AP: Bryant play a hit for Shakespeare Festival

AP: The 26 years since legendary Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant died have not dimmed his fame nor the urge for ‘Bama fans to revel in his story. Now a drama about the dirt poor Arkansas farm boy who became a college football icon is coming to the city where he showcased the Crimson Tide and recorded many of his 323 victories. . . .To add a little nostalgia, the Birmingham performances are being sponsored by Coca-Cola and Golden Flake, which also sponsored Bryant’s popular Sunday afternoon television shows. The shows, which featured Bryant drinking Coke and eating Golden Flake potato chips while narrating replays of the previous day’s game, are recreated in the play. (enitre AP report embedded below)


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    First, welcome to the party. I’m not sure why the media is only just now getting around to this. I guess if it doesn’t happen in Birmingham it isn’t worth writing about.

    Second, the show is fantastic and is definitely a must-see for any Alabama fan.

    Also, I wanted to mention that one of the best parts of the play is the round table discussion after each performance. This is not unusual; in fact, it’s fairly common in theatre. But in this case, the round table turns into folks in the audience all sharing their Bear Bryant stories and then seeing the actors, who were not Alabama fans and I don’t think Alabama natives, react.

    I saw the second to last performance, and even then the actors seemed incredulous at how moved the audience was and how many great stories they had.

    Anyway, everyone go see it if you get the chance!

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