Auburn fans want Mike Slive fired

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is receiving credit from some circles for helping Alabama navigate the treacherous waters during its appearance before the NCAA Committee on Infractions. However, Slive’s supposed help to the Alabama Crimson Tide has him taking fire from some around the SEC— namely, Auburn fans.

On the popular Auburn message board the Bunker, Tiger fans are unleashing on the respected SEC commissioner:

When Slive came on board as SEC Commissioner, didn’t he say something to the effect that his goal was to have a “probation free” SEC? With this massive failure, does he get the boot anytime soon?

He is in much deeper sh*t than this.**

I would love to see him pack his bags… but peckerweed just got an extension.

I have read where people have insinuated he has been complicit in some sort of cover up re: bammer’s rules violations. I didn’t take it seriously, ut is this what you are suggesting? And if it is, how long can he possibly stick around for?

He just recently signed a 3 yr contract extension, he’s not going anywhere.We’re stuck with him.

Huh. Bammrs get 3 years probation and alive gets 3 year extension.

Contract wont mean jack when it comes out in the light he has been hiding things to save both his and bammers arse.

Hope you are right , he is definitely the biggest joke for a commissioner any where.

Biggest joke anywhere? The Auburn war against Alabama seems to have now engulfed the SEC office. Slive is highly regarded around the conference, but at the moment, not so much on the Plains.


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    What no one else thinks that the commissioner who just helped negotiate the richest deal in collegiate history for a conference; which allows almost every football game for every team to be televised, should be fired?

  2. 2
    E.G White

    Of course, what do you expect from that herd of penis envying, sister humping, inbred tards, that have the intelligence, morals, values and responsibility of a pack of feral dogs. Their ass comes supplied with a set of lips and it’s on their neck where the head should be, but their heads are stuck up their asses. Everytime they try to say something nothing passes by their lips but hot farts or shit! They need to be neutered so that they can’t breed. They’re a pestilence! They’re like a pack of rabid dogs. And now that we didn’t get the penalty that they wanted for us, the whole world is a conspirator and full of shit! There ought to be some way to exile the MF’s to Bizzaro World! Hell I can’t print on here what these tards deserve to have said about them. Cap would have to censor the entire post. As of last December we started at least a 10 finger streak, and now there’s nothing they can do about it! RTR.

  3. 3

    I have said all along this would amount to nothing but what it is.What the aubuas and the lslosers need to worry about is there own ass because something is going to come out and be inevitable,,,,,,ROLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. 4

    Wow, isnt this the same Mike Slive who supported the “Saban Rule” and the Auburn rule (The 28 man cap on recruiting.
    I guess it goes to show that some people cannot be satisfied unless they are always getting thier way.
    I think what some aubbos need to do is embrace thier role in the SEC.
    Auburn is a middle of the road NCAA college and unless they are trying to get a rules chamge that benefits them, auburn is a minor player in the SEC. Kind of like Vanderbilt (except without the prestigious degree and the nationwide respect.)
    The NCAA sanctions over the past dozen years have instilled a false sense of confidence at Auburn. And the quicker they realize that they are just a tune up game for the big players in the SEC the better everyone (including them) will be.
    After the choices of the offseason (in coaching and otherwise) Auburn will be back to it usual place soon enough. Trying to get people to look at them through foolish stunts and claiming that they are elite, even though everyone else thinks they are a joke.

  5. 5

    predictably pathetic, quit your crying awburnites and prepare for the beatdowns that will make up most of your season

  6. 6

    The messed up shit here and I hope Im wrong. But that up there look like posts from another blog. I read a few But thats fukd up if your pulling posts from another place( just regular joes ) and not waiting to see the AUbbies here have to post. BI, Pluto, and the rest of us?
    Tell me Im wrong CAP…… I for one am not pissed at anyone. They did their job,
    not my job, his. I for one am glad it didnt cripple you guys cause im so glad that hands behind our back shit is gone Im gettin all warm and shit right now.



  7. 7

    Those were comments off a message board and not any of our regulars. I found them interesting because I’ve never heard anyone complain about Mike Slive….until today.

  8. 8
    E.G White

    I for one wasn’t refering to the regular posters here either. Those other guys are sick. However we do have some part time Aubies who would post like that.

  9. 9

    oh well, I guess Ballplay and Omni were wrong ONCE AGAIN. I guess ya’ll can still hold out hope about them Escalades. But Ballplay kept coming here reminding everyone how the NCAA is about to hammer Bama. I guess this is a sad day for him.

  10. 10
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Naw, not really. I was just pokong the fire brando. Really Slive did the right thing. He was looking out for the welfare of the entire SEC. He did a good job.
    Cap, why dont you post a header called, “Some Auburn Fans Like the Decision From Slive” ? You like to cherry pick stuff though dont you ?
    Im not saying that I wouldnt have been a little happy if yall got scholly cuts, hey, Im an Auburn fan, its in my nature. But, standing back and looking at it objectively as a football fan, It was probably a fair ruling.

  11. 11

    There you go again Cappy…taking a few comments from a few moron fans, and post an article implyimg that it is the official position of the entire fanbase. Slive did exactly what he was supposed to do, and the penalties were appropriate and fair. I’m just a little confused why so many bammers seem to be celebrating (and I’m not just talking about posts by EG, BM, and Brandii)…your school just got found guilty of committing serious violations for the 4th time in 14 years, and you just got put on probation again. Geez, some people might actually find that embarrasing.

  12. 12

    BB once again we find ourselves here…
    Dude show me where I said anything about uat and the NZAA!!!!????? All I said was ya’ll would NOT get the death penalty Bro! But I do love that you think about me all the time 😉 I will atest to the fact that there are SOME mullet wearing AU fans that write that shit up there and ooo its not fair but they are jumpers,they will be back as bammer fans(if not already) when it suits them and their cause

    War Polytech BamaBrando

  13. 13

    Yes EG we do but its not US… I believe julio and BI would not and since we are the ones who post here and take all the SHIT you guys give us as well as what we give you, I just think maybe we should count for something. Hell all 3 of us have called out a couple around here ourselves… remember ???

  14. 14

    Right Julio, but I kind of assumed when I said the Bunker that most everyone would understand it wasn’t a representation of either fan bases’ best.

    Those types of comments are certainly extreme, but I’m getting more and more concerned that this type of extremism is a problem for both sides of this state’s theological spectrum.

  15. 15
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Kinda the way the country is heading too. Or the world for that matter.

  16. 16

    Cappy, you have a way of putting a title on your articles that sound really extreme, and then taking a more moderate tone in the text of the article. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that headlines are what grab the reader’s attention. But the title didn’t mention “the bunker” (which I’ve never read a single time), it simply stated Auburn fans want Slive fired. As we all know, there’s no shortage of idiotic fans on both sides. Brandii is living proof of that.

  17. 17

    Many times the articles and headlines are done tongue-in-cheek. Like when I called Tuberville a misanthrope.

  18. 18

    A few Aubs, big deal.. But you really show that you are worse than they are by writing an article about it.. You constantly bash Auburn fans, but get upset if they bash… You just have a better forum for it…Makes Bama look small.

  19. 19

    hello, I am a Bama fan who has a post name of an Auburn fan, like the idiot above, pay no attention to either, it will only confuse you

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