NCAA ruling coming Thursday

The Rap Sheet: The University of Alabama was notified by the NCAA this morning that a ruling on its violations of textbook distribution policy will be announced on Thursday, according to a source with knowledge of the issue.

Cecil Hurt is on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network now. The Tuscaloosa News story outlines the process for how the decision will be announced.


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    Bammers, be honest…aren’t you just a little bit nervous? Remember in 2002 when you all said the penalties would be nothing more than what had been self imposed, and Bama got bi+ch slapped? Remember 95 when you thought the NCAA wouldn’t do anything b/c you were sure that Hootie and Gene had done everything they were supposed to, and the NCAA came back with the dreaded “lack of institutional control” verdict?? You were all so sure that this was all about nothin’, and then you ended up with your jaws on the floor when the verdicts were announced. Aren’t you just a little worried that the NCAA might shock you one more time??

  2. 3

    to answer your question honestly, julio, yes.

    i’ve seen all those things and more.

    i’m a fan of the basketball program.

    basketball is ineptitude 101 in tuscaloosa.

    they’ve shot themselves in the foot plenty of times in football and other sports too.

    but i will tell you this also: i’m not anxious on account of anything kevin scarbinsky’s wrote.

    remember when he told us mike shula was being retained………right before he was fired????

    scarbinsky’s today’s herb winches without the powder trail on his upper lip.

  3. 4
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Cap. The WADS epidemic that was mentioned in Shanes post is much worse than previously thought. That would explain the lackadasical attitude of these Bammer fans.

  4. 5

    I dont know how bad its gonna be BUt I would bet my lefty that its no Death Penalty because to be honest UA makes major money for the NCAA in those bowl games.

  5. 6

    OH I do have ONE LITTLE request IF , if you guys get put on Probation and lose those preciuos SCOLLYS


  6. 10

    purty PURTY PLEASE


    War Polytech Convicts!!

    HAHAHAH had 2

  7. 12

    As a rival who loves the 3SIO more than any other game, I wish you good luck and Godspeed boys. I hope it’s nothing more than a few schollies and a couple red marks on your hind ends.

  8. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Anyone know of a time ? Has a press conference been called ? I am gonna kick back tommorow with a Coke and some popcorn. It should be entertaining.

    Any of you bammers without WADS worried at all ?

  9. 14
    E.G White

    Hell no I’m not worried! I got bigger fish to fry right now! Anyway we’ve already got enough blue chips to whip yall’s ass for the next 5 years and have our own 6 finger streak. That’ll do if that’s what it comes down too! RTR!

  10. 15

    It really doesnt matter to Auburn anyway. Short of shutting the enitre football program down, Bma will still wipe up the field with Auburnb this year and next. (And definately the year after that. )

  11. 16
    E.G White

    Now Omni you know damn well Pat D. sent that little bitch over to Bama to find a way to screw us. It’s all the Fambuhle’s fault. Bastards! RTR!

  12. 17
    E.G White

    Wow! And suddenly all’s quiet in blogtown. Cap, I do believe that latest post of your’s has ruined the Aubies day! Hey, donde estan, gueys! Hahahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheeheehohohohohohahahahahaha! RTR!

  13. 18
    E.G White

    Hmm, not one Aubie post nowhere on CR since 4pm yesterday. What’sa matter boys, elephant gotcha tongue? RTR, RTR, RTR, RTR, RTR, RTR, RTR, RTR, RTR! The fantasy of death is over. Reality strikes! Hepme! Hepme! Pliese sumbody, Hepme! LOL!

  14. 19
    Charles Smith

    I don’t think the ncaa will be too harsh on the Tide, however, I would like to add that I feel the students should be held accountable for their actions. #1 Tide Fan

  15. 20

    Hey I was just ribbin I dont want anyone to get in trouble. I think that telling on someone (SNITCHIN) is as low as a person can go in instances like these
    you know Foo0tball Coaches and Politicians. let me try to explaine before I am verbally accosted
    Its like 2 people stealing and becuase one doesnt get as good of stuff as the other and he pisses and moans and tells on them. Its Childish to play the game and then call foul when you dont get what your think you should have..

    Heres to you guys!

  16. 21

    And E.G I dont get on much at night becuase I work with My laptop all DAY!

    I am not hiding and I think the rest of the Aubbies arent either…just waiting on the Verdict like everyone else.

  17. 22
    Indiana Vol

    Once again, the Crimson Turd proves that cheating is acceptable at the Tuscaloser institution and that NCAA sanctions will do NOTHING to change that.


    It will be a hoot to watch the Crimson Turd vacate victories. The Crimson Turd Nation will still claim these as “wins” using its selective logic.


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