Auburn’s creed is blaming others

We finally know the genesis of all those rumors about Alabama’s cheating. According to Paul Finebaum’s column in the Press-Register, former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville was telling everyone who would listen that the Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban were cheating.

Finebaum wrote, “Within weeks of Saban’s arrival, Tuberville was making claims the new Alabama coach was breaking rules of every kind. He told this to his staff, certain media members and boosters. He repeated the allegations early and often.”

It is only natural that with such leadership the fans would plunge into the fight.

According to the sports columnist as soon as Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa, “Auburn fans began calling talk shows and posting on the Internet about alleged rules violations. I talked to an Auburn man several months ago who swore he hired a private investigator to gather dirt on Saban and Alabama and would bring them down.”

Since Tuberville left, the allegations have grown louder. Why? At the behest of Auburn’s new leadership—Pat Dye. Dye went on Finebaum’s radio program in December and accused Nick Saban and Saban’s agent of orchestrating all the rumors swirling around about Auburn’s coaching search.

Notice the trend typified by both Dye and Tuberville? The Auburn way is to scapegoat Alabama for their own shortcomings.

Lazy recruiting? Alabama is cheating.

Stupid leadership? Alabama is cheating.

All of this speaks volumes about the Auburn family and the Auburn Creed. We can’t blame Tuberville for all of this. It runs much deeper in Auburn that one coach.