? Anybody that can read can see YOU said he was a passenger, so tell me, what did you mean when you said he was a passenger? You can go back and read where you said it if you conviently forgot.

  28. 35

    Vito Vanderbilt, We all know Vandy prob doesnt cheat but guess what, they also don’t win very much either!!!! RTR

  29. 36
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Dooshbag. Lets do that. I said I “believe”. But I was wrong. In a good way. Him being a Pedestrian even further proves my point that he wasnt with a drunk driver, much less doing the drunk driving. YOUR WORDS ” Blackmon was a drunk driver”. YOu are a complete dolt and you truly are pathetic. Just admmit I kicked you in the nuts. You cant hang. And I am superior.

    He wasnt a passenger , he wasnt even in a car. Tell me how that helps your arguement ? Then tell me how it hurts mine ? DUH !!

  30. 37
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    …….This whole deal started by me calling Nico a thug for his assault charges. You say Blackmon got a DUI and thats a lot worse. I said, I didnt think he got a DUI but he got a PI. Its been a while since Ive thought about it so I said “I think he was a passenger”. In the entire heart of the arguement, that really is insignificant, as it doesnt discredit what I was saying. You know, THAT BLACKMON DIDNT GET A DUI !!! You proceeded to claim google links and gave a holier than thou speach on Drinking and driving to someone who doesnt even drink. Failing to realise that you were dead nuts wrong the entre time. Now you are just trying to save face by pulling insignificant BS. out of your butt like ” you SAID HE WAS A PASSENGER”. Whoop- a dee dooooooo. Nice comeback jackass. YOUVE BEEN NITTKICKED BY THE INDIAN…….POINT BLANK…..END OF STORY……TURFDLY.

    And yes , Nico is still a thug.

  31. 38

    Call him whatever you want, but Stan White and the goob that took Jim Fluff’s place will be calling his name ALOT on Black Friday.

  32. 40

    Geez, ITK, you’re giving an insulting nickname to AU’s prior anouncer who has been dead for six years? That’s kinda cold.

    P.S. Insert dead Bear joke here….

  33. 41
    Indiana Vol

    Found this on the Tennesean site; pretty good assessment of the Crimson Turd program:

    It is getting serenaded with “Rocky Top” by the Minnesota band after losing a 3rd-tier bowl game.
    It is worshipping an old dead drunk who cheated more than any coach alive today.
    It is losing cases in courtrooms from Memphis to Tuscaloosa and still thinking you were innocent.
    It is claiming 12 national titles when no one else with half a brain recognizes you with more than 6.
    It is having head coaches leave for places like Duke, UTEP, Millsaps College, and Luverne High School.
    It is fans displaying toilet paper rolls and detergent boxes when the whole world can see that you don’t know how to use either.
    It is throwing bricks through your coach’s window after a 10 win season.
    It is having a head coach realize that the ugliest stripper in Pensacola was prettier than the Alabama coaching job.
    It is getting caught cheating while still on probation.
    It is coming to the realization that you may never be a great team again.

    This is Bama Football”


  34. 42
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    That was oh so true Indiana Vol……The poster known as E.G. White claims (with pride no less) to be the inventor of the tide box with ttoilet paper. You are in the presence of greatness.

  35. 44

    Ballpus Indian maiden, if I spent as much time obsessing over the superior team’s website in this state as you do, I wouldn’t call anybody pathetic, do they let you on the internet every fifteen minutes in between oil changes? I will put it like this, Nico Johnson has never been arrested known to the public. Blackmon the thug has been several times, but like I said it should be illegal for what Nico will do to that pitiful offense of the mighty tigahs come November. You really must have invented the term turdfly, because when I looked it up it said Ballpus Indian beside it, and why is it you constantly talk about kicking people in the nads? Did your sister teach you how to that? I can tell you she is a much better lover than a fighter.

  36. 45

    To clarify, Nico has not been arrested rightfully and found guilty, Blackmon has. Just like if I knew your sorry ass I could swear out a complaint on you and have you arrested for harassment, and yes that works both ways, it is bogus. But enough of this, I will leave you to argue with the wall or anybody who will argue back with you, but one thing is certain, Nico will see the mighty tigahs in November for their next arse whipping. . . .

  37. 46
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ill take those pitiful posts as acknowledgement to your being wrong. Seeing the truth is the begining of enlightenment there young Padwon. Good to see youve come around.

  38. 47
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    And Bamaboy, I can promise you that if you knew me there is no way in that you would talk to me the way you do. You are an internet Chuck Norris behind the screen. Talking about my wife and stuff like that goes beyond tounge in cheek and shows just how classless you are. I can promise you I would stomp that ass for you.

  39. 49

    Ballpus hypocrite, now who is the internet Chuck Norris? You don’t know me and three of you couldn’t whip my ass, I promise you that. You struck a nerve with me about Blackmon the drunk, and yes I thought he was driving, like you thought he was a passenger. I don’t keep up with Aub players and when you made light of his being a thug compared to Nico’s false harassment charge it was like night and day to me and it pissed me off. As I said, I lost my grandfather to a piece of shit drunk who had killed someone else only 6 months earlier while driving drunk. I have no tolerance, zero for it, and yes, I jumped the gun. And for the record, how would I even know you are married, just like you would not know if I am. I took it as personal as I could get it because I let it bother me. For that I am sssoor, I am ssorr, I am sorrr, I am having a really tough time saying that to you, let me try again, I am sorry. I am going to try getting off of this site for a while, it is like nicotine, I spend way to much time non-productive time arguing for nothing, I will always think Bama is the best in the land and you will always think Aub is second best in the land. . . Right?

  40. 50
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Thats more like it. I really didnt want to have to whoop your ass anyways….

    Really, Im sorry if I offended you about your grandad. Wish I still had mine too.

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