Auburn fans want Mike Slive fired

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive is receiving credit from some circles for helping Alabama navigate the treacherous waters during its appearance before the NCAA Committee on Infractions. However, Slive’s supposed help to the Alabama Crimson Tide has him taking fire from some around the SEC— namely, Auburn fans.

On the popular Auburn message board the Bunker, Tiger fans are unleashing on the respected SEC commissioner:

When Slive came on board as SEC Commissioner, didn’t he say something to the effect that his goal was to have a “probation free” SEC? With this massive failure, does he get the boot anytime soon?

He is in much deeper sh*t than this.**

I would love to see him pack his bags… but peckerweed just got an extension.

I have read where people have insinuated he has been complicit in some sort of cover up re: bammer’s rules violations. I didn’t take it seriously, ut is this what you are suggesting? And if it is, how long can he possibly stick around for?

He just recently signed a 3 yr contract extension, he’s not going anywhere.We’re stuck with him.

Huh. Bammrs get 3 years probation and alive gets 3 year extension.

Contract wont mean jack when it comes out in the light he has been hiding things to save both his and bammers arse.

Hope you are right , he is definitely the biggest joke for a commissioner any where.

Biggest joke anywhere? The Auburn war against Alabama seems to have now engulfed the SEC office. Slive is highly regarded around the conference, but at the moment, not so much on the Plains.